Last updated: August 12, 2021

Nowadays, sneakers are THE everyday companions that should not be missing from your wardrobe. Formerly used more as sports shoes, women's sneakers are now universally combined with every conceivable outfit. Whether as a discreet complement to an outfit or as an eye-catcher, with a business or leisure outfit, in summer or winter - there are no limits to sneakers.

In our big guide for women's sneakers 2022 we have summarised and answered all the important questions and topics for you. This gives you an overview of all areas that are important for women's sneakers.

The best Women's Sneakers: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's sneakers

In the following paragraphs, we will show you which criteria you should use as a guide when buying women's sneakers. The criteria you can use to compare women's sneakers with each other include:

  • Optics
  • Fit and comfort
  • Quality of the materials used

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in the individual criteria.


For many people, the look is probably the most important criterion when choosing a new sneaker. The huge variety often makes it difficult to choose. From sporty and casual to glamorous and elegant, everything is possible.

The look of the sneaker should appeal directly to you when you buy it. On the one hand, you have the choice between high-cut, low-cut, slip-ons and many other sub-types. On the other hand, there are no limits to the colours and patterns. You can also choose between modern and retro models.

Restrained colours are more suitable for elegant and formal occasions, whereas in the casual sector everything is possible that suits the taste of the buyer. Glittery materials or appliqués, trendy animal prints in leo or zebra look, eye-catching logos or symbols as an expressive statement - the choice of sophisticated details is huge, making every pair something very special.

Fit and comfort

Fit and comfort are also important buying criteria. When trying on shoes, make sure that they fit perfectly in terms of length and are not too tight or too wide. Often there are models that are especially suitable for wide or narrow feet. In general, narrow models are often more popular because they do not make the foot look so clunky.

Comfort should also not be ignored when buying a pair of women's sneakers, as you often want to move around in them for several hours without pain. So not only is the fit and right size important, but also a well-made, flexible sole that follows every movement. This allows for a comfortable gait, as the sneaker adapts perfectly to the movement of the foot.

Quality of the materials used

When buying sneakers, you should also pay attention to the quality of the materials used. For example, there are sneakers made of textile, synthetic, suede or smooth leather. All materials have different advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to care.

Before buying, you should also consider the occasion and season for which the sneaker will be used. In summer, for example, light materials that allow good ventilation of the foot are more suitable. Leather sneakers, on the other hand, are more durable. Lined models are more suitable for winter. The weight of the sneakers also varies depending on the material. Low-cut sneakers made of thin materials are lighter than platform sneakers made of leather, for example.

When buying sneakers, you should pay attention to the durability of the material, comfortable cushioning when walking, good ventilation of the foot and a pleasant weight of the sneaker on the foot in order to achieve maximum wearing comfort.

Sneakers for women: The most important questions answered

In the following, we would like to answer the most important and most frequently asked questions about women's sneakers. After reading through the guide, you will be fully informed about women's sneakers.

What are sneakers for women?

While the term shoe is a generic term for all forms of footwear, sneaker is a US collective term for sports shoes. However, sneaker refers to shoes that can be worn both during sporting activities and in everyday life. In German-speaking countries, the term is mostly used for sporty-looking shoes worn in everyday life.

While shoes can be made of all kinds of materials, sneakers are usually made of synthetic material with rubber soles. Sneakers come in many different variations and especially prices. The higher-priced market segment is almost exclusively dominated by the three big sports shoe manufacturers Adidas, Puma and Nike. The target group for sneakers is primarily teenagers and young adults.

Celebrity pioneers like James Dean and especially the hip-hop scene made the sneaker an accessory suitable for everyday wear. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without them. Sneakers for women not only look casual, but can also be combined in more ways than any other shoes.

In which styles are sneakers for women available?

Sneakers come in many different varieties. The choice of shapes and colours is endless. However, sneakers for women can be divided into four categories or styles, which are explained below.

  • High-cut: High-cut sneakers are cut high and cover the ankle. A very well-known example is the high-cut sneaker by Converse. High-cut sneakers look very cool and give the outfit a slightly masculine touch.
  • Low-cut: Low-cut sneakers are the low-cut counterpart to the high-cut version. They end below or at the ankle and can therefore be combined well with almost any outfit.
  • Slip-ons: Slip-ons, also called loafers, belong to the low-cut sneakers for women. However, they are designed without lacing or any other kind of fastening. Putting them on is therefore very uncomplicated, as all you have to do is slip into the shoe.
  • Platform/wedge heel sneakers: Platform or wedge heel sneakers are also variants of low-cut sneakers. Unlike regular low-cut sneakers, these types of sneakers are designed to have a particularly high, often eye-catching sole. Ranging from voluminous foam heels, raffia-wrapped soles for a summery look to plain raised rubber soles, sneakers with striking soles are a particularly fashionable highlight.

How should women's sneakers fit properly?

You usually know your own shoe size, but women's sneakers can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and model. Here are a few tips to help you find the right size.

  • Measure the size of your foot by placing it on a sheet of paper and marking the foremost and rearmost points.
  • The length and width of the sneaker in question are usually available online.
  • The toe should have a thumb's width of space to the front.
  • If thick socks or insoles are to be worn in the sneakers, then you should allow more space.
  • The sneaker should sit firmly on the foot and not flap from the heel when walking, otherwise blisters can occur.
  • The width of the sneaker should also not be too squeezed to give the foot enough room to "breathe".
  • In general, you should go for a narrow cut, otherwise your feet can quickly look clunky.

Especially when ordering online, it is relatively easy to find the right size. In addition to information from the manufacturer about how the sneaker turns out, you can often refer to buyer experiences.

Which women's sneakers are suitable for which season?

Women's sneakers have long since ceased to be an exclusive summer piece. Thanks to the different materials and designs, they are available in both summer and winter versions.

Women's sneakers in summer: As a rule, all the styles of sneakers already explained are suitable for summer. The material is particularly important here. In summer, sneakers made of light cotton or linen should be used. Together with a good ventilation system, feet are guaranteed not to sweat even in high temperatures. Slip-ons fulfil these characteristics, which is why they are particularly suitable as summer shoes.

In addition, when choosing women's sneakers for summer, it is particularly good to go for fresh and cheerful colours. But the classic white sneaker is also a timeless companion for the warm days of the year.

Ladies' sneakers in winter: Even in uncomfortable and cold weather, you don't have to do without trendy and comfortable shoes. Sneakers with cosy lining keep your feet pleasantly warm even in cool temperatures.

Both the high-cut and low-cut versions are available in winter-suitable designs. They are made of particularly weatherproof upper materials and have a thick, treaded sole to keep out the cold and provide good grip on slippery surfaces. High-cut versions are particularly suitable here, as they protect the foot from the cold all the way up to the ankle.

How do I tie my women's sneakers correctly?

There are many creative variations on how to tie your sneakers. There is no right and wrong way. For many people, however, it is particularly important that the bow is not visible when tying the sneakers, in order to give the sneaker look an even more casual touch. A few variations are listed below.

  • Classic: The classic cross-over lacing is the most popular and goes with every shoe. Here, the shoe laces are pulled alternately crossed through the holes and a bow is added at the end. To hide the loop, the lace must be threaded from the outside to the inside of the top hole so that it can then be hidden behind the strap.
  • Parallel lacing: Here the laces run straight from one side to the other. This lacing is very suitable for elegant shoes. The laces have to be threaded from the outside to the inside at the lowest hole. Then skip a hole on the left side and pull through from the inside to the outside at the third hole. Then thread the right shoelace from the inside to the outside and pull it through the opposite hole. Using the same lace, skip another hole and thread through the top one, from the inside out. Repeat the same on the other side and then hide the ends inside the shoe.
  • Alternating cross lacing: This lacing is very playful and gives everyday shoes an unusual style. To do this, first thread the lace from the inside out at the lowest holes. Then thread the left lace opposite through the third hole and then through the hole below. Then thread the same lace opposite, from the outside in, through the top hole. Do the same for the right side.

Besides these three variations, there are countless other creative techniques to give your women's sneaker an extraordinary look.

How do I care for and clean my ladies' sneakers properly?

The cleaning of your ladies sneakers depends mainly on the upper material used.

For sneakers made of textile, cleaning is a little more complicated. Under no circumstances should they be put in the washing machine, as the sole could come off during the spin cycle. The best way to clean the sole is to first brush off the coarse dirt and then clean it with a damp cloth. For white shoes, bleach can be dissolved in water for the textile and then cleaned with a cloth. For coloured textile or mesh, only a little washing powder should be dissolved.

For sneakers made of synthetic material, make sure that seams are impregnated particularly well. The basic cleaning is done with a brush. Then leave the colourless synthetic foam to work on the material for 1 to 2 minutes. For leather-synthetic mixes, simply use a classic shoe polish.

For leather types , it is important to impregnate the sneaker first. For suede, a special suede spray is needed for this, which does not contain fats and oils. Fine smooth leather needs these greases and oils, which is why a smooth leather spray is necessary here. A shoe polish can then be used for later care and to refresh the colour. In general, winter leather sneakers should be impregnated with a special shoe care product before the season to prevent salt marks.

In general, it is important that sneakers are not dried in the dryer, with a hairdryer or on the heater, as this could cause sticky spots to come loose. For this reason, sneakers should always be left to air dry after washing. If they are suitable for the washing machine, they should also only be washed on a gentle cycle and temperatures of 30 degrees maximum in a cloth bag.

Various stains or scuff marks on rubber and plastic soles or on smooth surfaces can often be "erased" with the help of an eraser. It is best to use a colourless or white eraser that does not rub off.

Styling tips for women's sneakers: How to combine your sneaker perfectly:

Sneakers for women can be combined in as many ways as hardly any other shoe. While high heels, sandals or boots don't look equally good with every outfit, women's sneakers go with almost everything. We have listed below how you can best wear your sneakers for different occasions.

  • Business look: Sneakers for business occasions go very well with fabric trousers, pencil skirts and a loose blouse. White low-cut sneakers are particularly suitable for making a statement but not immediately attracting all the attention. They look sporty and classic at the same time. Black leather women's sneakers are more elegant.
  • Casual look: Sneakers add a sporty and casual touch to leisure and everyday looks. Low-cut sneakers go perfectly with ankle-length or rolled-up trousers as well as skirts and summer dresses. There are no limits to colours and patterns, but make sure that either the clothes or the shoes are the eye-catcher. High-cut sneakers can also be combined with jeans or tight-fitting fabric trousers, as well as with an outfit featuring a dress and tights.
  • Party look: Sneakers can also conjure up glamour on your feet at a party night. For example, they can be perfectly combined with short party dresses. Especially models in metallic and glitter conjure up a classy look on the feet and let you get through the party evening without aching feet.

With matching socks or stockings, you can add stylish accents to sneakers in general.


Women's sneakers are the ideal companions for every woman in her free time as well as for everyday work and travel. They can be perfectly combined with designer jeans and a jumper and also go well with trousers on the way to work. Fashionable women wear their sneakers with a mini skirt and leggings when they go shopping or when they meet up with friends. Combined with outdoor trousers, the shoes are ideal for long hikes or extended walks.

Thus, compared to other types of shoes, such as high heels, boots or sandals, they are clearly more versatile in terms of combinations and uses. Sneakers for women come in many different styles, colours and patterns. There is also a wide choice of materials, which means they can be worn all year round. In our opinion, sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe!

image source: Unsplash / Irene Kredenets