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It's not just the bikini that can attract attention in the swimming pool, women's swimming costumes also look very fashionable these days. Different variations, such as halterneck straps or fancy back cutouts, lend attention to women's swimming costumes. Women's swimming costumes are no longer just worn by sportswomen because they fulfil their purpose and look good too.

With bikinis, it can happen that something slips when you jump into the water. Women's swimming costumes, on the other hand, deliver what they promise. Whether swimming, jumping, diving or sporting activities on the beach, the swimming costume fits tightly and does not slip.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's swimming costumes

From simple all-rounder to fancy fashion piece: swimming costumes for women are now not only the practical alternative to bikinis, but also look at least as stylish. When buying a women's swimming costume, however, you should pay attention to a few things.

The following buying criteria will help you find the right women's swimming costume for your swimming experience.

  • Material / Fabric
  • Cut / Fit
  • Colour / Style
  • Chlorine resistance

In the following sections you will learn how to choose the right swimming costume for you.

Material / Fabric

The material of most women's swimming costumes is usually polyamide with a large proportion of stretchy fabrics such as Lycra. This stretch is extremely important to guarantee optimal support in both dry and wet conditions.

Some women's swimming costumes are also made of polyester only and are then slightly thicker but not quite as elastic.

Cotton is also found in some swimming costumes, but also with a Lycra content, or also called elastane.

Cut / fit

Of course, you should choose the fit so that the swimming costume fits tightly for women, but is not too tight and pinches. Above all, it should be comfortable and not slip during swimming.

Whether you are diving, swimming or playing beach volleyball, your freedom of movement should not be restricted. Since there is a huge selection of different models for women's swimming costumes, you should always try out the respective shapes.

These can differ greatly, so that a suitable swimming costume can be found for every woman's body.

Colour / Style

The colour of the swimming costume is often also an important factor for ladies and should of course correspond to the taste of the wearer.

Women's swimming costumes come in many different colours and patterns, with motifs or body-emphasising lines.

Whether sleeveless or sleeveless, with a cut-out back or plain and simple, swimming costumes for women come in a wide range of styles and there is sure to be something for you.

Chlorine resistance

Chlorine is one of the most reactive elements and also attacks the textiles of women's swimwear. That's why you should pay special attention to chlorine-resistant fabrics when buying a swimsuit.

Chlorine resistance, however, refers exclusively to the time spent in the pool and not to dried residues. A particularly chlorine-resistant synthetic fibre is polyester, which is the main material used in many women's swimming costumes.

However, the more spandex the women's swimwear contains, the more short-lived it is. The chlorine breaks its fibres and thus it does not regain its original shape and becomes brittle in some places.

Swimming costumes for women: The most important questions answered

Choosing the best women's swimming costume is often difficult. Therefore, we have answered the most important questions about swimming costumes for women.

Which fabric is most suitable for a women's swimming costume?

Chlorine-resistant fabrics such as polyester are most suitable for women's swimming costumes to guarantee their longevity.

However, models made of 100% polyester are less elastic, which is why manufacturers often use spandex. However, this plastic is not chlorine-resistant and therefore becomes brittle in the long run.

What are the advantages of a swimming costume over a bikini?

Women's swimming costumes score above all in terms of slip resistance and reliability. Especially when it comes to functionality, the swimming costume for women is always the better choice.

Whether jumping into the water, diving or doing sports at the beach, the swimming costume does not slip and fits perfectly.

This means that women often feel much more comfortable in it and can fully enjoy the swimming experience without worrying about bikinis or shorts slipping.

What is allowed and what is not allowed in a competition swimming costume?

In order to avoid a renewed battle of materials in the sport of swimming, the World Swimming Federation has drawn up a complete set of rules for the competition swimming costume.

  • Material: Competition swimming costumes must be made of woven, knitted or woven material. The material must also be water-permeable.
  • Thickness: The material must not be thicker than 0.8 millimetres
  • Closure: There shall also be no zip or other closure system on the competition swimming costume.
  • Modifications: The impregnation or taping of the swimming costume is also prohibited.

If you pay attention to these criteria when buying your competition swimming costume, nothing should stand in the way of your participation in the competition.


Nowadays, swimming costumes for women do not only fulfil their purpose. Between fancy back cut-outs and strap formations, you will find many fashionable models in different colours, sizes and shapes.

Whether with a figure-emphasising pattern, plain and simple or a crazy design, women's swimming costumes have something for every taste. The bikini is getting on in years and the swimming costume is currently making a comeback with a revamped image, so this should not be missing from your swimwear collection either.

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