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There are plenty of swimming costumes for women. They come in a wide variety of styles. With unusual patterns, in all kinds of colours, with sexy cut-outs, high flared legs or simply in a very plain version. All models are also available in a wide variety of styles. Each swimming costume can also conceal other areas that women don't feel comfortable with.

So if you want to buy a swimming costume, you are spoilt for choice. To find the right swimming costume for women, the most important thing is the style and fit you want. Once you have found the perfect swimming costume, there is nothing standing in the way of a sexy beach look.

The Best Women´s Swimmimg Costume: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying swimming costumes for women

Since there are so many different varieties of swimming costumes, it is very understandable if you find it difficult to choose. To find the perfect swimming costume for you, there are some buying criteria that you can use to guide you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Style
  • Fit
  • Material

Below you will find out what is basically important about each aspect.


There are countless different styles of swimming costumes for women. Since the range of possibilities is very wide, you should rule out certain styles right from the start. These include those that you don't like at all, or those that you would like but simply don't fit well with your body type and therefore don't sit well or look unflattering.

However, there is also the following to consider: often swimming costumes that you were sure would not suit you then look very good on you. So once you wear a swimming costume, you often have an "aha" moment.

For this reason, you should definitely also try out styles that you might be a little unsure of at first. However, a style that doesn't suit your taste right from the start will most likely not appeal to you when you try it on.

A good tip for every woman: try out the various styles and decide on the three that suit you best. You can then always fall back on these three types of swimming costumes for future purchases.


Once you have narrowed down your choice of women's swimming costumes based on the style criterion, it is up to you to find the perfect fit for your body type. With a few tips and tricks, it's not that difficult.

First of all, however, it is very important that you take a closer look at the size charts. This will help you find your perfect size without much effort. If you are between two sizes, feel free to take the smaller one. The fabric of the swimming costume expands slightly when wet anyway.

Once you have found your size, you can move on to other aspects of fit. This step is very individual, it all depends on what you want.

By choosing the right pattern and cut, you can make a significant contribution to the swimming costume's perfect visual fit. For example, you can emphasise or minimise the bust and shoulders. You can also emphasise, minimise or lengthen your waist or emphasise or visually narrow your bottom or hips.


Not only the style and fit of swimming costumes for women can vary. You can also choose from several material options. The most popular online shops offer swimming costumes made of Lycra, nylon and spandex. Fabrics that allow for a seamless tan can also be found on the market.

Lycra is a material that is very stretchy and therefore very flexible. The fibres absorb very little water, which means it dries quickly. But even with Lycra, there are still different types of fabric. Shimmering Lycra, for example, is not completely opaque, so you should make sure that the swimming costume also has a lining.

Matte Lycra, on the other hand, is more opaque. This type of Lycra is also slightly firmer than shimmering Lycra, yet it is just as stretchy and elastic. The differences in the Lycra fabric are mainly due to different amounts of elastane.

The respective fashion trends also have an influence on the materials available on the market. For example, velvet swimming costumes have recently been found in various shops.

Swimming costumes for women: The most important questions answered

With the huge selection of swimming costumes for women, it can be very difficult to find the right one. To get an overview and help you decide on the right swimming costume, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on the subject for you.

How can I tell if my women's swimming costume fits well?

The prerequisite for a good fit is always the size chart. Take your measurements and compare them with the values in the table. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller size. The materials used for swimming costumes are very elastic and the fabric can still give slightly when wet.

The swimming costume should fit nicely, not be too loose at any point and not be too tight. You should feel comfortable in it and not have to worry about anything slipping. They should also not have any pressure points or feel constricted. If the swimming costume feels like a second skin, it fits perfectly.

Which swimming costume for women conceals best?

Depending on the figure type, different swimming costumes look best on every woman. To find the swimming costume that accentuates the right areas and conceals unwanted areas, it's best to use the following list as a guide.

  • Pear body type: This body type is one of the most common in women. It is characterised by wide hips and narrower shoulders. A larger leg cut is ideal for this body type. It visually lengthens the hip and bottom area and emphasises the narrow waist. To emphasise the shoulders as well, you can go for a swimming costume with a triangle top. Large prints or striking colours can also make the shoulders look broader.
  • Apple body type: A woman with the apple body type usually has broader shoulders and becomes narrower towards the bottom. It is therefore advisable to choose a swimming costume that puts the décolleté and shoulders in the background. An off-the-shoulder swimming costume without a plunging neckline is ideal. The leg cut can be larger, as this will give you more hips.
  • Hourglass body type: Women with an hourglass figure usually have pronounced hips and bust. The waist, on the other hand, is narrow. This body type is perfect for swimming costumes. Swimming costumes with cut-outs or deep back cut-outs are particularly suitable here, as these further emphasise the narrow waist.
  • Orange body type: Women with this body type are usually a little fuller. They are usually rather small and have a little tummy. A swimming costume with high flared legs is perfect. This makes the legs look longer. On top, you should choose a swimming costume that supports the bust well. Wide straps are ideal for this.

To determine your own body type, simply look at yourself in a full body mirror. If you are still unsure, ask a friend for advice.

How do I wash and clean my swimming costume properly?

To protect your swimming costume from chlorine or salt residues, it is highly recommended that you rinse it with clean water after every bath or wash it by hand with shampoo. However, it is also sufficient to shower off after bathing. Avoid rubbing dirt residues, be it lipstick or food stains, out of the fabric, as this can be harmful to the material.

After about four baths, you can wash your swimming costume in the washing machine. Just make sure that you only use mild detergent. Also, the temperature should never exceed 30 degrees. If possible, you can also use the delicate cycle and skip the spin cycle.

Styling tips for women's swimming costumes: How to achieve the perfect swimming costume look

Basically, once you've found your perfect swimming costume, your swimming costume look is complete! But you can create an even more beautiful beach look with the help of accessories.

Large sunglasses and a straw hat not only look chic, but also protect your eyes and head from the sun's excessive rays. But a light scarf that you can tie around your shoulders or hips also looks great.

Jewellery can also be used to spice up the look: From large earrings to delicate necklaces, rings, bracelets or anklets, there are no limits here either. Of course, a matching beach bag and towel are also a must!


Women's swimming costumes come in so many different fits, styles and materials that it can be very difficult to choose. The advantage of this, however, is that every woman is sure to find the swimming costume that suits her. A swimming costume is also an all-rounder that not only ideally conceals problem areas but also emphasises assets.

The key to finding the right swimming costume is first and foremost the fit and the enclosed size chart. Once you have found the right size, you only have to decide on a style and ask yourself which body parts you want to emphasise or conceal. Then nothing stands in the way of buying your perfect swimming costume.

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