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The cold season is just around the corner and you can already see the new winter jackets of the season in the window shops of the city centres. They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours and are among the more expensive items of clothing.

Therefore, it is especially important to make the right choice when buying a winter jacket for women. It should fit your everyday life and style so that you don't regret the purchase and get something out of your winter jacket for a long time. To help you make the right choice, we have created this guide for you.

The Best Women´s Winter Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying winter jackets for women

So that you know what really matters when buying the perfect winter jacket for women, we have listed the most important buying criteria for you below.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Jacket type
  • Lining
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Weight
  • Features

You can find out exactly what the individual criteria are in the next section.

Jacket type

First of all, you should decide on a jacket type or style. The list below will give you an overview of the different types of winter jackets for women.

  • Parka: Parkas are long winter jackets that go about mid-thigh. In the past, the parka was known for its use in the military and in cold regions such as Siberia or Alaska. This is a guarantee that this winter jacket will also keep you warm in our latitudes. Parkas are often equipped with a removable lining so that it can also be worn on warmer days.
  • Woolcoat: Wool coats are among the classics of winter jackets for women. They are elegant and also keep you very warm. If you prefer something a little more sporty, it's best to go for a short coat. This provides more freedom of movement and shows off your legs better than classic long coats, which often reach almost to the floor.
  • Puffer jacket: Puffer jackets are very trendy again this year. Their voluminous shape makes them an eye-catcher on the street. Classic puffer jackets reach down to the hips and keep you very warm thanks to the thick down lining. Surprisingly, these winter jackets for women are extremely lightweight, so they are also perfect for active activities.
  • Skijacket: Ski jackets are very functional winter jackets for women. They are specially designed for winter sports, so they always defy the weather. These winter jackets are extremely breathable and are wind and waterproof at the same time. The outer material is made of a very robust material, which means that these jackets are also protected from damage in the event of falls.

The advantages of each type of winter jacket for women should now be clear. Just decide which type of winter jacket is right for you based on your own style.


When choosing the perfect winter jacket for women, great importance should be attached to the type of lining. This determines how warm the jacket will keep you.

The list below presents all the common types of lining for women's winter jackets:

  • Synthetic fibre: The most common lining for women's winter jackets is made of synthetic fibre. This type of jacket lining is relatively inexpensive and still keeps you very warm. It also has waterproof and windproof properties and is extremely durable.
  • Down: Down -lined winter jackets for women have very good insulation and keep the wearer very warm even in extremely cold outside temperatures. Due to the special properties of the lining, down jackets are very light. However, down is very susceptible to wetness, so it is best to wear your down jacket only on dry days.
  • Wool: Wool serves very well as a lining for women's winter jackets as it keeps you warm and is very breathable at the same time. Wool also has the ability to retain body heat and is naturally stain resistant. Wool-lined winter jackets for women are therefore particularly suitable for wet and cold walks in the cold season.

Windproof and waterproof

Depending on the area of use, you should make sure when buying a winter jacket for women that it is waterproof or windproof. If you spend a lot of time outdoors on rainy or snowy days, a waterproof or at least water-repellent outer material is a must.

Most ski jackets, or even functional jackets, have such an outer material. This ensures that no moisture can penetrate the inside of the jacket.

At the same time, such winter jackets are very breathable, so you won't start sweating right away. The pioneer for this type of outer material is the manufacturer Gore-Tex.


Another criterion when buying a winter jacket for women is the weight of the jacket. If you mainly use the jacket for shorter distances or walks, the weight is not quite as important.

However, if you are out in the fresh air for several hours or even work outside, you should opt for a jacket that is as light as possible.

Lightweight winter jackets for women are often made of synthetic materials and also have a lining made of synthetic fibre. If you prefer materials of animal origin, thick down jackets are also a good choice. Contrary to their bulky appearance, down-lined winter jackets for women are extremely light and protect against the cold.


The features and extras of a women's winter jacket are also an important decision criterion. Many classic coats, for example, only have two side pockets.

If you need more storage space, pay attention to the number of pockets when buying. Many winter jackets for women have several hidden inner pockets that can serve as practical storage space.

Other extras include removable linings or a detachable hood. With these extras, you can also wear your jacket on warmer days.

Winter jackets for women: The most important questions answered

In this section we have compiled the most important questions and answers you might have when buying a winter jacket for women.

In which styles are winter jackets for ladies available?

The selection of winter jackets for ladies is huge. To make sure you don't make the wrong purchase, you should choose a winter jacket that suits your style. The following list should serve as a guide and present the most popular styles.

  • Classic: If you have a more classic style, long wool coats or parkas are just right for you. Wool coats look very elegant and can therefore be worn well to business occasions. Parkas, on the other hand, are classic, casual winter jackets for women.
  • Modern: For a modern look, choose a voluminous down or puffer jacket. These come in all kinds of colours and keep the wearer very warm. They combine well with jeans or even jogging trousers.
  • Functional: If you value functionality above all, because you want to wear your winter jacket for women during winter sports, for example, ski jackets are the perfect choice for you. Functional winter jackets for women are specially designed for extreme weather conditions and still give you maximum freedom of movement.

This rough classification of the different styles should make it easy for you to choose the perfect winter jacket.

Which outer material should my winter jacket for women have?

Women's winter jackets come in a wide variety of outer materials. This section will explain what is important here.

Classic winter jackets have an outer material made of sheep's wool. This is common for coats. Parkas are often made of cotton. These materials look great and feel nice. The disadvantage, however, is that these winter jackets for women are not necessarily waterproof and take a relatively long time to dry.

Modern winter jackets for women, on the other hand, usually have a synthetic outer material. This special material has waterproof and windproof properties and is at the same time relatively thin and yet enormously robust.

Ultimately, it is a matter of taste. If you prefer a modern look, go for winter jackets for women with a synthetic and functional outer material. If you are the more classic type, look for natural or animal outer materials.

How do I care for and clean my women's winter jacket?

In the cold and wet season, it is not uncommon for your jacket to get dirty. In this section we explain if and how you can best clean and care for your winter jacket so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

First of all, look for the care instructions label on the inside of the women's winter jacket. All the necessary information is listed there.

As a general rule, however, you should close all zips and Velcro fastenings, as these could be damaged during the wash cycle. If your winter jacket is machine-washable, use only mild detergent. You should also not wash above 40 degrees.

Wool jackets are best not washed at all, as wool has a self-cleaning property. However, if the wool coat does get very dirty, it is best to take it to the dry cleaner.

Styling tips for winter jackets for women: How to achieve the perfect winter look

Finally, in this section we would like to give you some tips on how to combine your winter jacket to get the perfect winter look.

  • The classic: If you opt for a classic, such as the wool coat, it can be perfectly combined with a jacket and a blouse. It is best worn with suit trousers or a dress with long stockings. Smart shoes with a heel or elegant winter boots round off the outfit.
  • Urban look: If you should buy a puffer jacket, it is best to wear loose jeans or even jogging pants with it. But skinny jeans also look great with a voluminous down jacket. For footwear, trendy and modern winter sneakers or chunky work boots, such as those by Timberland, go well with this outfit.
  • Tech look: Functional ski jackets can be perfectly combined with cargo trousers, snow trousers but also with jeans. Wear them with functional hiking boots or winter boots to complete the look.

To get through the cold months in style, there is now certainly nothing standing in your way. Just decide which winter jacket for women is right for you according to your gusto.


Winter jackets for women are an indispensable piece of clothing for the cold season. Whether wool coats, down jackets or synthetic ski jackets, their first task is to keep you warm.

When choosing the perfect winter jacket for you, after the warming properties, it depends primarily on your everyday life and your personal style and taste. This guide is only intended to help you make your choice and to answer any questions you may still have. Your winter jacket for women is now just a click away.

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