Last updated: August 26, 2021

Along with a winter coat, scarf and hat, winter ankle boots for women are must-haves for winter. Thanks to their warm lining, water-repellent material and non-slip soles, they are extremely practical and suitable for everyday wear. In contrast to robust winter boots, elegant ankle boots add a touch of elegance to an outfit.

In our buying guide on winter ankle boots for women, we tell you everything you need to know before buying and also give you tips on how to combine these winter key pieces with different outfits.

The Best Women's Winter Ankle Boots: Our Picks

Winter ankle boots for women: The most important questions answered

Below we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about women's winter ankle boots.

What styles of women's winter ankle boots are available?

Women's winter ankle boots are available in various designs and styles. There is a suitable model for every taste and every occasion.

  • Classic ankle boots: Winter ankle boots for women are one of the basics in every shoe wardrobe for good reason. They add the finishing touch to any outfit and are sometimes ultra-casual, sometimes elegant and sometimes trendy. What's more, they keep your feet cosy and warm even in snow and ice. This makes them the perfect everyday winter companions, with which you cut a good figure in every situation!
  • Lace-up ankle boots: Lace-up ankle boots are among the most popular models among winter ankle boots for women. The reasons for this are quite clear: thanks to the individual lacing, the winter lace-up ankle boots sit perfectly on the foot and can be worn all day without any problems.
  • Wedge ankle boots: Ladies' winter ankle boots with wedge heels are characterised by their continuous heel. That's why your weight is distributed over the entire sole when you wear them. This makes winter ankle boots with wedge heels a comfortable version of the heeled ankle boot. The high wearing comfort is not the only advantage of wedge ankle boots. By visually lengthening the leg, they give every woman a great figure!
  • Platform ankle boots: With platform ankle boots you will rise above yourself! These trendy ankle boots have long been indispensable for trendsetters and fashion freaks. Women's platform ankle boots give you a long, slim leg without an uncomfortable heel. What's more, the treaded soles are real lifesavers, especially in mud and slippery conditions.
  • Over-the-knee ankle boots: Over-the-knee ankle boots turn even the simplest women's outfit into an instant eye-catcher. With their usually knee-length shaft, overknees made of leather, patent or glittery fabric put your leg in the limelight like no other shoe! Overknees look very sexy in combination with skin-tight leggings or jeans or as a contrast to a romantically playful dress.
  • Winter ankle boots with treaded soles: Women's winter ankle boots with treaded soles allow you to keep your footing even in inclement weather. A non-slip sole with a tread is suitable for anyone who is out and about a lot. What's more, these winter ankle boots are trendy among the fashion-conscious because of their rugged look.
  • Winter ankle boots with flat soles: Women's winter ankle boots with flat soles are comfortable and available in many different styles. They are perfect for everyday wear.

With such a wide selection, it is not surprising that most women have several pairs of women's winter ankle boots in their shoe wardrobe. They are real combination wonders and can be combined with many outfits.

What should I look for when buying winter ankle boots for women?

In addition to the design, fit and quality of workmanship, functional factors such as the lining, the properties of the material and the sole profile play important roles.

  • Lining: Women's winter ankle boots should not only look good, but also keep your feet warm. That's why many models have linings made of wool, lambskin or synthetic material. The latter has the advantage that it dries quickly if it gets wet through sweat or rain. Lambskin and wool are particularly warm. These types of lining also create a pleasant foot climate.
  • Tread sole: If you are out and about a lot, you should look for a non-slip sole when choosing ladies' winter ankle boots. A deep tread also ensures good grip and prevents slipping.
  • Waterproof: Even the best lining cannot keep your feet warm if moisture gets into the shoe from outside. Therefore, you should regularly waterproof your women's winter ankle boots.

If you want to wear your winter ankle boots for a longer period of time, also look for breathable materials.

How do I find the right fit for women's winter ankle boots?

When trying on women's winter ankle boots, you should consider what socks you wear in winter. If you prefer thicker socks in winter or want to put a warm sole in the shoe, choose the shoe half a size larger.

If the big toe bumps against the front or the little toe is squashed against the side, the shoe is too small. Walk a few steps to get a feel for the shoe. Also, remember that shoes get a little wider after breaking in and adjust to the shape of the foot over time.

How do I care for and clean my women's winter ankle boots?

Women's winter ankle boots also need to be looked after. They protect us from puddles, mud and cold. When it comes to care, the upper material is the most important factor.

If the ankle boots look particularly worn, first remove any superficial dirt, for example with a soft brush or cloth.

Then clean the shoe with a damp cloth. For synthetic leather ankle boots, you can use a damp cloth. Genuine leather is polished with shoe polish. For suede, a treatment with leather soap is suitable.

Finally, you can impregnate the shoes. This way, moisture has no chance of getting into the shoe.

Styling tips for ladies' winter ankle boots: How to achieve the perfect winter ankle boot look

The styling of your winter ankle boots depends on the occasion and your personal preferences. Below we give you some examples and tips for inspiration:

  • Office: The type of ladies' ankle boots you wear in the office depends on the internal dress code. If you want to be on the safe side, choose mid-height black winter ankle boots to go with your business outfit. You should avoid chunky boots with a used look.
  • Leisure: For a casual look, choose classic ankle boots with platform soles. Combine them with tight leggings or skinny jeans and an oversized top.
  • Shopping tour: For an extended shopping tour, it is best to choose ankle boots that you can walk in comfortably. Flat ankle boots or platform ankle boots are suitable for this.
  • Party: This is where you can really let loose! Whether overknees with a romantic dress or exciting ankle boots with a wedge heel as an eye-catcher: all chic models with a heel can easily be combined with a party-appropriate outfit.

To always look right, it's worth having a classic pair of black women's winter ankle boots. These are versatile combination wonders. For special occasions, it is worth having unusual models at the ready.


For women, winter ankle boots are one of the essentials for the cold season. They keep feet warm, dry and look gorgeous. Great ankle boots add the finishing touch to any outfit. It's clear that most women own several pairs at once!

When choosing new winter ankle boots, don't just look at the design. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure they have a warm lining. Especially with winter shoes, you should attach importance to a breathable and waterproof surface. This will keep you warm and stylish through the cold season!

Image source: Emily Lewandowski / unsplash