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There are countless different types of trousers in our wardrobes. Yet you're still looking for that one perfect pair of jeans. Don't worry, there is one: wide leg jeans for women!

Whether small or tall, slim or with curves, these trousers are perfect for every figure. Many ladies are afraid that the trousers will bulge and make the body look wider. But with the right fit, you can achieve the perfect look for every figure.

The Best Women's Wide Leg Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying wide leg jeans for women

Since there are a countless number of options, it's not surprising that you have trouble finding the perfect pair of trousers for your figure. For this reason, there are some buying criteria you can follow to make the decision easier.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Fit
  • Length
  • Material
  • Colours

Below you will find out what really matters when buying wide leg jeans for women and how to find your jeans based on the different aspects.


Fit plays a big role when buying wide leg jeans for women. There is the standard wide leg jean which has a normal fit. If you want to conceal some problem areas or accentuate your silhouette, then you should go for the high waist jeans.

These make the waist of every lady look particularly narrow and therefore cut a good figure. If you like it particularly fancy, you can also go for the Ultra High Waist, which is cut particularly high.


Wide leg jeans for women are available in three versions.

If you are shorter than 1.60 m, you should look for petite wide leg jeans. These are specially designed for ladies who are more petite. As a result, the trousers are cut slightly shorter.

The standard wide leg jeans are for all women up to size 1.78m. There is also the tall wide leg jeans. These are for women who are taller than 1.80m. The leg and hip sizes are the same as for the standard jeans. The only difference is that the length of the trousers has been adjusted.


Wide leg jeans for women are available in both classic denim and cotton. If you want to be even more comfortable, you can also buy wide leg jeans made of elastic.

The material should be chosen according to your preferences and taste.


Wide leg jeans for women come in different washes and patterns. If you want to create a classic look, go for black or a dark denim.

However, if you want to wear a fancy look, you can go for wide leg jeans with patterns or a lighter wash.

Wide Leg Jeans for Women: The most important questions answered

Below we answer the most important questions about wide leg jeans for women.

What is a wide leg jean?

As the name suggests, wide leg jeans for women are extremely wide cut jeans that are slightly narrower at the waist. Because the jeans have a high waistband, are tight-fitting and then flared, they make a good hourglass figure on every lady.

Another plus point is that they conceal possible problem areas on the stomach and thighs well. As the women's jeans are not so tight-fitting, they are of course also very comfortable.

Which shoes go with wide leg jeans for women?

Wide leg jeans for women go best with shoes with a heel. They make your legs look longer and give you a beautiful figure. Shoes and boots with a tapered toe and heel are also currently in fashion. These make the outfit suitable for going out.

Of course, you can also combine your favourite sneakers with the jeans. Cropped wide leg jeans for women go best with them. This makes the outfit look casual and easy-going.

What is the best way to combine wide leg jeans for women?

Since the jeans are already an eye-catcher, you don't need any special styling for the rest of the outfit. The simpler the outfit, the more elegant and uniform the look. For this reason, you should choose a figure-hugging top. This puts even more focus on the waist and creates a perfect hourglass silhouette.

If you still don't want to do without wide tops, you can of course combine them well with wide leg jeans. However, make sure to tuck them into the front of your trousers to show off your figure to its best advantage.

Styling tips for wide leg jeans for women: How to achieve the perfect jeans look

  • Less is more: Simple tops or basic shirts combined with wide leg jeans make your style look sophisticated and chic.
  • To make your figure look even more elongated, you can wear shoes with a heel. These will make your legs look even longer.
  • Wide leg jeans with a classic white shirt create a simple but chic everyday look. Matching jewellery completes the outfit.
  • In winter, you can combine wide-leg jeans with turtleneck bodies and jumpers. Add a figure-hugging cardigan or an oversized blazer and the women's look is perfect for colder days.

These tips only serve as inspiration for your next outfit. In the end, of course, you decide which outfit suits you best.


Wide leg jeans for are among the ultimate must-haves for ladies. Whether smart or casual, the jeans can be worn for any occasion and are easy to combine. The trousers are suitable for every figure and make every woman's body look longer.

Ladies' trousers should have a good fit and flatter the body. However, the first priority is that you feel comfortable in the trousers.

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