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Hot summer temperatures lure us to the beach, the lake or the swimming pool every year. Not every woman likes to show too much naked skin. Bathing shorts for women are therefore a popular alternative to classic bikini bottoms. Because of their slightly longer leg length, they are comfortable and flatter the figure.

A woman in a pair of women's swim shorts is always appropriately dressed, because they are the ideal companion in many situations: while swimming, during an extensive walk on the beach, while doing sports or having a drink at the beach bar. And no matter which version you choose, you will be recognised as a fashion queen from afar.

The Best Women´s Swim Shorts: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying swim shorts for women

The variety of swim shorts for women ranges from colourful to sporty models. They differ not only in length and cut, but also in different patterns, prints and accessories. However, there is hardly anything to pay special attention to, because most of the criteria depend entirely on your personal preferences.

Based on these buying criteria, you can find out which women's swim shorts best suit your requirements:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Colour / Pattern
  • Features
  • Activity
  • Fit
  • Accessories

In the following section, you will find out what the individual aspects essentially depend on.


The most important criterion is the material, as this is primarily responsible for wearing comfort. Different manufacturers use different materials, from polyester to pure cotton.

Each material has special properties, but first and foremost it should be soft and quick-drying. Polyester has a big advantage in this factor because it dries quickly. But the shortcoming lies in the wearing comfort. Many ladies do not find it pleasant on the skin and prefer to reach for pure cotton. Ladies' swim shorts of this variety, however, are hardly available. The fabric usually contains at least a small amount of elastane, which ensures that the women's swim shorts fit perfectly, especially in tight models.

A good compromise would be a blended fabric of polyester, nylon and cotton with a small amount of elastane. This combination gives a quick drying time and a good wearing comfort.


When it comes to the lengths of women's swim shorts, pretty much anything is available. The range goes from very short ones that are barely bigger than a large pair of bikini bottoms to swim shorts with a half-length leg cut.

Short-cut models that end just above the thigh ensure maximum freedom of movement when surfing, wakeboarding or diving. Especially if you move around a lot in the water, short shorts reduce water resistance. Longer cut models that end below the knee offer more protection from sunburn or in cool winds.

Colour / Pattern

There is a wide range of women's swim shorts with print patterns and plain models. Print patterns go with fashion and change from year to year. With bright neon colours, you are making a fashion statement at the moment. The leopard pattern or the jeans-look shorts also make you an eye-catcher.

In contrast, plain-coloured swim shorts never go out of fashion. Especially if you use the swim shorts for sporting activities, you can wear plain shorts for more than just one season.


To store small items, many women's swim shorts have back pockets, you can choose between one or two pockets.

Like almost all shorts, women's swim shorts have a wide waistband with elastic or a drawstring. This not only ensures a secure fit but also increases comfort. Whether an elasticated waistband or a drawstring is chosen depends on where the shorts will be worn. Elasticated drawstrings often do not withstand salt water, especially in cheaper models. Therefore, for a longer holiday at the seaside, a pair of women's swim shorts with a drawstring is recommended.

With wide-cut women's swim shorts, you should make sure that they are equipped with a mesh insert. The finely structured material clings to the skin and ensures that the shorts stay in place and do not slip.


When choosing women's swim shorts, you should also consider what activity you want to do with them. Most models are also great for water sports activities. Not only when swimming, but also when playing beach volleyball, you don't have to worry about the fit of the women's swim shorts.

Of course, there are also models that are less functional and only suitable for a walk, while relaxing by the pool or for the beach bar. However, you can be sure that you will cut a fine figure in these fashionable models.


When it comes to fit, your personal taste is the deciding factor. Tight-fitting women's swim shorts show off your curves perfectly and won't get in your way during high-movement (water) sports. Models with a wide cut give your style a casual character.

If you choose a pair of women's swim shorts with a wider waistband, you have the advantage that it perfectly conceals small problem areas and the shorts can be combined well with a matching bikini top.


Of course, it looks especially good if you wear a matching top with your ladies' swim shorts. Many swim shorts come with bikini tops, sports tops, functional shirts and UV shirts in the same pattern or in a combination of colours.

Swim shorts for women: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of swim shorts for women, it can be difficult to decide which model to choose. To help you, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about women's swim shorts.

What types of swim shorts are there for women?

To ensure that all tastes and preferences are catered for, there are many types of swim shorts for women. In the following list, you can take a look at the features of individual styles.

  • Beach shorts: Beach or beach shorts focus more on the fashion aspect and usually have no special functions.
  • Swim shorts with top: Set offers with matching tops can come in different forms, for example tankinis or bikinis with longer swim trunks. They are mostly suitable for water sports.
  • Boardshorts: So-called boardshorts are women's swim shorts that are especially suitable for surfing. They are usually quick-drying and have UV protection.
  • Swim shorts: These swim shorts for women are primarily suitable for swimming and other water sports. They are also mostly and equipped with UV protection.
  • Swim cycling shorts: These shorts are tight-fitting swim shorts for ladies in the form of cycling shorts for swimming, quick-drying and usually with UV protection.

When choosing the right women's swim shorts, it all depends on what activity you want to use them for.

How do I find the right ladies swim shorts for my type?

Are you a sun worshipper? Then you should choose short swim shorts, because then more sunlight reaches your thighs. Conversely, longer swim shorts protect you better from sunburn. In addition, they can conceal strong thighs.

Are you a passionate water sports enthusiast? Then you should also choose short and tight swim shorts, because they guarantee maximum freedom of movement and reduce water resistance.

Do you like to look your best at the beach bar? Then choose a fashionable and usually less functional model, perfectly coordinated with the rest of your beach look.

Which women's swim shorts are suitable for sporty activities?

The more sporty you are in your swim shorts, the more freedom of movement you need and the shorter your women's swim shorts should be. The longer the model, the more resistance you have to overcome in the water and in the air.

The fabric of modern swim shorts for women is usually not very elastic. Therefore, it is best to first check whether the swim shorts are tight on your bottom and thighs by taking a few large steps.

How do I care for my women's swim shorts properly?

If you have been in the sea or swimming pool, it is best to rinse your swim shorts with clear water to rinse salt and chlorine from the fabric. A mild mild detergent won't hurt either. Then let the ladies' swim shorts air dry.

Some women's swim shorts models can also be cleaned in the washing machine, but not above 40 degrees. In general - even with easy-care women's swim shorts - always follow the care instructions.

Styling tips for women's swim shorts: How to achieve the perfect beach look

Thanks to their versatile designs, swim shorts for women are also suitable for summer activities outside the water. Women's swim shorts are functional swimwear with high styling potential.

  • Style your favourite model with a T-shirt and sandals in no time at all to create a breezy dress that makes you top styled for a visit to the beach bar or a meeting with friends.
  • Combined with a thin tunic, the women's swim shorts are the perfect companion for a long walk along the beach promenade or a summer city stroll.
  • You can also stand out with your casual style when doing sports, for example when wearing the matching UV shirt on a wakeboard or the matching sports top when playing beach volleyball.

With women's swim shorts, you are equipped for all activities in the warm season. Especially as a complement to a bikini, they are a real insider tip, but that's not the end of the story. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to possible combinations.


With swim shorts for women you have a real all-round talent at home. The possible uses are just as varied as the choice of colours and shapes. They are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the classic bikini bottoms. They are fashionable, have a slightly longer leg length, are not bulky and therefore conceal small problem zones on the bottom, legs and hips when worn.

Women's swim shorts are the perfect companion for many leisure activities, including water sports. One thing is certain: women always cut a good figure in swim shorts and can stroll confidently along the beach. They are a stylish companion when it comes to creating a fashionable summer style.

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