Last updated: August 12, 2021

Whether it's summer or winter, at home by the water or on holiday, the right swimwear is a must. Often it is necessary to find the best solution between comfort and aesthetics, which can be quite difficult. The tankini offers a solution for women that cuts a good figure and fits snugly. With the tankini for women, you can swim safely against the tide even in higher waves.

Especially on warm summer days, tankinis for women offer a very popular mix of bikini and swimming costume. Consisting of a bikini bottom and a longer top, the product for women conceals the hips, stomach, waist and bust.

We would like to show you what to look for when choosing your dream tankini. In doing so, we will outline our essential criteria so that you can make a confident decision. We also answer frequently asked questions about tankinis for women. Let yourself drift!

The Best Womens Tankini: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying tankinis for women

With the following buying criteria we would like to simplify your choice of the right tankini.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • The material of the tankini for women
  • The shape of the tankini for women
  • The size of the tankini for women

So that you don't jump into cold water, we discuss our most important buying criteria in more detail below.

The material of the tankini

The material plays an important role when choosing a tankini for women. Each material has its own characteristics and can influence your personal wearing comfort. The choice of material is also reflected in the product's life cycle.

The underwires of tankinis for women can be made of different materials nowadays. Among them are models made of elastane, polyester, cotton or satin. Even microfibre is a common material for women's tankinis these days.

Elastane offers the most effective variant and usually consists of a polyamide-elastane mixture of 18 to 25 %. This makes the product stretchy and allows it to adapt to your body shape.

Tankinis for women made of polyester with a thickness of 120 are also a good solution, as they are very hard-wearing, quick-drying and resistant to chlorine and salt water. This makes your tankini for women last longer.

The shape of the tankini

The shape of the tankini for women also plays an important role in your choice. No matter which neckline or which colour. The tankini for women offers you the opportunity to create your own personal mix of top and bottoms from numerous variations.

Most underwired tankinis for women have two straps that run over the shoulders. However, there are also models that are knotted at the neck or fastened with a hook. In some models, the straps can be removed to create a bandeau top.

Tankini tops for women are usually the same length. The differences arise in the choice of necklines. The choice can be deep or straight and sporty necklines. There are models in which the tankini for women is tied at the neck with a string. Some models also have darts under the bust to emphasise the breast shape.

The design of the underwire is very variable, so you have free choice and can select from the numerous models yourself. You can choose from single-coloured, colourful patterns as well as dotted and striped pieces. You can also choose animal prints.

The size of the tankini

The choice of size is also a fundamental decision. Strapless bandeai tankinis, which can also be colourful, are suitable for women with a cup size of AA to A.

For ladies with a larger cup size, the tankini with built-in underwires provides very good support. The straps should be wide and adjustable. An underbust elastic can also support the lower bust. Dark and plain-coloured tops can also conceal large breasts.

A loose-fitting women's top with ruffles can also conceal small bubbles well. A V-neck can also distract from the tummy. Pants with a bodice insert can also help to flatten the tummy. We recommend that women choose muted colours and avoid patterns.

If wide hips or thick thighs are to be concealed, it helps to draw the eye to the upper body. A top with patterns or bright colours and embellishments can be a remedy for women. In addition, dark panties for women with wide cuffs have a complementary effect.

Tankinis for women: The most important questions answered

Tankinis for women are therefore very versatile. It is in the nature of things that questions do arise. In the following, we would like to help you answer the most important questions so that you can choose the right tankini for you without worrying.

Which tankini suits me?

Whether you have long legs or a beautiful bust. A tankini set for women offers many ways to show off your assets to their best advantage. A tankini for women can also cleverly conceal supposed problem zones.

Therefore, it helps to match the tankini for women to your own figure. An underwired tankini top, for example, can shape your décolleté into a real eye-catcher. An underwired bandeau top with detachable straps, on the other hand, emphasises your feminine charisma. A halterneck tankini with underwire can look very sporty.

A variety of sets are available in large sizes, so you can hug your hips with an extra-long tankini top.

But in the end, it's all about which tankini for women you feel comfortable in. Whether you go with the flow or against it. A women's tankini that suits you is the best for swimming.

Which ladies tankini suits women with a slightly stronger physique?

Tankinis for women are real figure flatterers. The "more" fabric can cleverly hug unkempt areas while preserving your feminine silhouette. As fashionable all-rounders, tankinis for women offer you the ideal solution for always having the upper hand in fashion.

Use the following tricks and show yourself from your best side:

  • Wide shoulders: Halterneck tops make your shoulders look narrower and also look very sporty.
  • Wide hips: Longer cut tops effectively conceal hips, draw attention to your décolleté and create a striking look.
  • Small belly: Softly falling tops in over-size hug your belly. Gathers, wrap details and a deep V-neck can also distract from your tummy. With a soft-falling top in oversize, you will envelop small pockets of fat. In addition, dark colours and vertical stripes visually stretch the figure and make you look slimmer.
  • Short legs: A top that is just above your belly button in combination with a panty with as high a leg cut as possible makes your legs look longer.

Are there maternity tankinis for pregnant women?

There are maternity tankinis for women that offer a reliable fit with appealing designs and soft materials. You can also go for wide-cut models or choose models with a flared A-line. Such models for women hug your body and support the baby bump and promise a secure hold with underwires and straps.

Which colour suits my skin type?

There is a wide range of swimwear for women that is constantly changing in the current trends, as well as the colours of just such. If your skin tone matches the colour of the women's tankini, it can make your skin glow.

  • Very pale skin: Women with paler skin go well with soft pastel shades. Natural tones and muted colours also create a pleasant overall look. Very bright colours or shades such as white or nude should be avoided
  • Light skin types: Light skin types do well with strong and muted colours.
  • Medium skin type: Here, almost all colours suit you. Simply choose the tankini that suits you best, whether warm, cool, soft or bright.
  • Dark skin types: Dark skin types go very well with expressive shades. But delicate, fresh and warm tones are also very charming.

Styling tips for women's tankinis: How to achieve the perfect tankini look

  • Whether tankini or bikini for women . The bathing companions should fit perfectly and not be too tight. When trying them on, make sure that the top does not cut in. Swimwear that is too tight can be aesthetically counterproductive and is also very uncomfortable.
  • Ladies with larger breasts should look for wider and more stable straps. Also, built-in underwires and underlaid cups create a beautiful décolleté.
    Women whose problem zone is their lower belly can opt for a waist slip. The high cut conceals the belly very well and draws the eye to the upper body.
  • Wide hips and the bottom can be concealed wonderfully with a small skirt for women.

But the general rule is always: you have to feel comfortable. So, contrary to every styling tip, especially the tankini for women looks best on you that you also like yourself.


The advantageously cut tankini for women always gives you an attractive figure on the beach, in the pool or at the lake. They not only increase your self-confidence and well-being, but are also available in many colours, shapes and patterns.

You can put together a tankini for women in a way that distracts from your problem zones and highlights your best side. The wide selection of tankinis for women ensures that you too can find and wear your personal one.

Contributed image: Unsplash / Artem Beliaikin