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Since they came onto the market in the 1930s, tights for women have remained trendy. They fit like a second skin and are used by many women to elegantly accentuate their legs. The different looks that come out of it are inexhaustible due to the numerous variations of tights. From plain transparent to colourful patterned ladies' tights - everything is possible here!

The right fit is crucial for the delicate and sensitive garment. Many women complain about tights that are too tight or too loose. Find out how you can test whether your tights fit well in our article.

The Best Women's Tights: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's tights

We would like to help you find the perfect tights for you. For this, you should not disregard some aspects when buying women's tights.

With the help of these features, you can find the right tights for women:

  • Den
  • Size
  • Material
  • Colour

In the following paragraph, you will find out what is important in the individual aspects.


The term "den" or "denier" is used to describe the degree of transparency of a pair of tights.

It actually refers to the weight of a yarn in relation to its length. "Denier" is offered in different units and is usually available from 15 to 110 deniers.

Depending on the denier, the look of the tights varies. Women's tights under 40 deniers are transparent while semi-transparent women's tights have a thickness between 40 and 60. Opaque tights are those that are 60 deniers or thicker.

The specified thickness only applies to the leg section. The panty and foot parts are often reinforced.


Pantyhose for women are available in all conceivable sizes.

The size usually determines the length and width of the tights. Normally, the size you wear in women's trousers should also apply to women's tights.

Different manufacturers sometimes have different sizes of tights, so if in doubt, just try them out.

Just in case, it is better to take the larger size rather than the smaller one.


The type of tights also determines the material used to make them.

While fine, mesh, shaping and maternity tights are mostly made of nylon and elastane, knitted tights for women are mostly made of cotton or wool. However, they also contain some elastane for better stretch.

Thermal tights are lined with terrycloth or fleece, for example.


Women's tights are produced in a wide variety of colours.

However, the most frequently bought and most popular remain the classic skin-coloured and black fine tights.

Coloured tights can be a great accent to add a special look to a woman's outfit. Add a pattern to the colour and the tights become a real eye-catcher.

Women's tights: The most important questions answered

We have compiled the most important questions about women's tights to help you choose from the large number of tights available.

In which types are ladies' tights available?

Among the many different types of tights, every woman will find a suitable pair. So that you know which features the different models have, we have listed them for you in the section below.

  • Fine pantyhose: Fine pantyhose are the classics among pantyhose for women and are usually made of nylon or spandex. The degree of transparency of ladies' tights ranges from transparent to opaque. Due to the thin threads, fine tights are, as the name suggests, very delicate and must be handled with care to ensure they last.
  • Knitted tights: Knitted tights are made of much thicker yarn than fine tights. The yarn is mainly made of cotton or wool. To make the tights elastic and stretchy, the synthetic fibre spandex is added. Because of the thicker yarn, knitted tights are also much warmer than fine tights.
  • Fishnet tights: Fishnet tights for women are characterised by their holey structure, which resembles a fishnet. These patterns range from very fine to very coarse. The leg is made of perforated mesh, while the panty is usually made of one continuous piece.
  • Thermal tights: Like knitted tights, thermal tights are thicker and warmer tights. The special feature of these opaque women's tights is that they are lined on the inside.
  • Shaping tights: Shaping tights have shaping panties that are designed to conceal and flatter a woman's tummy and hips. The firm material can also lift a woman's bottom.
  • Maternity tights: Maternity tights are characterised by a waistband that ends above a woman's belly. In addition, the seam runs along the sides rather than on the stomach. Maternity tights can provide extra support for the tummy and are designed to make wearing tights more comfortable for pregnant women.

How can I tell if my tights fit well?

Well-fitting tights for women should not slip and at the same time not be too tight. The tights should fit comfortably so that you can move freely and without worry.

There are a few things you can look out for.

  • The waist should fit snugly but not cut in or wrinkle.
  • The gusset should not slip or constrict in the fit.
  • Pull the fabric away from the body at the leg, making sure that there is no more and no less than 5 cm of space between the fabric and the leg.

If you follow these steps, your tights should fit perfectly.

How do I care for and clean my pantyhose?

Due to their high sensitivity, a gentle wash cycle should definitely be used. The best way to wash your tights is by hand, rinsing them carefully in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

When washing in the washing machine, make sure to set the delicate wash cycle. It is best to use a mild detergent and store the tights in a laundry bag during washing, as this protects the tights even more.

Be careful not to put pantyhose for women in the dryer! This can damage the spandex contained in the tights and thus also the stretchability.

Styling tips for women's tights: How to achieve the perfect tights look

  1. For a visual slimming of the legs, opaque tights or those with vertical stripes are particularly suitable.
  2. With an undergarment, your skirt or dress will "stick" less to the tights and thus fall more beautifully.
  3. Colourful ladies' tights add great colour accents and are best combined with muted shades.
  4. Even with eye-catching patterns, simpler outfit combinations are more suitable.
  5. With open-toed shoes, it is also advantageous to wear open-toed tights so that no seams are visible at the top of the woman's feet.


Tights are still very popular today and can be found in every woman's wardrobe. The versatile ladies' tights can enhance any outfit or even take centre stage. The most diverse colours and patterns can be seen in the shops and on the streets every day.

Due to their high sensitivity, ladies' tights should be handled with care and washed gently. The most important thing is that the tights fit well. They should fit comfortably, not slip and not constrict. Then 'putting your legs in the limelight' is really fun!

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