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The male-dominated craft and industrial sector can be pleased about an ever-increasing proportion of women. This means that the range of robust workwear for women is also growing. This includes women's work trousers, whose size and cut are specially adapted to the needs of women.

Whether in agriculture, workshops, gardening, construction, in the forest or simply for DIY, women's work trousers are part of the basic equipment. Women's work trousers often have several pockets, knee padding and loops. This makes them very practical and makes your work easier.

The Best Womens Work Trousers: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women's work trousers

Depending on the industry, women's work trousers can be very different. However, you should always keep a few things in mind when buying work trousers.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Range of application
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Weather resistance

Below we provide you with specific tips to help you find the perfect pair of women's work trousers for you.

Field of application

The requirements for women's work trousers can vary greatly depending on the work you want to do with them. One feature that is actually always useful is a well thought-out pocket layout. This means you can always have your tools, pens or mobile phone with you.

Depending on which parts of your body you mainly use during work, you should make sure that these are particularly well protected in the work trousers. In a car workshop, for example, these are the knees. Suitable women's work trousers therefore have a reinforced and padded knee section made of abrasion-resistant material.

If you work a lot with sharp tools such as saws, a particularly robust material is important to ensure cut resistance. Reflectors are also essential when working in the forest or on road construction. There are also women's work trousers in striking colours such as orange, green or blue. This makes you visible even in the dark or in bad weather. You should also pay attention to weather resistance. You will find more information on this below.


As safety comes first, the material of your women's work trousers should be particularly robust and durable. Polyester meets these requirements best and is therefore the most popular material for work trousers. To increase comfort, some work trouser models have a cotton content. The other advantage of cotton is its breathability. This means that you will sweat less in your women's work trousers.

You can also pay attention to the grammage of the work trousers. The grammage indicates the density of the fabric composition in grams per square metre. However, the higher the value, the better. A lot also depends on how the fabric is processed.

Wearing comfort

Even though safety is a priority, you naturally want to enjoy a certain level of comfort. To increase this, some women's work trousers have stretch inserts. These give better freedom of movement. This is particularly important in the area of the sides, buttocks, crotch and knees.

In addition, a cotton content can increase the comfort of your work trousers. The fabric is breathable and softer than polyester. Furthermore, the cut of the women's work trousers can contribute significantly to the comfort. They should be well adapted to your body shape.


If you work outdoors, it is advisable to make sure that your work trousers are weatherproof. The material should not only be robust, but also waterproof or at least water-repellent. In addition, the fabric of the women's work trousers should be dirt-repellent. This way, even heavy soiling is easy to clean.

Work trousers for ladies: The most important questions answered

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about women's work trousers. Perhaps we can make your purchase decision a little easier.

What types of work trousers are there for women?

Regardless of the field of application, you can generally distinguish between two types of women's work trousers.

  • Waistband trousers: These trousers sit at waist or hip level. They are the most common model of women's work trousers. They come in different lengths - work shorts, work mudas and pirate trousers, which are about 7/8 length. Work dungarees can be held in place with a belt or braces.
  • Workdungarees: The advantage of dungarees is that they also protect the back. They also have room for more pockets on the front bib for extra storage space.

There is also the work overall. However, these no longer belong to the category of trousers and are therefore not discussed further here.

What kind of clothing can I wear under the women's work trousers?

Ladies' work trousers have very warming properties, which is why thermal underwear is usually sufficient in winter. In summer we recommend light cotton trousers or other comfortable trousers.

How do I clean and care for my women's work trousers?

In general, of course, you should follow the manufacturer's care instructions on the label. You can also find further tips here.

  • Temperature: The temperature for washing always depends on the material. Generally, women's work trousers can be washed at between 30 and 60 degrees.
  • Gentle wash cycle: If the work trousers are spun too hard, the surface can be damaged.
  • No fabric softener: Fabric softener should not be used because it can reduce the water resistance of women's work trousers.
  • Drying: For gentle drying, the work trousers should be air dried and not tumble dried. Avoid drying the work trousers in direct sunlight. Polyester can be damaged by UV radiation.

You should bear in mind that every wash puts a strain on the material. That is why we advise you to wash your work trousers only when it is really necessary.


If you are involved in a manual activity or are employed in a dirty and dangerous work environment, ladies work trousers are more than recommendable. Besides protection from cuts, electricity and heat, the work trousers cushion particularly stressed body parts such as the knees.

Furthermore, women's work trousers are very practical. With several pockets, they provide storage space for tools, pens and other equipment. There are women's work trousers for every sector and for all needs. Now it is up to you to find the right one for yourself.

Image source: Al Soot / Unsplash

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