Last updated: August 11, 2021

High shoes belong in every woman's wardrobe. But if you want to be beautiful and above all tall, you have to suffer. But not in this case! With these sandals with wedge heels you can cut a beautiful figure even in summer. The thick heels give you endlessly long legs in any outfit and are also visually eye-catching.

You can choose from wedge sandals with cute straps to wedge heels made of cork, which gives you that natural look. In all cases, you can walk comfortably in them, despite the high heel. Whether over stone paddocks or on the beach, you won't lose your balance. You look elegant and comfortable in every step you take.


The best Women´s Wedge Sandals: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying wedge sandals for women

To help you buy the perfect wedge sandals for women, we have selected a list of criteria for you to consider when buying. The aspects to help you find your perfect wedge sandals for summer are as follows:

  • Material
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Height & Support

Below we explain in detail what to look for in each attribute.


The material makes a lot of difference, not only for the look, but also for your wearing comfort. To ensure that wedge sandals for women can be worn comfortably for a long time, you need to pay attention to the material. Whether they are made of leather or cork, the material should be kind to your skin and, of course, easy to care for.


Shoes have a great influence on your health and should therefore be chosen carefully. You will be standing and walking for hours in your wedge sandals, which is why quality plays a major role alongside the material. Don't be afraid to spend more money for the better quality. In the end, you will get more and longer wear out of your women's sandals.


Comfort is very important for high heeled shoes. Fortunately, sandals with wedge heels provide good support when walking and lead to more comfortable wearing. Therefore, be sure to try on the wedge sandals before you buy them and walk in your shoes after you buy them. This will guarantee that you find the right wedge sandals for women.


Sometimes it is an advantage to go down a size for shoes with elevations. Since you can slip out of high shoes more easily, a smaller size can prevent this. The right size for your women's wedge sandals goes a long way to ensuring comfort. If the high heels are a little too big, you can help them out with insoles or socks.

Height & Support

The height and support that suits each woman is individual. For example, some like a heel of 2 to 4 centimetres, while others want to go high and won't go anything under 8 centimetres. Support can also vary from woman to woman. Whether open wedge sandals or more closed ones, every woman has a different preference. But the right height and secure hold are important for every type of wedge sandal.

Wedge sandals for women: The most important questions answered

Because there is such a wide range of women's wedge sandals, it can be difficult to decide on a model. To make your choice easier, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about wedge sandals for women.

What types of wedge sandals are there for women?

Wedge sandals not only come in different colours and materials, they also differ in type and shape. But what every wedge sandal cannot be without is the wedge heel.

  • Closed: Closed wedge sandals are perfect for secure support. With their wedge heels, sandals are among the more comfortable high heels and provide good support. However, if you want to stand (or rather walk) on the very safe side, it is best to go for closed wedge sandals for women. This way you can walk safely even in winter.
  • Open: For a summery look, open wedge sandals should not be missing from your wardrobe. Whether worn with a maxi dress or jeans, open wedge sandals visually elongate your silhouette and can be worn all day because they are so comfortable.
  • With straps: Strappy sandals come in an open style. Especially on women with slender ankles, wedge sandals with straps look elegant and classic. In addition, they give you a secure hold.
  • Peep toe: Whether in the office or a gala evening, the peep toe version radiates elegance and splendour. With the "toe window" you not only look seductive but also charming. You can accentuate your toes even more with a striking nail polish.
  • Roman sandals: Roman sandals should not be missing from any summer wardrobe. Roman sandals are especially popular during festival time and so that you can dance the whole night without pain, the wedge heel gives you the perfect wearing comfort. The lacing gives you extra support next to the wedge heel and shows off your legs.

With such a wide selection, you will always find a pair of wedge sandals for women. Try out several styles until you find your favourite.

What should I look for when trying on wedge sandals for women?

It is best to go shopping for your women's wedge sandals in the afternoon. During the day, your feet swell and become wider. To ensure that your shoes fit more comfortably and that you can walk in them all day, you should buy your women's sandals in the late afternoon to evening. However, if you prefer to go shopping in the morning or can't find another time to shop for wedge sandals, it's best to take insoles with you.

In addition, it is usually best to go for a half to one size smaller for high heels. If you can't find an intermediate size, you can get help with gel insoles.

How can I tell if the wedge sandals for women fit?

Feel free to try on several sizes and heights. Every woman's heel height is different and individual. There is no hard and fast rule. Don't forget the occasion for which you are buying your wedge sandals. If you want to walk around in them in everyday life, it is advisable not to go higher than 8 centimetres. But don't forget, heeled sandals are a matter of getting used to.

If your heel lifts out of the wedge sandals when you walk and roll, you will not have a firm grip in the shoes. Your heel and ball should touch down at the same time when walking. In addition, you should make sure that there is no misalignment when you roll off.

How do I care for and clean my wedge sandals for women?

To ensure that your wedge sandals for women remain wearable and beautiful for a long time, care should not be neglected. You should always waterproof your shoes before wearing them for the first time. Loose dirt and grime can be easily removed with a soft brush. Dust particles can also be removed with a crepe brush.

Most wedge heels are made of cork. If this is also the case for you, the material can easily be kept supple with a special cork care product. To prevent the natural material from drying out, seal it regularly with the care. This way, the wedge heel on your women's sandals will remain an eye-catcher for a long time.

Styling tips for wedge sandals for women: How to achieve the perfect summer look

Whether at work, on the beach or in everyday life, sandals for women are the best choice during the summer. No matter what the occasion, with wedge sandals you can comfortably and easily manage your tasks all day long and look chic at the same time. So that you don't have to stand in front of the wardrobe for too long in the morning, we have selected some styling tips for you below.

  • Casual: Wedge sandals for women also give you longer legs and a great figure in everyday life. Cork wedge heeled sandals go perfectly with a white summer dress and add a natural touch to the look. Wherever you go, you can spend the whole day in comfort in wedge sandals.
  • Casual: Want to go to a party and hit the dance floor? Why be held back by high heels? With Roman wedge sandals, you can dance the night away and, unlike Cinderella, not lose your shoe. The laces give a secure hold in addition to the big heel. They go best with a boho-style jumpsuit.
  • Elegant: You will also find matching wedge sandals for women in elegant style. You can never go wrong with metallic wedge sandals. Add to that the little black dress and your outfit is ready for cocktail evening.
  • Romantic: If you want to look cute while strolling in the park with your partner, but at the same time want to stroll carefree, it's best to put on suede wedge sandals. The suede fabric gives you an elegant but also romantically playful look. A short ruffled dress with thin fabric jackets goes perfectly with this.

Of course, you don't have to stick strictly to these tips. It is only meant to give you inspiration and ideas on how to combine your wedge sandals with your wardrobe. In the end, it all comes down to your individual taste.


To be able to walk in high heels all day without any problems, wedge heels are a real blessing. Not only do they score in comfort, they also give you a particularly firm grip, even on uneven ground.

With wedge sandals, not only can a woman continue to maintain an elegant silhouette, but a high level of wearing comfort is also guaranteed. What's more, you can combine women's sandals with wedge heels with many styles. What are you waiting for, get the eye-catcher for next summer!

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