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"Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be." You can never go wrong with summer dresses, all year round! But which summer dress goes with which occasion? Which shoes and jacket go with it? Which accessories can you combine well with it? And does the dress suit me at all? And how will it work in winter? Many people have certainly asked themselves these questions. With the right tips and tricks, you can create a magical look with just a few items of clothing and feel completely at ease.

The multitude of different summer dresses and styles is overwhelming and confusing for you? With this post, we want to help you find the perfect dress for you and your occasion or needs.

The Best Women's Summer Dress: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying summer dresses

With so many summer dresses available in different styles, materials and cuts, it's no wonder that you often don't quite know where to reach for. To ensure that your summer dress really suits you and the occasion, we present a few points below that you should look out for before buying.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Occasion
  • Season
  • Length
  • Material
  • Age

In the next section, we will elaborate on these aspects to help you make your buying decision.


Before you grab the next best summer dress off the rack, you should think about the occasion. Summer dresses always go, but they can differ in their appropriateness.

Office, theatre and opera: Is it too hot for a long dress in the office, but shorts seem inappropriate? In this case, a simple, classic sheath dress is suitable. It should be at least knee-length. In terms of colour, you can never go wrong with classic colours like black, white or dark blue, as these are beautifully simple. If you like it more casual, you can go for a pattern. This type of dress is also suitable for nice occasions such as visits to the theatre or opera.

Wedding: For a summer wedding you may choose a playful but elegant and festive dress, for example a delicate chiffon dress. With its light fabric, it is comfortable to wear on the one hand and on the other, it swings dynamically with every movement.

Leisure: For leisure activities such as a date in an ice cream parlour or on holiday, you are sure to attract attention with a maxi dress in delicate, summery pastel shades. Long hippie dresses or boho-style dresses are also very trendy. If you prefer a more figure-hugging look, long dresses can also be worn beautifully with waist belts, e.g. a braided leather belt.


Of course, when buying a summer dress, you should also pay attention to the season to prevent catching a cold. Classically, summer dresses are worn in the summer or on hot days, but they can certainly be worn in other seasons as well.

If it is a bit cooler, tights are a good way to keep your legs and feet warm. A blazer/coat/jacket can also serve well in lower temperatures and are also nice accessories.

In winter, you don't have to give up your favourite summer dress either. Just throw on a jumper, boots and tights and you're done! A pair of (tight) jeans underneath the dress can also look cool if combined correctly, especially with a wale dress.


Summer dresses come in mini, midi and maxi. You should also consider the occasion and the season. While in the office or at work the dress should reach at least to the knees, on holiday and for other leisure activities you can let your taste run free. For festive events such as weddings or visits to the theatre and opera, there is often a dress code, but here too it is better not to be too short.

In terms of sleeve length, there are also all kinds of variations - from sleeveless and off-the-shoulder to spaghetti straps, long and half sleeves, 3/4 or 7/8 length, etc.


Summer dresses come in many different materials: cotton, chiffon, corduroy, cashmere, denim, fleece, knitwear, leather (imitation), jersey, polyester, silk, viscose, satin, rib, linen or wool.

In order to be able to wear your summer dress in all its glory next year, a certain care is also associated with the respective material. In general, it is best to follow the instructions on the label.

Dresses made of cotton and jersey are best washed at 30 degrees. Chiffon summer dresses also require the gentle 30 degree wash cycle and it is best to put it in a laundry net to protect the fabric. Viscose requires a 40 degree wash on the delicate cycle without spinning at the end.


Of course, age is also relevant, because children / teenagers / young women / middle-aged women and older people have different needs, ideas and are in different situations.

While young women like to show off their legs and thus often go for shorter dresses, older women often prefer longer dresses. Of course, it also depends on the setting, because children, unlike working women, do not have to adapt their dresses to the dress code at work.

Nevertheless, no generalisations can be made here. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that it is fun to wear the dress!

Summer dresses for ladies: The most important questions answered

To take away any last uncertainties and guide you towards a summer dress that suits you, we have collected frequently asked questions about women's summer dresses and will answer them below.

What styles of women's summer dresses are available?

Summer dresses can be used to embody or emphasise certain styles. Here we have listed the most important styles for women's summer dresses.

  • Business summer dresses: Summer dresses for the office or for work - such as the shift dress, which has a straight cut and a round neckline - are elegant and simple. You can never go wrong with classic colours like black, white or dark blue, and you can also find something to suit more casual tastes: Patterns such as graphic black and white patterns are also great to wear to the office.
  • Casual summer dresses: Comfortable, loose and airy summer dresses are suitable for visits to cafés or walks on the beach on holiday. Maxi dresses, boho-style dresses with colourful triangles or paisley patterns, and long hippie dresses are all on trend. You can also let off steam with the patterns - palm trees, stripes or anchor patterns make holiday feelings come true! Besides, what could be better than clothes that are fashionable and comfortable to wear at the same time?
  • Evening summer dresses: For a visit to the opera, theatre, dinner or the like, you can go for a more elegant dress, e.g. made of silk or chiffon. As far as the length of the dress is concerned, the more formal the event, the longer the dress should be. While floor-length dresses look particularly elegant, knee-length dresses can be used to create a more casual look. Depending on your taste, you can choose from dark evening dresses with side gathers (which incidentally make you look slimmer) to short cocktail dresses that show off your legs. However, you should definitely choose an evening summer dress in which you do not feel dressed up, but completely comfortable!
  • Wedding summer dresses: A chiffon dress is wonderful to wear to an outdoor wedding. Chiffon dresses with ruffles and flounces are especially playful and romantic, while floor-length models in black create an elegant look. Details such as rhinestones, pearls or lace are also popular, as are patterns such as flowers or dots. Only the colour white should (in most cases) belong to the bride alone.
  • Summer dresses as maternity wear: Summer dresses are also great for pregnant women because they are not only comfortable to wear and look fashionable during pregnancy, but can also be saved for afterwards. Dresses made of spandex fit in every month of pregnancy. Sheath dresses can be worn for elegant occasions and for the office, for example, blouse dresses or wrinkle-free jersey dresses are a good choice.

Are you still unsure which style suits you? Then the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

How do I know if my dress fits well?

You are not quite sure whether your summer dress really fits well? We have listed a few points to help you decide whether the dress really fits.

  • The fabric should not be tight under the armpits. If your armpits bulge (e.g. with spaghetti straps), the dress may be too small.
  • For summer dresses with long sleeves, test the length by stretching out your arms. If the dress slips far above your ankles, the dress does not fit properly.
  • You should immediately see the correct length of the dress by your height. If the dress drags on the floor, it is too long, and if it does not cover the buttocks, it is probably too short. It is best to try the dress on with the shoes you want to wear with the dress, as these can change the length of the dress even more.
  • The summer dress should not constrict at the bust. Make sure that there is enough room to breathe. However, it should not be too loose either. For example, with a V-neck, make sure that the bra does not show.
  • For summer dresses as maternity wear, you should pay attention to the elasticity and the softness of the fabric.

Again, as long as you feel comfortable, it's the right dress!

What shoes and jacket go with a summer dress?

With more elegant dresses, pumps - closed or peeptoes - round off the look perfectly. Flat sandals (especially for maxi dresses with a braided leather waist belt), ballerinas, sneakers or ankle boots go well with casual summer dresses. It all depends on which style you want to emphasise - or break through - once again.

If air conditioning is in full swing at the workplace, a blazer can be wonderfully combined with a business summer dress like the shift dress. A fine cardigan with 3/4 sleeves also goes well with the shift dress and creates a cute look. Cosy summer dresses such as the boho maxi dress look good with a denim jacket or leather jacket.

In terms of colour, you can also match the jacket to the summer dress to the season, e.g. a moss green blazer for autumn and a light blue jacket for spring.

Which accessories go well with a summer dress?

A necklace can be worn wonderfully with a business summer dress with closed pumps and fine tights. Even with wedding dresses such as a navy blue sheath dress, a lush necklace of glittering stones pimps the look, add delicate silver earrings and hit the dance floor! The most important things like your mobile phone and money can also be stowed away in a clutch. But as a general rule, less is often more!

In summer, instead of a blazer or jacket, you can reach for a silk scarf to drape around your shoulders.

Which summer dress is good for concealing a tummy?

If you feel like you're not in the slimmest phase of your life right now, there are plenty of ways to still wear a summer dress that you feel comfortable in.

Comfortable dresses include empire-style dresses that have a raised waistband so that the fabric falls loosely from the bust. This way, a small tummy is no longer noticeable.
Wrap dresses with ruffles on the belly also create a distraction. In addition, the darker and more matt the fabric, the greater the slimming effect.

Styling tips for women's summer dresses: How to achieve the perfect dress look

  1. Sheath dresses: These are always the right choice - for the office, for leisure or for formal occasions. If you combine them with pumps, a blazer (or silk scarf) and fine tights, you are a real eye-catcher! A sportier version is the shift dress with sneakers and a loose blouson jacket.
  2. Maxi dress: A braided leather belt goes perfectly with the cosy maxi summer dress. Add flat sandals (or even high heels) and your stylish strolling-through-the-city look is perfect!
  3. Winter: In winter you can simply put on a turtleneck jumper, tights, boots and a coat over your summer dress. This way you will go through the winter in top style.
  4. Accessories: A necklace goes especially well with a plain dress or to spice up a dress. Ear jewellery and a clutch also round off the look perfectly. However, you should bear in mind that often less is more. Especially with a business summer dress, more discreet jewellery should be chosen.
  5. Cheat: To conceal your tummy a little, you are well advised to wear dresses in empire style or wrap dresses. If you want to give your bust more volume, you are well served with large flounces in the neckline. V-necks also emphasise the décolleté! A-line dresses with flared skirts also hide wide hips.

So, as you can see, styling a cool summer dress is no witchcraft and no great effort! The advantage with summer dresses is that you don't have to worry about a matching colour combination of top and bottom. This not only saves time, but also nerves!


With a summer dress, you are always dressed (and rather quickly) - whether for work, festive occasions, on holiday, for cosy visits to the pub or during pregnancy. Sheath dresses are one of the classics in your wardrobe, whether as a business look with high heels or as a sporty leisure look with sneakers, you can use them to perfectly show off your figure and are a real eye-catcher! For a summer wedding, the chiffon dress is a popular garment alongside the sheath dress. And for cosy leisure activities or as maternity wear, maxi dresses in boho or hippie style are a real hit.

Unhappy with your figure? No problem, with a summer dress you can also conceal problem zones - stronger legs, little belly, stronger upper arms, wider hips etc. - with the right dress you will feel rounded. - with the right dress, you will feel completely comfortable and can start the day or dance the night away with confidence and top styling! When buying a summer dress, make sure that you feel comfortable - because that is the most important thing!

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