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Winter coats accompany and protect everyone in the cold months. They should not only keep you warm, but also look good. Winter coats come in many different colours, lengths, materials and styles. The right coat should be matched to your requirements and areas of use. In addition, winter coats can really set the scene and round off an outfit.

So that you don't lose track of the large selection, we have explained the most important information and tips for you and answered your questions.

The Best Women´s Winter Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ladies' winter coats

In this section you will learn what to look for when buying a winter coat. These criteria can help you find the perfect winter coat in the huge selection:

  • Length
  • Colour
  • Lining and outer material
  • Winter coats with hood

Which of the buying criteria are important to you and which winter coat you choose is, of course, a matter of taste and up to you.


Winter coats can end at the hips, at or below the bottom, at the knees or at the calves. The longer the coat, the more it can keep you warm. Calf-length winter coats look fancy and special and can provide an eye-catcher or two. Short coats emphasise other parts of the body and can set them off.


Winter coats range from bright to plain colours. Again, it depends on your preferences. The coat can be a bold colour to create a stir or a simple colour to round off the outfit. Grey, beige, dark blue, brown and black coats are particularly trendy.


Winter coats may not flatter the figure due to their lining and padding. That's why many coats have a belt or lacing that can be tied or tightened to emphasise the waist. Some women's winter coats are also tapered at the waist and serve the same purpose.

Lining and outer material

The winter coat can be filled with down feathers, polyester, cotton and synthetic fibres. Coats with down and synthetic fibres are more likely to protect you from the cold than winter coats with polyester and cotton. The lining of winter coats, such as parkas, can be made of synthetic fur, polyester or nylon, and the outer material is also usually made of cotton, polyester and nylon. Winter coats with nylon protect against rain and are best suited for outdoor activities.

Winter coats with hood

Especially for colder days, winter coats with a hood are advantageous. The coats can then replace a cap or umbrella for a short time and provide additional warmth. The hood can protect you from sudden rain or strong winds and is therefore very practical. Many winter coats have a lined hood for this purpose.

Winter coats for women: The most important questions answered

There is already a wide range of winter coats, some keeping you more or less warm. The appearance of the coat and the accentuation of the figure are also very important for many. The most important information and questions about winter coats for women are answered and explained here.

In which styles are ladies' winter coats available?

Winter coats can be used in many ways and they come in different styles.

  • Elegant winter coats: Especially for special occasions, an elegant coat can really round off an outfit. Long coats with a straight cut look modern and chic. Very long winter coats that reach down to the calves usually also have a slit. This makes the coat look even more exciting.
  • Winter coats for everyday wear: For work or leisure, a winter coat for everyday wear should keep you warm and look nice. Many short coats with a button placket look very similar to blazers and can look modern and elegant for the office. In contrast, knee-length winter coats keep you warmer and are especially trendy in plain colours like beige, black and khaki.
  • Winter coats for short women: Shorter coats are particularly advantageous for smaller women. They usually end near the hips and flatter the figure and size. While legs can look short in long winter coats, short coats are particularly suitable for women who want to emphasise their legs, hips and bottom.
  • Sporty winter coats: For sports, such as skiing, sporty winter coats offer protection from wind and moisture. They have breathable fabric to prevent sweating inside the coat.

Winter coats can be used for any occasion as well as keeping you warm in a modern and elegant way. They can flatter the figure, protect you from the weather or support you during sporting activities.

What types of women's winter coats are there?

Besides the conventional winter coats made of cotton or polyester, which are also called parkas, there are coats that can be distinguished by their length and their filling or appearance.

  • Quilted and down coats: Quilted and down coats can be recognised by their individual boxes. These boxes are usually filled with down or synthetic fibres. Quilted and down coats are among the coats that can keep you very warm in winter.
  • Short winter coats: Short coats are recommended for shorter people, as they offer a better fit. In addition, these winter coats stretch the legs and accentuate the buttocks.
  • Long winter coats: The length varies depending on the winter coat. The length of the coat can go over the buttocks, to the knees or even to the calves.
  • Rain and functional coats: These nylon coats are designed to protect against wetness. They are designed to offer freedom of movement and can also be used before outdoor activities. Therefore, these coats are hardly lined and are water and cold repellent.
  • Wool coats: Wool coats can store heat and accordingly keep you very warm. However, many woollen coats are also very thin and therefore no longer provide much protection from the cold.

Which winter coat is right for you depends on the area of use. So if you want to do outdoor activities and move around freely, a thick coat would be impractical. Raincoats and functional coats can be more supportive and protect you from rain and wind.

Which winter coats for women really keep you warm?

Winter coats are made of different materials, so some coats can store heat and keep you warm, others not so much. Here you can find out which materials can protect you from the cold:

  • Winter coats filled with down protect particularly well against the cold. The air is trapped and the body heat is stored. Down is soft and light, making such a winter coat comfortable to wear.
  • Winter coats made of wool keep you warm, repel dirt and protect you from moisture. This means the coat needs to be washed less often.
  • Fleece coats are durable and repel cold. They also protect against moisture and are soft and comfortable.

Other materials such as cotton, polyester and viscose are pleasant and comfortable to wear, but do not keep as warm. The lining can also play an important role.

Which ladies' winter coats make you look slim?

Many winter coats have a belt or laces that can be tied at the waist. This emphasises the figure and makes the waist look slimmer. Other coats, however, also have an accentuating cut in the middle and flatter the figure. Accentuating accents can be an advantage, especially in winter coats with thicker material and fabric. Thinner coats may make you look slim, but they are less warming and therefore not recommended for winter.

How do I clean a ladies' winter coat?

How to care for or wash a winter coat should be written on the label inside the coat. You should also pay close attention to this so that no damage occurs.

  • Down coats can usually be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use fabric softener, and the coat can often be put in the dryer.
  • Winter coats made of wool are odour- and dirt-repellent, so they can simply be hung outside to air. Otherwise, they can be washed by hand in lukewarm water and special detergent. Here, too, fabric softener should be avoided.
  • Fleece winter coats can be washed carefully in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius. Before washing, these coats should be turned inside out. After washing, the fleece coat should not be put in the dryer to dry. Fabric softener should also not be used here.

With materials such as wool, you must pay particular attention to the cleaning instructions. Since winter coats made of wool are dirt and odour repellent, airing is often sufficient. Washing should be done as infrequently as possible.

Styling tips for women's winter coats: How to achieve the perfect winter look

If you have a winter coat in a bold colour, you can combine the rest of your outfit with plain colours such as white, black, beige or brown. Then the coat provides an eye-catcher while the rest of the outfit rounds it off. If the winter coat has a plain colour, then the rest of the outfit or accessories, such as a bag, can also make the winter look stand out. Hats and scarves are not only warm, but can also be cleverly used as accessories and enhance the look.

Winter coats should keep you warm and also look good. The coat itself can provide an eye-catcher or be enhanced by accents.


There are already many winter coats on the market in a wide variety of styles. Winter coats for women are designed to do their job over the winter and can be a little more expensive, depending on the material and lining. However, it is worth investing more for the winter.

Winter coats made of wool or down provide particularly good protection against wind and weather. Coats made of cotton and polyester look good but don't store any warmth. The lining and filling can also play an important role in keeping you warm in winter.

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