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Compared to jeans, women's fabric trousers are usually more comfortable to wear and have a cooling effect, especially in summer. They come in a wide variety of patterns, colours, fabrics and textures. Therefore, they are also very versatile and suitable for many women of different figures.

With this article, we want to help you find the perfect pair of fabric trousers for you and give you an overview of the current models on the market. In doing so, we address important questions such as the right fit or possible styling tips. This will give you the knowledge you need to find the right pair of fabric trousers for you.

The Best Women's Trousers: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying women's trousers

Women's fabric trousers can vary greatly not only in price but also in quality and design. Therefore, it is not always easy to decide on the right pair of fabric trousers. With this overview of criteria, we want to help you find the one that suits you best.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material type
  • Shape and length
  • Details

In the following paragraphs we will explain to you what is meant by the presented purchase criteria and in what way they can influence your purchase decision.

Type of material

Women's trousers are mostly made of cotton, polyester or wool. Tight-fitting models often have an elastic content so that the trousers can adapt well to your figure. Polyester is mostly used for wide-leg trousers, which are very comfortable in summer due to their particularly thin fabric.

Women's fabric trousers for the office or for wearing in autumn or winter usually have a wool content, which helps to keep these models warm. Materials such as corduroy are also made into fabric trousers and offer a good alternative to jeans trousers. In terms of price, fabric trousers for women made of polyester are usually cheaper than the wool or cashmere versions. However, they are convincing because of their durability and robustness.

Shape and length

As with jeans, women's fabric trousers come in a variety of shapes. Trousers can generally be categorised according to their fit at the hips. High waist trousers sit very high on the waist and make the legs look longer. They are particularly suitable for figures that tend to have a narrow waist, in order to accentuate it better. Another type is the mid-rise, which sits at the hips. Here, the trousers do not go above the belly button and sit comfortably on the hips.

Low rise trousers sit very low and are characterised by a loose style. Most fabric trousers are currently available as mid rise or high waist trousers. This allows the fabric to fall loosely, giving a more advantageous figure. Only rarely are fabric trousers available as low rise trousers, but loose fabric trousers that are intended to make a sporty casual impression can certainly tend towards this shape.

Most fabric trousers are ankle length. However, there are also 7/8 fabric trousers or so-called culottes, which are slightly shorter. These are good for summer days when shorts would be too cold. So there are fabric trousers for every season, as they can vary in length.


Women's fabric trousers can be made more unusual with details such as pockets of various sizes, belts, shapes such as a wide flared leg or special prints. Depending on the style, there are many different variations of plain fabric trousers. Details such as a pattern that matches your own style can be convincing. Personal taste has a strong influence on the decision to buy.

In addition, features of the trousers such as a comfortable feel or a soft fabric can greatly enhance the wearing experience. Therefore, decisions should generally be made not only on the basis of how they look, but also how they feel on the skin. Details such as a wide waistband or a loose leg can play a big role here.

Fabric trousers for women: The most important questions answered

When buying a pair of women's fabric trousers, some questions come up that could directly influence the purchase. Therefore, we have compiled an overview of the most important questions and answered them. In doing so, we will look at the different types of fabric trousers, as well as special recommendations.

In which styles are fabric trousers for women available?

Due to the ever-increasing relevance of fabric trousers in fashion, the industry is going for as many different styles as possible in order to be able to offer a wide variety of products. In the following list, we have explained the important types of fabric trousers:

  • Summery fabric trousers: Summery women's fabric trousers usually have a wide leg, which can then become tighter again at the ankles, reminiscent of carrot trousers. However, the wide leg can also be open, as with flared trousers, so that the best possible ventilation can take place. Polyester is usually the material used for this.
  • Warm fabric trousers: Warm fabric trousers for women are well suited for use in winter, as they are usually supplemented with wool to provide warmth. In addition, these specimens are usually in autumnal or wintry colours such as brown and earth tones. Sometimes they appear in checked patterns or pinstripe looks.
  • Wide-leg trousers: This type of women's trousers has been in fashion for some time. Not only do they score high on comfort, but they are also a stylish garment that often looks very loose. In dark colours like black or dark blue, these fabric trousers can also look elegant and be chosen instead of a dress.
  • 7/8 fabric trousers: Normally, the majority of women's fabric trousers are long and thus go at least to the ankles. However, there are also pieces that are 7/8 length or 3/4 length. These particular types of fabric trousers offer a completely different option and are particularly suitable for the summer months.

In addition to the types just presented, there are many other types of fabric trousers for women that cannot all be mentioned here.

How can you tell if your fabric trousers for women fit well?

When it comes to trousers, it's not just the look that's important, but above all the fit, which is enormously important for wearing comfort. The first thing you can tell if your women's trousers fit well is that you feel comfortable. The waistband should not be too tight, so that you get marks on your stomach and hips. You should make sure that the waistband is flush with your stomach and back and that it is not too loose.

Due to the different body shapes, it may be necessary to try out the available shapes, such as high waist or mid rise, until the right-fitting fabric trousers are found. Fabric trousers made of polyester with a wide crotch usually do not have any problems with fit.

Which fabric trousers are suitable for chubby women?

Especially if you have a proportionally small waist, fabric trousers can accentuate it and conceal other areas well. In addition, many items are particularly comfortable and help you feel good in the summer. Because fabric trousers are easier to ventilate, you sweat less quickly in them than in jeans.

So wide-leg fabric trousers are great for curvier women. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable and it's best to try different styles, as everyone's body is different.

Styling tips for women's fabric trousers: How to achieve the perfect look

In the following list, we would like to present you with some options on how to combine women's fabric trousers. These can be used as inspirations, but are not direct guidelines. So you can also simply integrate the fabric trousers into your existing wardrobe instead.

  • Casual: Very simple women's fabric trousers in a muted colour can be combined with a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, which is tucked into the trousers. Depending on the weather, a cardigan or light jacket can be worn with them. Sneakers or fabric shoes round off this casual look perfectly.
  • Business: Cloth trousers are a popular item in every woman's office wardrobe. Here, the fabric trousers can be chosen in muted shades such as grey, dark blue or elegant black. They can be paired with a blouse and blazer or another top. Ballerinas are recommended as shoes in summer and classic leather shoes in winter.
  • Elegant: Women's fabric trousers can also be combined elegantly. For example, a pair with wide legs combined with high heels to show off the legs elegantly. Highlights here can be the accessories and a striking belt. Flowing fabric looks particularly elegant and feminine.
  • Sporty: Women's fabric trousers can also be styled in a sporty, simple way. Simply combine them with a plain jumper and trainers and you have a sporty and comfortable outfit. Alternatively, plain T-shirts and fabric shoes can be worn with fabric trousers. However, it is advisable to avoid items with bows, as this often does not suit the sporty style.

Women's fabric trousers are therefore versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of garments and add a casual touch to an outfit. But depending on the footwear and other components of the outfit, fabric trousers can certainly be worn to festive occasions such as weddings or other celebrations.


Fabric trousers for women offer an opportunity to add a comfortable garment to the wardrobe in addition to the classic jeans trousers. The products on the market differ in terms of the material used, the shape and length of the trousers and the special details of the various models. As a result, there are many different versions of the fabric trousers.

Due to the large number of variations, the fabric trousers for women are also so versatile and can accommodate many different styles. Depending on the combination with other garments, they can look classy, simple and plain or sporty. So it's up to you which look you prefer and how you combine the fabric trousers with the rest of your wardrobe.

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