Last updated: October 26, 2021

The best womens suit: Our Picks

Suits for women: Buying Advice & Tips

When Marlene Dietrich appeared in a trouser suit in the 1920s, it was both a revolution and a provocation. At that time, the combination of suit trousers and jacket was still reserved for men. Over the years, parallel to emancipation, the two-piece suit also became accepted as women's clothing.

In order to help you find the suit that is tailored to your style and suits various occasions, such as the office or festivities, we have summarised the most important criteria and tips below. This should make your purchase decision easier.

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying ladies' suits

With a ladies' two-piece suit, you don't just cut a good figure in the office. Suits for women are an integral part of the collections every season. New cuts, colours and trendy variations are always being tested. In the following, you will find out what you should look out for before buying. These are the following buying criteria

  • Occasion
  • Blazer shape
  • Figure type
  • Material
  • Colour

A well-fitting suit is a perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. Find out here what is important when buying a suit:


With a suit you are perfectly dressed for any occasion, whether it is a business meeting or a birthday party. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to look more serious and stylish. For important business meetings, it is important to look serious and professional.

Darker or plain colours combined with a white blouse are particularly helpful here. You are also well dressed for a theatre visit with a suit. Here it is worth combining a knee-length pencil skirt with a matching box jacket.

The straight cut makes the blazer look elegant but casual at the same time. If a birthday is being celebrated, a trouser suit is also a good basis for a festive outfit. A nice combination would be, for example, a pair of bootcut-style suit trousers and a slightly wider-cut double-breasted blazer.


Not all blazers are the same, one of the most important criteria is probably the cut. You have the choice between a timeless, classic blazer and a modern, razor-sharp cut blazer. The classic cut has a comfortable width. It doesn't sit quite as tightly across the chest and has a little more room in the waist and tummy area than the close-cut blazer.

The tight cut, on the other hand, is a body-hugging, fitted blazer. The fit is high-fashion, body-hugging, with the aim of creating an even clearer profile.

Figure type

A two-piece suits every figure. However, a few tricks can be used to cleverly conceal unloved areas and you can better emphasise your assets. A slightly fuller figure is especially flattered by a loose cut. A long blazer, for example, helps to hide wider thighs and a larger bottom. High-cut suit trousers can also conceal a small tummy.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller build, you should choose a short blazer with tight suit trousers with a high waistband. This will make your legs look longer. Heeled shoes can also enhance the effect. If you are taller, it is worth choosing a trouser suit with wide trousers. This helps to emphasise your figure.


Cotton is usually the material used for suits. However, you can also choose a suit made of linen, velvet, corduroy or similar fabrics. However, the different fabrics each have their own advantages. Cotton or other types of wool are particularly characterised by their breathability. In addition, wool is suitable for the midday heat as well as for colder evenings and looks elegant. Suits made of linen are the number one summer option.

These are particularly light and breathable, making them perfect for summer in the office or for a great garden party. Velvet and corduroy are perfect for autumn and winter. With a suit in the velvet look you look particularly festive, whereas a corduroy suit can be used either as a leisure suit or in plain colours for the office.


The choice of colour is an important criterion when choosing the right suit. Nowadays, suits come in all kinds of colours, but not all colours are suitable for every occasion. Especially in the business sector, it is customary to go for plainer colours, and here you should stick to dark, muted colours.

That way you can't go wrong. If you want to buy a suit for formal occasions or wear it in your free time, you can also use bright, eye-catching colours. This is sure to draw everyone's attention.

Suits for women: The most important questions answered

There is no occasion for which a suit does not go well. A suit is perfect for the office, a special dinner, an important event or even a weekend look. In the following, we will tell you which variations of women's suits there are and how they can be combined most cleverly.

What types of ladies' suits are there?

Suits for ladies exude seriousness while still emphasising your femininity. The two-piece suit as a women's garment has prevailed over the years and is becoming more and more popular. You can get an overview of the different variants of stylish suits for ladies and how you can combine them here:

  • Trouser suits: In women's outerwear, the trouser suit is classically described as an ensemble of a jacket and long trousers made of the same fabric. A blouse is usually worn underneath, so that you are dressed for various occasions with an elevated dress code. However, the simpler the suit design, the more variation you have in terms of styling. When it comes to the choice of colour, you can vary as you like, from plain to striking.
  • Ladies' costume / Deux-Pièces: Women's costumes, or deux-pièces, are the counterpart to men's suits and are now part of every basic outfit in a woman's wardrobe. Instead of a jacket and trousers, the ladies' costume consists of a blazer and a skirt. For everyday office wear, timeless and discreet fabrics are particularly suitable. For festivities, on the other hand, you can of course go for unusual and bright colours, which will make the ladies' costume a real eye-catcher.

With what do I best combine my ladies' suit?

What you combine your ladies' suit with depends, of course, on your taste and the occasion. Suits can be combined in many different ways with your favourite pieces to create a unique style. You can, of course, combine your suit with a white blouse with collar and button placket in a very classic way.

Alternatively, choose a modern blouse top or simply a plain T-shirt. To add a feminine touch to your look, you can combine your suit for women with simple pumps. However, if you want to look both elegant and sporty, you can even go for sneakers.

Which suit suits my figure type?

Suits suit every figure. But some suits suit you even better. We tell you here how to find the right suit for your figure type:

  • small upper body and wide hips: Here it is advisable to opt for wide, straight-cut trousers. This will help you to balance out your proportions. But you can also wear tight styles with straight or slightly flared legs without any problems. The blazer, on the other hand, should be cut short and fitted and may have shoulder pads if you like.
  • Shoulders, waist and hips should be the same width: If you want to look curvier, you can accentuate your waist with a fitted blazer and high-waist trousers or skirts. To add volume to your lower body and give you more waist, you can also go for an A-line skirt or bootcut trousers.
  • Small waist and a little tummy: Here you should go for blazers that are loose-fitting and tailored. The suit trousers should ideally sit on the waist and have a slightly flared or straight cut leg. If you prefer to combine a skirt with a blazer, skirts with a high waistband and made of firm fabrics are worthwhile. These make the tummy look smaller.
  • Shoulders and hips should be the same width: If you have a narrow waist, but your shoulders and hips are somewhat the same width, then clothes that emphasise the waist will look particularly good on you. That's why you should go for a fitted version of the blazer. When choosing trousers or skirts, make sure that they sit on the waist rather than on the hips.
  • Broad shoulders and small hips: With broad shoulders it is advantageous to give the lower half of the body more volume so that the silhouette is balanced and the shoulders appear narrower. You can achieve this perfectly with flared skirts or trousers. Combine it with a blazer that has a simple cut and is made of flowing fabrics.

Which suit for the office or parties?

The classic combination in professional life is a blazer with a skirt. However, the combination of blazer and suit trousers has also become a welcome alternative for women. Shape and colour also cover a wide spectrum here. Classic as a suit with pinstripes, with a white shirt or blouse. Optionally also in muted colours, from black to grey to cream.

If the dress code is not so strict, you can also go for bold colours in autumn or delicate pastel shades on warmer days. When going out with friends, to dance, to a bar or to a party, you can wear something a little more opulent.

Here you can also be more extravagant and use shiny details such as long satin lapels on the blazer. Add black trousers in dinner jacket style, a glittery top and high heels and the party style is complete.


Suits for women are very versatile and can be worn for both formal and festive occasions. They are made up of two garments. On the one hand you can combine trousers and blazer, on the other skirt and blazer. A skilful combination of trousers or skirt and matching blazer can cleverly conceal problem areas and better emphasise your assets. So there is a suit in the range that is perfectly tailored to you for every figure and person. Image source: / Christina @