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Walking shoes for women are specially designed for fast, athletic walking. When walking, you can take a break from your everyday life and recharge your batteries in nature. The right walking shoe for women supports you and at the same time plays an important role in preventing pain and injuries.

Walking shoes for women not only provide optimal grip, but also allow the whole foot to roll while walking. The suspension protects the joints and avoids pain in the legs. When walking, your feet need space and the right shoes. Walking shoes for women provide the remedy.

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Walking shoes for women: The most important questions answered

This section answers the most frequently asked questions about walking women’s shoes.

What characterises a walking women’s shoe?

A walking shoe is characterised by its suspension and cushioning. It allows you to roll your entire foot from heel to toe while walking. A walking shoe for women has a cushioning system in the midsole, which on the one hand allows you to step softly and on the other hand cushions your foot pleasantly.

This feature allows you to push off the ground powerfully and also to move forward quickly. In addition, a women’s walking shoe gives you stability and a secure grip on rough terrain. The outer material of a walking shoe for women is robust and water-repellent. Your feet will stay dry even in the rain.

What types of walking shoes are there for women?

There are different types of walking as well as different types of women’s walking shoes. Generally, a distinction is made between three types of sport:

  • Nordic walking: In this endurance sport, fast walking is supported by walking poles. Since you take relatively large steps and roll from the heel to the toes, Nordic walking shoes for women are particularly well cushioned in the heel area. Nordic walking is mainly practised on asphalt and gravel paths.
  • Trail walking: This sport is a form of long-distance running and takes place off paved paths. In order to still walk safely on the paths and trails, trail walking shoes for women have a stronger profiled sole. Many models are also breathable.
  • Comfort walking: Comfort walking shoes for women can often be recognised by their upper that extends over the ankle. They have an extremely robust outer material and look very similar to walking shoes. However, comfort walking shoes for women are significantly lighter in weight and, as the name suggests, designed for comfort. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for longer excursions.

Different walking women’s shoes are available on the market for each type of walking.

What are the buying and evaluation criteria for walking shoes for women?

If you decide to buy a walking shoe for women, there are various criteria you should pay attention to when buying. In addition to the right shoe size, the right shoe width is also important. When walking, your toes need enough space to roll.

You should therefore have a thumb’s width of space in the front of the shoe. In addition, you should always try on women’s walking shoes in the evening or late afternoon. Your feet expand during the course of the day. Another criterion is the sole profile. This depends largely on the surface you are walking on.

Walking shoes for women should not only give you stability, but also be light. With a pleasant soft cushioning, you also protect your joints. Furthermore, walking shoes for women should be breathable and water-repellent.

How do I clean and care for my walking shoe?

When walking, it is impossible to prevent your women’s walking shoe from getting dirty and grimy in the forest. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your women’s walking shoes.

  • You can already knock out and brush off the coarse dirt when you take off your shoes at the door. The easiest way to do this is when the dirt has dried.
  • You should always wash your women’s walking shoes with water.
  • If your walking shoes for women have become wet, dry them in an airy, shady place. Never leave them in the sun or on the radiator.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

With the right cleaning and care of your women’s walking shoes, you will have fun and enjoy walking for a long time.


When choosing your women’s walking shoes, the right fit, wearing comfort and support should be your top priorities. Walking is only fun if nothing pinches or causes pain. In addition, the walking shoe for women must meet the needs of the walker. There are different walking shoes for women for every type of walking.

Once you have found the right walking shoe for women, it should also last as long as possible. With the right care, you can enjoy your women’s walking shoe and the walking itself for a long time. As a rule, women’s walking shoes last for several years and kilometres. However, even the best cushioning effect wears off and the sole profile wears out.

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