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The women's trench coat is a time-tested coat classic that never goes out of fashion. Especially in autumn, the trench coat for women is a real eye-catcher. Trench coats for ladies come in different styles and patterns and the choice of colours is enormous. So you have a lot of choice.

Whether green, black or white, checked or lined, the principle remains the same, namely two rows of buttons and a collar. Of course, you can't do without the typical belt, which you can tie around your waist. So you can't go wrong with a trench coat and it will be an eye-catcher for any trend.

The Best Women's Trench Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying women's trench coats

You should be clear about exactly what kind of trench coat you are looking for before buying one. To help you choose, we would like to give you a few buying criteria:

  • Season
  • Fit
  • Material
  • Length

To understand all these points again in more detail, we will explain them to you in more detail in the following section.


Ladies can wear trench coats at any time of the year. So you should consider in advance when you would like to wear the trench coat. In spring, trench coats in pastel shades and made of light cotton fabric are the ideal garment. But a trench coat is also wonderfully suitable for fresh summer evenings. But here it is important that there is no lining.

The ladies' trench coat is best suited for autumn. Here, inner lining can keep you warm on cold autumn days. Autumnal shades like beige or dark green are a real eye-catcher here. There are also plenty of trench coat variations for women in winter. Wool materials and large collars play a particularly important role here.


There is a trench coat to suit every figure:

  • Small and petite ladies: This type should opt for shorter trench coat models. The coat should end above the knee to optimally emphasise the figure. Figure-accentuating versions also make you look better.
  • Tall and sporty ladies: Here it is important that you opt for trench coats without shoulder pads, but rather for coats with a flared shape and narrow lapels. At best, you can use the belt to conjure up a narrow waist. In addition, tall women can also go for oversize models very well.
  • Curvy women with curves: Curvy women are best suited to short and loose models. You should wear the trench coat open to show off your figure. Black and white trench coats can show off your upper body well.


The typical trench coat for women is made of wool gabardine. This material is water-repellent and robust. Wool gabardine is often combined with silk lining to give the trench coat a lighter look. A very big disadvantage here, however, is that this material is a very expensive fabric due to its high quality and is therefore mainly used in the high-end sector.

A cheaper option is cotton fabric. This material is made of cotton mixed with poplin and twill weaving, which has the advantage of being water repellent. Another possible material for trench coats is leather. This trend has become especially popular in the last few years and are real eye-catchers, especially for trendsetters. Although leather is a very heavy material, it is very dirt-repellent.


The length you choose depends on the type of woman you are, to suit your figure. So if you are tall and slim, a long oversize model could look very fashionable on you. However, you should make sure that the fit remains slim. Otherwise, this model could make your figure unflatteringly wider.

Curvy women can show off their beautiful curves perfectly with short trench coats. The short model emphasises the figure very well. Slender and curvaceous women, however, should opt for long trench coats to make you look taller. The trench coat can have wider shoulder pads and a wider belt.

Women's trench coat: The most important questions answered

After a mature consideration of the right trench coat, questions might arise. Questions that might be useful to you in addition to the purchase criteria. However, ambiguities may also appear after the purchase.

What distinguishes a ladies' trench coat?

Nowadays, the ladies' trench coat is available in thousands of variants, styles, colours, patterns, etc.. This is because the trend is constantly changing and the time-tested classic of the trench coat is always being adapted. However, there are some features that will always follow the trench coat regardless of the ongoing trend:

  • Double-breasted button placket: This feature includes double button plackets consisting of 6-10 buttons. These buttons can always vary in pattern and colour from trench coat to trench coat. But the feature remains the same.
  • Koller: This feature describes the second layer of fabric, which is located over the shoulder area. The tucker is designed to allow rainwater to run off.
  • Shoulder strap: The shoulder strap also served a purpose, for example, binoculars or gas masks were attached to it at that time.
  • Waist belt: This feature is one of the most important. It is there to give the wearer a beautiful silhouette while still allowing the wearer to look casual.

What are the trends for the women's trench coat for 2020?

The trend for the all-round classic is constantly changing. It is therefore important to keep an overview. This year, the trends go back to casual and earlier times. This means that the women's trench coat can be 1 to 2 sizes larger. Leather trench coats are also in. These are reminiscent of the 70s and make the trench coat look more modern.

Another trend this year is the function of the ladies' trench coat. The trench coat is being used multifunctionally this year, namely also as a dress. If you want to follow the latest trend, you can score points with bright colours and patterns, as well as materials like tulle and fabric.

How do I care for and clean my trench coat?

To be able to keep and wear your trench coat in the long term, you should also care for it regularly. Here we explain the best way to do this:

  1. Care instructions: Before you mistakenly wash your trench coat in the washing machine, take a look at the product label. That way you can't do anything wrong and avoid any consequences.
  2. Impregnation: To ensure that your trench coat is really water-resistant, it is best to impregnate it. You should also air it sufficiently after wearing it.
  3. Machine wash: Materials such as cotton blends can be washed in the washing machine, but only at a maximum of 30 degrees.
  4. Drying: After you have washed your trench coat properly, you can hang it on a hanger to dry. This will prevent creases, which can be difficult to get out again later.

If you clean your trench coat regularly and follow these steps, you can't go wrong.

How do I wear the trench coat correctly?

Of course, it is up to you how you want to wear your trench coat. However, there are a few small things that must be taken into account. However, since the classic women's trench coat has epaulettes, you should make sure you get the right size. This could quickly look bulky on some type of women. Therefore, look for trench coats that are narrow at the shoulders and wider at the bottom.

As for the length of your trench coat, make sure you pay attention to the length. It should not be too short, even when you close it. To accentuate the desired area, the trench coat should end exactly at that point. The sleeves should end approximately between the base of the thumb and the middle of the palm.

Styling tips for women's trench coats: How to achieve the perfect trench coat look

What is the best way to wear a trench coat to show your best side? We would like to give you some very helpful tips on this:

  • Cool look: Do not leave the trench coat buttoned up, otherwise it will lose its casual look. To ensure the casual look, you should also not fasten the belt with the buckle, but at most tie a knot. Alternatively, if it gets a bit chilly, you can simply fold up the trench coat and tie it with the belt.
  • Military look: One way to style your trench coat is, for example, the military look. Simply combine a long, khaki-coloured trench coat with black jeans. To give the look the finishing touch, wear black lace-up boots with it.
  • Everyday look: For a simple, everyday style, wear classic jeans with a mid-length trench coat and white sneakers to complete your outfit. Ideally, wear a patterned T-shirt underneath.
  • Brit-chic look: A beige trench coat is ideal for this. Wear a pair of trousers with a glencheck pattern, combined with a turtleneck jumper and Chelsea boots. This outfit is perfect for a nice autumnal walk in the park.
  • Elegant look: This simple yet chic look is easy to pull off with a black trench coat and white culotte. Add a white, soft jumper that won't freeze you to death. The best shoes for this outfit are black pumps, which give the look the necessary freshness.


The all-round classic for women is and remains a true must-have piece for every type of woman. Due to the ever-changing trends, there are now thousands of versions of the women's trench coat. This means that there is a suitable trench coat for every woman.

It is important to note that the right trench coat should fit the respective body shape. The season is also an important factor in deciding which trench coat to buy, because there is a suitable trench coat for every season.

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