Last updated: August 19, 2021

Time for a new tracksuit? Don't panic, our guide to tracksuits for women will make your decision easy. Short, long, colourful or plain black: you can find the right sports outfit for yoga class as well as for the tennis court or jogging track through the park.

But with a tracksuit you are not only perfectly equipped for sports, the comfortable garment has also been popular on the sofa for a long time. There's nothing better than swapping your tight outfit for a cosy tracksuit after a long day at work. This all-rounder should not be missing from any wardrobe!

The Best Women's Tracksuit: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying tracksuits for women

With the right tracksuit, you'll cut a perfect figure in any sporting situation - even a series marathon. But which one should it be? Below you will find helpful tips that will make this decision easier for you. When buying, pay attention to the following purchase criteria:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Functional details

With the help of a few further notes, you will be able to choose the best women's tracksuit.


To feel comfortable in your new tracksuit, it should be the right size. Basically, your normal clothing size applies here.

A tight fit will show off your figure perfectly. You can also control your movements better during training. There are also wide, cosy tracksuits for the time out afterwards.

It is especially practical to choose a short size or a plus size. This way you can find the perfect tracksuit for very small or very large people. This means no more rolling up or tugging - enjoy the perfect fit.


In addition to the fit, the material should also be right. A breathable functional material allows you to be comfortable while exercising. The following materials are ideal for this:

  • Polyester: The insulating synthetic fibre is especially suitable for outdoor sports. Even on cool days you are protected from the cold. However, if the polyester content is too high, it can get very warm in your tracksuit. Mesh inserts are therefore popular to regulate the body climate.
  • Cotton: This material is very comfortable and hugs the skin. Cotton is not suitable for particularly strenuous workouts. However, it is ideal for a cool-down after training. During breaks, it ensures that your body stays warm.
  • Spandex: This material provides the necessary stretch so that you have enough freedom of movement. It also keeps your sportswear in shape for a long time. Tight-fitting tracksuits in particular should have a high spandex content.
  • Viscose: An alternative to elastane is this material derived from wood. It also ensures high elasticity. It is also very skin-friendly and particularly breathable.
  • Material mix: To combine the advantages of several fabrics, many tracksuits are made of a material mix. Models made of polyester and spandex are popular because they are particularly light and flexible. In addition, the combination of cotton and spandex makes the suit less likely to crease.

The materials used for women's tracksuits are carefully selected. Breathability and elasticity are important criteria. Many are also waterproof and windproof, making them suitable for outdoor training sessions.


Tracksuits differ mainly in colour. The range extends from classic black and grey to striking neon colours.

A simple sports suit can also become an eye-catcher with stylish details. Stripes on the sides or coloured accents on the seams make your sports outfit perfect. To get full attention on the jogging track, there are of course also two- or multi-coloured versions.

There are no limits to your choice of colours. Find the matching tracksuit in your favourite colour!

Functional details

To combine practicality with style, most tracksuits are equipped with a comfortable elastic waistband. No hard buttons or fasteners should get in the way when you're exercising. The soft waistband at the hips, wrists and feet prevents the tracksuit from slipping.

In addition, integrated pockets provide storage space for your mobile phone or keys. After all, you do need a few small things, and an extra backpack is very inconvenient.

If it starts to rain, a hood on your tracksuit is an advantage. A high collar protects you from wind and cold and is thus an alternative to an annoying scarf.

Women's Tracksuits: The most important questions answered

You may still be scrolling through the huge selection of tracksuits for women. To help you find the right one, we answer all your unanswered questions below.

In which styles are women's tracksuits available?

You decide: There is something for every occasion among the different variants. Find out which women's tracksuit is suitable for you here:

  • Two-piece tracksuits for women with optimal freedom of movement: Elastic two-piece suits are ideal for yoga and Pilates. The versions without a cord or zip offer additional comfort. This means you can perform any exercise on the floor without anything pinching. If it does turn out to be a more strenuous workout, you can quickly take off the tracksuit. There is plenty of room underneath for a sports bra and a pair of women's sports shorts.
  • Outdoor tracksuits for women: The models made of breathable polyester ensure an optimal body temperature. The width of the waistband can be adjusted with a ribbon. The outdoor suit is completed by a top with collar, hood and thumb hole.
  • Soft women's tracksuits for time out: The outfit made of cotton is perfect for a cosy series evening or for a morning walk with your dog. The material of the so-called leisure suit is particularly pleasant on the skin and also very robust and insensitive.

Women's tracksuits come in different styles. You will always be dressed appropriately in your free time.

For which sports is a ladies tracksuit suitable?

As we have already seen, this sports outfit is versatile. Tracksuits are suitable for team sports, where they are usually individually flocked, as well as for spontaneous jogging.

On the way to the gym, such a suit keeps you nice and warm. It also ensures that you don't get chilled during the break in a tennis match.

Tracksuits are also the perfect outfit for the household and cleaning routine - after all, you can break a sweat here too.

How should my women's tracksuit fit?

You can quickly find out if the tracksuit fits well by moving around. Does the top ride up when you lift your arms? Are you restricted in any movement? If so, you should choose a different size or model.

Basically, however, tracksuits for women have a high degree of flexibility and adapt to the body. The right fit at the hips is important, as this area of the body moves the most. However, a waistband that is too tight can be very uncomfortable during sports.

Many tracksuits tighten down at the legs to prevent the trouser legs from being too long or to keep out the cold. However, there are also models with wide trouser legs. The choice is up to you.

How do I care for and clean my women's tracksuit?

To maintain the comfort of your tracksuit for a long time, you should follow a few cleaning tips. Often, sportswear is washed too hot. Unless otherwise stated on the label of your tracksuit, it should be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees.

To avoid discolouration, only clothes of the same colour should be in the washing machine. Another tip is to avoid using fabric softener. This can agglutinate the structure of the fabric, which has a negative effect on the breathability of your tracksuit.

In addition, you should make sure that the suit does not dry in the blazing sun. This affects the stretchability of the spandex fibres. The perfect place to dry is in the shade in the fresh air.

Styling tips for women's tracksuits: How to create the perfect sports outfit

To create the perfect outfit around your new tracksuit, you still need a few finishing touches. With our tips, you will be stylishly dressed for sports.

  1. The right sports shoes, colour-coordinated with your tracksuit, complete your outfit and give your feet good support.
  2. If you get too warm during training, you can slip out of your suit without further ado. For underneath, we recommend a pair of smart sports leggings or shorts in combination with a sports shirt for women.
  3. Do you need more storage space than your small jacket pocket? A stylish sports bag will make you an eye-catcher in the gym. It has plenty of room for a water bottle and a change of clothes.

Your new sports outfit will give you fresh motivation. With your women's tracksuit and other essentials, you can start a new sports programme right away!


Whether at the gym, in the park or at home: with a women's tracksuit you are well dressed for all your leisure activities. While comfort comes first with a soft suit for home, outdoor tracksuits should focus on functionality.

Due to the variety of colours and cuts, there is a suitable tracksuit for every woman. Whether gaudy or dark, extravagant or plain, short or long - choose the model you like. Especially when it comes to sports, you should feel comfortable and not compromise. By choosing a women's tracksuit, you will certainly succeed in this.

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