Last updated: August 11, 2021


When winter is just around the corner and the days are getting colder and wetter, that means it's time to put your sneakers and sandals away in the back of your shoe closet and get out your women's snow boots instead. Their water-repellent material and warming lining make them perfect for these days.

Many think that from this moment on you have to wear monotonous and boring shoes. But that is not the case. Snowboots for women are available in many trendy designs. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer them to be chic, casual, elegant or extravagant. The wide selection also makes it very easy to combine the shoes with your winter outfit and create the perfect winter look.

The Best Women´s Snow Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying ladies snow boots

To help you find the right women's snow boots for you, we have put together the most important buying criteria that you should definitely consider when making your decision. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Upper
  • Inner material
  • Style
  • Sole

We present the individual criteria in more detail below.


Snowboots for women come in many different colours, patterns or even with decorations. Real classics and always up-to-date, however, are models in black, grey or brown tones.

If you prefer something more eye-catching, you might like the trendy women's snow boots in reflective metallic shades like gold, silver or bronze.

In addition, you could choose embellishments such as buckles, sequins or laces in effect colours for your women's snow boots. This turns even rather plain snow boots for women into trendy pieces of jewellery.

Upper material

Important for the look of your winter boots is the upper material, this is visible to all and makes up a large part of the appearance. Women's snow boots can be made from a wide variety of materials, but the most common are leather, textile, imitation leather and synthetic. However, models made of padded nylon with quilting are also very popular.

However, it is also important that your feet stay warm and dry. This is achieved on the one hand by the upper material and on the other hand by a coating of the outer material. This makes the shoes very water-repellent to waterproof, which keeps your feet nice and dry.

Inner material

The material used for the inner lining can also vary. Often materials like warm lining made of polyester viles, lambskin or wool are used. These materials are not only naturally soft, but also keep you warm, are breathable and absorb moisture.

However, many shoes also have a membrane made of Tex materials between the inner and outer materials. This membrane prevents water from penetrating the shoes, but allows water vapour to pass from the inside to the outside. This makes the shoes wind and waterproof and at the same time breathable.


Snowboots for women come in many different styles and a wide variety of linings, materials and soles. But before you decide on a model, here is a small overview of the style variants of snow boots for women:

  • elegant & classic: Snowboots for women with a slim silhouette and soft leather uppers.
  • trendy: Snowboots for women with fashionable details, such as buckles or logo patches, turn your shoes into an eye-catcher and get you through the cold season trendy.
  • casual & cosy: Snowboots for women with a genuine leather or synthetic leather upper and a rubber sole. Simply cut and without a lot of frills.

This is only a small selection of variants, but these are the most common styles that are bought. If you don't find the style that suits you, don't worry, you can choose the one that suits you best.


Even when walking through snow and mud, your feet should stay dry and warm. This is achieved by the thick rubber sole of the snow boots. These are often thick soles with a pronounced tread.

The sole should be waterproof and robust and ensure that you can get through the day without slipping. Our tip to you is that the thicker the sole, the better it is.

Women's snow boots: The most important questions answered

It's hard to make the right decision among all the different variants. To help you with your purchase decision, we have listed and answered the most important questions about women's snowboots.

How do I recognise good snow boots for women?

It is difficult to say which women's snow boots are good and which are bad. But what is important is that your feet stay warm and dry, whatever the occasion. Here is a small list of what might make for good winter boots:

  • Thick sole: The thicker the sole, the safer you are on the move. Usually, a thick sole is combined with a profiled sole, which ensures a secure footing and gait.
  • Inner lining: It is also important that your feet always stay warm. This can often be seen in the inner lining. Warm fur keeps your feet warm, while the fur is also very breathable.
  • Upper: The upper should be made of a fabric that is relatively water-repellent, so that your feet stay dry even in snow and rain.
  • Membrane: You may not be able to see this, but if you are buying your boots new, a Tex membrane would be highly recommended. They ensure that their boot is wind and water repellent, as well as being very breathable.

As mentioned above, however, it cannot be said that a shoe that meets all the criteria listed is a good shoe. It is always important to know for what occasion you need the shoe. In the city it will not be necessary to fulfil all the criteria, whereas in the mountains it would be very advantageous.

For which occasions are snow boots for women suitable?

Women's snow boots can be worn anytime and anywhere in winter. However, certain women's snowboots are more suitable for certain occasions. Here is a small list that shows you which boots are suitable for which occasions.

  • For winter walks: For a winter walk, women's leather snow boots with a warm lambskin lining would be a good choice. They keep your feet warm and dry for a long time. The boots should have a treaded rubber sole so that you don't slip on snow-covered paths.
  • For the skiing holiday: If you also like to go on long hikes during your skiing holiday, we would recommend an extra-thick rubber sole with a pronounced tread for your women's snow boots. This will keep you very safe and slip-proof even in places you are not familiar with. As an upper material we could recommend padded nylon with a Tex membrane and as an inner lining warm fleece lining. This makes the women's snow boots ideal for protection against wet and cold.
  • For the city stroll: For a city stroll it is enough if your shoes are comfortable, non-slip and water-repellent. That's why we recommend leather shoes with a Tex membrane, a rubber sole and a light warm lining. This way, the shoes are not so thick and bulky and go very well with your winter outfit.

In the end, it is up to you which boots you choose. However, if you are going to be out in the snow a lot, it is particularly important that your shoes are wind- and water-repellent. Your feet should always stay warm and dry.

How do I care for and clean my women's snow boots?

Women's snow boots in particular are exposed to a lot of moisture and dirt. Therefore, you should always take care of your boots to keep them fit for winter. Here are 3 simple tips on how you can do this:

  1. No matter which material you have chosen, there are special care products for each material. You should treat your shoes with a waterproofing spray every now and then to protect them from moisture and dirt.
  2. You have to be especially careful with leather. If your women's snow boots are wet, do not put them on the heating to dry them out, as this will quickly make the shoes brittle and thus very permeable. So just let your boots dry at room temperature to preserve them.
  3. To remove salt, water and snow marks, you can simply put a little vinegar essence on a cloth and gently rub the edges. This will keep your shoes looking beautiful and ensure that they retain their functions.

These tips are very easy to implement and will ensure that you have dry and warm feet all winter long. So you should take the few minutes and really do it.


It is worth keeping a place free in your shoe cupboard for women's snow boots. Especially in cold and wet temperatures, these shoes are the perfect companions. Their water-repellent material and warming lining keep your feet warm and dry. They can be combined very well with your winter outfit and, with good care, look very good every year.

So even in the worst conditions, your feet will always stay warm and dry, while you wear a perfect winter look and are the eye-catcher of the surroundings.

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