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If there is one item of clothing that every woman has in her wardrobe, it is the top. Because tops for women are all-rounders, whether you wear a lace top under a jumper in autumn and winter, combine it with a miniskirt in the club or wear it as a second skin during sports - this garment can be incorporated into any outfit.
The range is large and so are the occasions for women's tops. You always wanted to know which type of top is perfect for your broad shoulders or how to combine the it-piece perfectly? We will tell you here what types of tops there actually are, what you should look out for when buying and how you can show off your top to perfection.

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Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying tops for women

If you are looking for women's tops online, you will be overwhelmed with a huge range. Therefore, it makes sense to follow a few buying criteria.

These are the following buying criteria

  • Material
  • Neckline
  • Strap type
  • Length

The following is a brief overview of what is meant by these purchase criteria and what is important.


In principle, the material always plays a major role in clothing. This purchase criterion is particularly important for women's tops, as they are often worn as a "second skin", so to speak.
This is also the reason why women's tops are usually made of materials such as cotton, jersey or fine rib. These materials are soft and supple and are therefore very pleasant on the skin.

However, it always depends on the occasion for which you need a top. Jersey and fine-rib tops in particular quickly remind you of the good old vest. They're great for keeping warm under a thick jumper or casually with shorts, but less so under a blazer for a business lunch. It's better to go for materials like silk or lace.

Another aspect regarding the material is ease of care. If you plan to wear your top often, you should avoid sequins, glitter or very delicate fabrics, as these usually require hand washing. However, conventional materials are very easy to care for.


Similar to T-shirts, tops for women also have very different necklines. You may have already found out which neckline flatters you best when choosing a T-shirt.
Basically, a distinction can be made between round neck, V-neck, heart-shaped neck, U-boat neck, turtlenecks and some other special shapes.

You should pay particular attention to how much you want to show off your décolleté and for what occasion you need the top. Lower-cut are usually V- and heart-shaped necklines. If you have a rather large bust, it is advisable to go for round necklines or turtlenecks (high neck, small turtleneck). In the end, of course, this is a matter of personal preference.

Strap type

As versatile as the necklines of women's tops are, so are the types of straps. Here, too, it is advisable to shop according to body type and the occasion for wearing the top.
A basic distinction can be made between the following types of straps:

  • Spaghetti strap tops: The straps here are very narrow and elastic. Perfect for the hot summer or for keeping warm under other clothing.
  • Tank tops: Tank tops have wider straps and therefore offer more support. Visually, they resemble vests. They are especially popular for sports.
  • Bandeau tops: The strapless version of the ladies' top. Usually a tight elastic band on the upper part of the top provides support on the body. Not the best choice for women with a lot of bust.
  • Halterneck tops: Here the straps do not run over the shoulders, but are connected at the neck. This makes the back cut-out larger.

In addition to these types of straps, there are of course always some special forms. Again, be aware of what the top for women is to be used for and which straps flatter your figure best.


The right length of a ladies' top is the perfect way to conceal problem areas and showcase every body perfectly. You can find everything from crop tops (belly-free) to long oversized tops.

Again, it all depends on what you need the top for. For example, if you want it to enhance your plain wool jumper, a longer top for women with lace inserts at the bottom waistband is suitable. Long tops that fall loosely at the bottom are also good for skilfully hugging a wide hip or a larger bottom.

It is advisable to always have a few simple basic tops for women in your wardrobe that can be used in a variety of ways. They should ideally be fitted at the hip and be a little longer than the waistband of your trousers. With high-cut jeans, the top can simply be tucked into the trousers, otherwise it can be worn in a variety of ways.

It's best to take a look at our Questions & Answers section to see which tops for women suit which figure type. The right length can make a big difference, so your next top can quickly become a favourite!

Tops for women: The most important questions answered

Finding the perfect top for women can be just as difficult as finding the perfect pair of jeans. However, if you pay attention to a few things, it becomes much easier. Here you can find out what types of tops there actually are and which one suits you best!

What does "top" actually mean exactly?

The word "top" sometimes causes confusion because in English-speaking countries it is generally used as a word for "top". In German-speaking countries, however, it refers to the specific variant of a top with straps only, without sleeves. This is why you can often find online descriptions of "tops" without sleeves.

However, the range of tops is so varied that some models could almost be called a T-shirt. For example, when the straps are still connected with ruffles. You can find everything from a plain tank top similar to a vest to elegant tops with sequins or lace.

What types of tops are there for women?

The cut of tops for women is so varied that different types have emerged over time. You have already learned some of this in the buying criteria. Here we show you the most popular types:

  • Spaghetti strap tops: The spaghetti top is a classic among tops for women. The main features are very thin, spaghetti-like straps and usually an elastic, supple material (but this is not a must). If you like it figure-hugging and feminine and want a light, versatile top, this is the right choice.
  • Tank tops: Tank tops are most similar to spaghetti tops. The only difference is that they have wider straps and therefore offer more support. The material is usually cotton or fine rib, similar to vests. They are great for a cosy outfit or for the "Zwiebellook" (different layers) in winter. But there are also sporty versions, as the wide straps provide plenty of support.
  • Bandeau tops: The strapless version of the top for women. Usually a tight elastic band on the upper part of the top provides support on the body. Since this model shows a lot of skin, it is not so suitable for serious occasions, but it is for a cool beach or party outfit. Women with a larger bust size should also opt for a different model because the strapless version can slip quickly.
  • Halterneck tops: The trend of the 90s - here the straps do not run over the shoulders but are connected at the neck. If you want to focus on the décolleté and back, this is the model for you.
  • Blouse tops: The right top for the work wardrobe, because the wide straps reach from the shoulders to the neck and thus the top is not too revealing. The cut is usually rather wide and the materials soft and flowing, which makes the top fall nicely and look serious.
  • Long tops: This model is longer than conventional tops for women and falls to the thighs. Tall people with long legs will look good in this style, which is also great for hips.

Perhaps you have already been able to find out in this overview which model suits you well. Of course, there are also numerous sub-types of each top type that enable you to find a model that is perfectly tailored to you.

Which top for women suits which figure type?

Many women and girls are unsure whether they can wear women's tops at all with their broad shoulders or upper arms, or which tops will show off their favourite sides - basically anything goes, but you can always look out for a few things that flatter your figure.

  • Wide shoulders: If you are more of an athletic figure type with broad shoulders, halter tops are the perfect solution! The wide shoulders are visually interrupted by the straps that run around the neck. If the neckline is decorated with sequins or similar gimmicks, the attention is additionally drawn away from the shoulders.
  • Strong upper arms: Cold-shoulder tops are ideal here! These models leave the shoulders free and have small sleeves on the thighs. This draws more attention to your shoulder area.
  • Large bust: Women with a lot of bust should avoid bandeau tops or tops with narrow straps like spaghetti tops. These do not provide enough support and emphasise the décolleté. Halter tops also tend to emphasise the neckline. Blouse tops or tank tops for women are more suitable. Tip: There are also tops for women with the bra part already sewn in.
  • Narrow shoulders, small breasts, wide hips: Bandeau tops are the perfect purchase for those with a pear-shaped figure. The horizontal neckline balances out the proportions and in combination with high-cut trousers or a high skirt, the ladies' top becomes a real eye-catcher!
  • Small tummy & round bottom and hips: If your problem zone is around the belly and bottom area, the long top is the right choice! A small tummy and wider hips can be concealed well with a loose, flowing long top. Combined with skinny jeans, long tops look great.
  • Long torso: You can visually shorten your torso by wearing a cropped or crop top and combining it with high-cut trousers.

So you see, there is the right model for every figure type! Maybe you've already got some inspiration for your next top look.

Styling tips for women's tops: How to achieve the perfect top look

Almost every outfit starts with a top for women, whether as underwear or outerwear. Here are a few tips to create your look around the top.

  1. For a warming top under a jumper, go for lace tops, which will also pimp your jumper.
  2. Bandeau tops for women can be perfectly combined with waist jeans.
  3. Loose, long tops for women go great with skinny jeans. Add a pair of sneakers and you have a casual leisure look.
  4. For an office look, combine pastel-coloured blouse tops with a blazer, light capri trousers and high heels or ballerinas.
  5. Accessories add extra value to your tops: a necklace for V-necks, a pair of pearl earrings or creoles for the office look.
  6. For going out and partying, combine a black sequin top with a pair of tight-fitting jeans and high heels.

Tops for women are true all-rounders for every occasion and as you can see, with a few styling tips there is something for everyone! Whether simple or eye-catching, the ladies' top as an eye-catcher or part of the onion look - a few tops in your wardrobe can't be missing.


Tops for women can be used in a variety of ways and can stand alone as a highlight or be part of a whole. There is something for every type of figure and they should be part of every lady's wardrobe in both summer and winter. Above all, a few basic tops for a variety of combinations should always be available.

Depending on your favourite and problem zones, the focus should be set differently. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the material, the type of straps, the neckline and the length of the top when buying in order to shop specifically for your figure and style.

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