Last updated: August 12, 2021

Does sportswear for women only have to be functional? Of course not. The perfect shorts for women can be an all-rounder for all sports. With great freedom of movement and a comfortable cut and breathable materials, ladies' sports shorts can also be a practical alternative to normal shorts in summer.

Despite all their functionality, women's sports shorts should not only be suitable for a specific type of sport. Especially for women, sports shorts can be an eye-catcher.

The Best Womens Sports Shorts: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying sports shorts for women

Women's sports shorts differ in size, cut and fit. This ensures that the shorts are well perfromt for every type of sport as well as for every woman and figure. Here you can find out what you should look out for when buying ladies' sports shorts and which buying criteria are important.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Fit
  • Suitability for sport
  • Fabric
  • Length

In the following points we explain what is essential for each purchase criterion.


When it comes to colour, you are free to choose. However, the classics are muted colours such as blue, black or grey. The colour can be decided entirely according to your taste.

Bright colours also often make a cool sports outfit for women. If even that is not enough for you, they also go for patterns. These eye-catching garments are very popular in sports and especially in shorts for women.


The fit of a pair of women's sports shorts can be decided individually and chosen according to your figure and the type of sport you do. For fitness or yoga, it may often be a loose knee-length pant for women. For sports like football, handball or volleyball with a lot of movement, women tend to go for a pair of shorts that reach mid-thigh.

The fit of women's short sports shorts can also be divided into loose and wider shorts. In cycling and volleyball, the shorts often fit very tightly. In handball and football, they are loose sports shorts with some leg room. In basketball, women's short sports shorts often have a length up to mid-thigh.

Thus, the fits of women's short sports shorts differ in different sports. The fit can be adjusted and selected according to the figure and the activity performed.

Suitability for sports

If you are a recreational athlete who moves a lot but does not practice a specific sport, pay attention to the versatility of the sports shorts. Some women's sports shorts are not suitable for all sports. Nevertheless, you have a lot of choice and can make a free choice.

It doesn't matter whether it's recreational sport or very active and regularly practised sport. A pair of sports shorts should support your movements without restricting them. If you are looking for shorts for a specific sport, then it is advisable to orientate yourself on this sport and look for them in the women's department.


When choosing the material for your women's sports shorts, you should make sure that the shorts for women will be used more in the summer or on warmer days. The fabric should be breathable and durable enough for recreational athletes. Pay attention to the finish of the seams and the tear resistance of the fabric as well as opaque fabrics.

There are differences in the type of fabric. Cotton, polyester or breathable fabrics are often a good choice. Nevertheless, sweat stains are more likely to be seen on some fabrics than others.


Women's sports shorts range in length from very short to knee-length or even 7/8 length. Choose a length that you feel comfortable in and can move well and freely in.

Women's sports shorts: The most important questions answered

There are a few questions that are asked particularly frequently on the subject of ladies' short sports shorts. We would like to answer these questions below.

What lengths are ladies' sports shorts available in?

The length is an important purchase criterion for a woman's sports shorts. The sporting activity also determines which type of short sports shorts is suitable for you.

  • short shorts: Tight-fitting sports shorts with a short cut are ideal for all kinds of running. The running shorts wrap around the legs like a second skin and reduce air resistance. Thanks to their elastic material, sports shorts for women really do follow your every move. They just shouldn't be too tight.
  • Three-quarter length: If you are worried about friction on the legs with a short pair of sports shorts, then a longer pair of women's sports shorts like the 3/4 length is ideal. Again, all seams should be well made so that the shorts do not chafe.
  • Special shorts for women: Particularly in cycling, there are special ladies' sports shorts that can be adjusted to make sitting for long periods as comfortable as possible. A short leg shape is also common in cycling.

It is best to look in the section specifically for your sport or opt for a pair of shorts that are universal.

How do I know if my sports shorts fit well?

Women's sports shorts should not be too tight or too loose. You should have enough freedom of movement for all your movements and also nothing should chafe or pinch.

How do I clean a pair of sports shorts?

Women's sports shorts can be washed together with sportswear. There is a special detergent for sportswear, but you can also use a normal detergent and a little fabric softener for clothes that stink.

What kind of sports shorts are available?

There are shorts for all kinds of sports and for every woman's figure. From ball sports and cycling to gymnastics, fitness and yoga. The choice of variety is huge and almost impossible to keep track of.


Depending on what sport you do, it makes sense to find a suitable pair of sports shorts for your training. The different women's sports shorts have different features and materials to help you practise your sport.

Women's sports shorts should be opaque, cover everything well and cut a good figure to help a woman feel comfortable and perform her movements fully.

(Image source: Dorothea Oldani/ unsplash)