Last updated: August 19, 2021

Spring is coming to an end, the temperatures are rising and the nights are getting longer again. Summer is just around the corner and with it it's time to adapt your footwear to the new season. Whether you are enjoying the nights at summer parties, spending a day at the beach or having a picnic at the lake; there are different outfits for every occasion and therefore also different shoes. One aspect is particularly important: the shoes must be comfortable to wear and light and airy to protect the foot. Especially in summer it can get very hot and the shoes should be chosen accordingly.

You have the choice between sandals or low shoes, sporty sneakers or chic shoes with heels. In the following, we want to help you choose the perfect summer shoes and give you an overview of the best shoes, especially for the hot season. In addition, we show you what is important when buying and which important criteria you should consider.

The Best Women's Summer Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's summer shoes

In summer, we resort to lighter footwear. Temperatures rise and you want to wear as little fabric on your body as possible. But there are also some points to consider when buying shoes.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Size
  • Occasion
  • Material
  • Style

In the following, we explain what matters in each aspect and how to find the perfect shoes for summer.


The size of the shoes varies from person to person. Here, it is important to pay attention to the usual sizes and to buy the shoes accordingly. But there are other aspects to pay attention to here.

Every foot is different and you should choose your shoes accordingly. In addition, the strain on the spine and posture increases with incorrectly chosen footwear. Narrow feet easily slip out of shoes that are too wide and thus offer little support. There are suitable shoes that are specially adapted to this foot shape.

Oversized shoes are available from a certain shoe size. These are usually not available in the usual assortments and must therefore be ordered in certain shops or online.


Even in summer, there are different situations that require different footwear. The following occasions come into question here:

  • Functional summer shoes: You should choose suitable shoes especially for sporting situations and when you are under a lot of strain. It is important that they offer a good footbed, are easy on the spine and breathable.
  • Shoes for the beach and summer holidays: Open shoes that are easy to put on and take off are suitable here. Sandals or bathing shoes are especially suitable for the beach.
  • Fashionable models: There is a wide range of different shoes for everyday use or dressier occasions. Sneakers or low shoes are suitable for everyday wear and pumps or shoes with a heel for a party.

No matter for which occasion you need shoes, there are suitable ones for everyone. Since temperatures are usually high in summer, it is advisable to buy light and open shoes.


Due to high temperatures, you sweat quickly in summer. Therefore, when buying shoes, you should make sure that they are suitable for the season.

Breathability and a light material play a role here. When buying shoes, you should take these aspects into account, because poor material makes shoes smell unpleasant and wear out quickly.

Natural materials such as leather or linen are ideal because they ensure good circulation. Shoes made of plastic or synthetic materials, on the other hand, are unfavourable. These are also not of particularly high quality and will soon no longer look good.


Even in summer, there are different shoes and thus different styles. Depending on the occasion and situation, there are suitable shoes. In addition, they are an important styling element for your outfit.

On the one hand, there is the sporty style. Sneakers and low shoes can be wonderfully combined in everyday life. But also as a style break with dresses or skirts.

If you want something more elegant, go for high heels, heels or pumps to create a chic style. This style is particularly suitable for festive occasions, parties or other events.

Italian style is characterised by light and airy dresses and skirts. Many colours and patterns are used here. Sandals, sandals and loafers are the first choice for a perfect summer outfit.

Women's summer shoes: The most important questions answered

To help you choose the perfect women's summer shoes, we have listed the most important questions and answers for you here.

What types of women's summer shoes are there?

There are different types of summer shoes for women. Each shoe has its own function and can be combined with different outfits and occasions. The following can be mentioned here:

  • Sneakers: These classic shoes usually have a sporty look and can be combined with almost anything. They are also comfortable to wear and, with the right material, can also be the right choice in summer without you sweating too much in them.
  • Sandals: Usually available with straps or as toe separators, sandals are perfect summer shoes. They have an open cut and are therefore airy and light.
  • Flip-flops: These well-known shoes are suitable for the beach as well as for summer outfits. The only thing you should avoid with them is prolonged walking.
  • Pumps: This type is characterised by a small heel, which also makes walking comfortable. They are perfect for festive occasions and smart outfits, but also for a business look in the office.
  • Low shoes: They end just before the ankle and are therefore well suited for summer. Low shoes are available in every style, every colour and in every desired material.
  • Bathing shoes: This special type of shoe is suitable for the beach or lake. They are usually made of a light neoprene fabric or plastic and are thus well suited for moisture.

Depending on what you have in mind for the summer, you should have the right kind of shoes ready. Despite the different shoes, all summer shoes have in common that they are light and airy to wear to counteract the heat.

How do I clean and care for my summer shoes?

When cleaning and caring for them, the first thing to consider is the material. Shoes made of fabric or linen can be washed on a low setting in the washing machine. To do this, it is best to put them in a bag or an old pillowcase to avoid discolouration.

Summer shoes made of leather or other sensitive materials only tolerate gentle brushing or special care creams. Incorrect treatment can quickly lead to abrasion.

Another helpful tip is to store shoes carefully during the winter season. For example, use shoe trees when you are not wearing your shoes. You can also store particularly delicate shoes in small shoe bags when you are not wearing them for a longer period of time. This way, shoes last longer and don't look worn out as quickly.

What should I look out for if I need insoles?

If you need insoles, make sure that they fit into the shoe. Sneakers or low shoes are the best choice, because they have enough space and the insole will not slip.

It is not advisable to wear insoles in sandals, shoes with heels or other open shoes. The foot is not sufficiently stabilised and held there. This can quickly lead to slipping and, in the worst case, to accidents caused by twisting an ankle.

How can I make my summer shoes waterproof?

Even in summer, there may be rain showers or you may have to walk on a wet surface. In these cases, it is advisable to protect your summer shoes from moisture so that you can use them for as long as possible and avoid getting your feet wet.

There are special sprays that are suitable for waterproofing. You can simply spray your shoes with them. After a short time they will be waterproof. However, before applying the spray, make sure that the material is suitable so that no unwanted colouring occurs.

What should be considered when buying organic and vegan shoes?

A popular aspect is to look for vegan material as well as ecological features when buying. These are shoes made from natural materials and produced in fair and environmentally friendly processes.

First of all, you should be careful not to choose shoes with leather, as these are made from animal material. In addition, there are some brands that take care to produce their range in an environmentally friendly way. This includes production that is fair to the environment and people.

When choosing, look for the small symbols that stand for the material leather. This will quickly tell you whether the shoe is made from animal products or natural materials.


Summer shoes come in all varieties and styles. Depending on the occasion or outfit, different shoes can be combined and styled. Shoes for summer are characterised by breathability and lightweight materials to prevent sweating and keep the shoe for a long time.

If you value a sustainable and ecological option, you have the option of vegan and other specially made shoes. However, if you choose leather shoes, you should pay special attention to storage and care so that the delicate material is not damaged. No matter which summer shoes you choose, your outfit will be complete with the right footwear and you can add great highlights.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf