Last updated: August 12, 2021

It's your day off and you decide to go hiking. When you get home in the evening, you notice that you have neither chafing nor blisters and are happy about your new sports socks. Afterwards, you make yourself comfortable on the couch and prevent cold feet with your cosy women's socks.

Before you go to bed, as usual, you pick out your outfit for the next day, and of course socks can't be missing. Regardless of the occasion, socks accompany us every day. That's why it's important to find the right socks for you.

The Best Womens Socks: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's socks

In order to find the right choice of women's socks for you, we have listed some characteristics that you can use as a guide. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Colour and pattern

In the following section, you will learn in detail what is important in the above buying criteria.


Socks accompany you through the day and their different materials bring with them various properties. Materials that socks are made of can be: Cotton, polyester and spandex or a mix of materials. Cotton socks are particularly suitable for everyday wear because they are breathable and kind to the skin.

Fluffy fibres are, for example, polyester and spandex, these are also light and warming and socks made of a material mix are often used in sports. They ensure good climate regulation in the shoe.

Intended use

Depending on the use of the sock, different models are suitable for you. An everyday sock differs from a sports sock, just as long socks differ from sneaker socks. Especially in sports, it is important to find out whether the sock needs padding, for example.

Here, the heavier the luggage when hiking, the more padding the sock should have. It's the same with the season. The colder, the warmer the sock should be, and the warmer, the thinner. Different materials as well as lengths of socks influence the purchase.


The size of women's socks is usually indicated in bundles. But especially with sports socks, it is important to choose the right size for you, because the sock has to fit perfectly. A wrinkle-free fit is important, because if the sock wrinkles at the toes or in other places, it will cause friction and pressure points and subsequently blisters. Nevertheless, the sock should not be constricting.

Colour and pattern

Plain socks in muted colours or with a checked pattern are classic socks and are perfect for lace-up shoes. They can also be worn to the office. In your free time you can wear more colourful socks with dots, stripes or other patterns. Such socks go perfectly with jeans. There are the craziest models, so you can find the perfect sock for every occasion.

Women's socks: The most important questions answered

Making the right choice of socks is often not that easy. To help you, we have listed and answered the most important questions on this topic here.

In which styles are women's socks available?

So that you can wear your favourite shoes without any problems, there are also different styles of women's socks. To make your decision a little easier, we have listed the most common styles.

  • Long socks: These types of socks reach to the middle of the lower leg or calf, making them the warm alternative to short socks in the cold winter months.
  • Short socks: Short socks reach above the ankle, but are not nearly as long as long socks. They are perfect for everyday wear in the transitional season.
  • Sneaker socks: They are slightly shorter than the short socks, so they only reach just below the ankle. This way, the socks don't draw attention to themselves and are popular to wear in the warm summer months.
  • Sports and functional socks: This style of sock is best suited for hiking, running or other sports. They are usually padded and offer extra support in reinforced areas, such as the midfoot.

If you are still unsure which women's socks suit you, you should try several and then see which style is your favourite.

Which women's socks go with my shoes?

Sneaker socks are perfect with flat shoes because they practically disappear inside the shoe. In the same way, short socks can be worn with sneakers, but also ankle boots. Long socks are suitable for warm winter shoes, such as boots, and you can also use socks made of warmer material perfectly for this. Sports and functional socks are suitable for running and other sports shoes, especially socks with padding are excellent for hiking boots.

How do I wash my socks to keep them in shape?

Because socks are washed very often, you should follow some washing tips. In addition, also pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Cotton socks should be washed at a maximum of 60°C with a full detergent.
  • To protect the colour, turn the socks inside out before washing.
  • Wool socks should not be washed warmer than 20 °C with wool detergent.
  • Use a mild detergent for functional socks and fine socks and, if possible, wash them on the delicate cycle.
  • Generally, do not use fabric softener, as this will cause the fibres to wear out.
  • It is best to dry them on a clothes horse and not in the tumble dryer.

Now that you know everything you need to know about buying socks, we'll give you a few style tips in the last section.

Styling tips for women's socks: How socks can serve as your accessory

  1. The elegant look: Stockings with pearls look elegant in summer with pumps and an airy chiffon dress. If you want to go for a style break, you can achieve this by combining them with leather, such as a leather skirt.
  2. The cool everyday highlight: with socks made of lace, fishnet or glitter fabric with ankle-length jeans, an eye-catcher is guaranteed. Add a playful touch to your outfit with striped socks.
  3. The college look: Knee socks in pumps can be perfectly styled with the right outfit for the college look. What's more, patterns spice things up even more.


Socks are part of your basic outfit, but they can also enhance your outfit and become a real eye-catcher. Whether long or short socks, sneaker socks, sports socks or even functional socks. Each type has its own characteristic and can satisfy the most diverse needs. Depending on the model, the socks ensure a pleasant climate in the shoe, they keep you warm or should be washed particularly gently. All in all, the benefits of women's socks should not be underestimated and enough time should be taken when buying them.

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