Last updated: August 10, 2021

Welcome to our big wood moisture meter test 2022. Here we present all the wood moisture meters that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best wood moisture meter for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a wood moisture meter


  • Wood moisture meters are very commonly used, considering that firewood should have a maximum moisture content of 20%.
  • Any firewood that has more than 20 % moisture is no longer economically viable from an energy point of view. In other words, wet wood does not produce as much heating energy.
  • You can imagine that wood moisture meters are also used a lot in private use.

The Best Wood Moisture Meter: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a wood moisture meter

What are the uses of a wood moisture meter?

There are different devices that offer different functions, there are wood moisture meters that can only measure wood or those that can measure wood, walls, floors and humidity. You should be clear about what you need your device for.

To get the maximum heating energy out of firewood, the moisture content is crucial. (Image source: / Joshua Newton)

For measuring wood alone, you can benevolently use the normal digital meter with the two pins, split wood and then press the measuring tips into the wood. This system is the simplest and cheapest for firewood measurement. If you have to measure not only wood, but also on building sites and in dwellings, then it is advantageous to have a non-destructive measuring method at hand, as you cannot ram the measuring tips into the wall in a dwelling.

Can I measure non-destructively with the wood moisture meter?

There are measuring principles that work non-destructively, for example the electrical method. You would also need to determine how to measure - you cannot determine the moisture content inside the log if you only measure on the surface.

How much does a moisture meter cost?

Prices go up if you want high precision, but you can expect accurate and reliable devices from 20 €. It depends on which measuring method you want to use.

Measuring method price
"Pinless" measuring 60-100 €
Digital hygrometer 15-30 €

Decision: What types of moisture meters are there and which is the right one for you?

In general, a distinction can be made between 2 types of measuring methods:

  • "Pinless" measuring method
  • Digital measuring method

In the following two paragraphs we will explain what these methods mean exactly and which one is best for you to use and when.

What distinguishes the "pinless" measurement method and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The "pinless" measuring method is very practical if you want to carry out a measurement and the material should not be damaged. The measuring device usually has a round metal ball as a measuring probe. The application is very simple, you hold the probe against the material and wait until the measurement is done.

In addition, you can not only measure wood with this measuring device, but also other materials.

That is why this device is often used on construction sites, for example to measure the moisture content in masonry.

  • Non-destructive measurement possible
  • several materials can be measured
  • More expensive than digital measuring devices
  • Usually somewhat larger

What distinguishes the digital measuring method and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

In contrast to the "pinless" method, the digital measuring devices are not completely non-destructive, because you have two small metal tips that have to be pressed into the wood. However, the digital measuring device is very easy to use and also much cheaper to obtain than a "pinless" device. This device is often used to determine the moisture content of firewood.

If the firewood has a moisture content of more than 20 %, you will get much less heating energy out of the wood.

  • Easy to use
  • Not too expensive
  • Not non-destructively measurable
  • You can usually only measure the wood moisture

Freshly felled wood can have a moisture content of up to 60%. (Image source: / Jonah Pettrich)

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate wood moisture meters

In order to find the best measuring device for you, you should focus on the criteria mentioned below:

  • Operation
  • Display
  • Precision
  • Additional functions
  • Range of application
  • Warranty/Supplies

What these criteria mean exactly and how you can use them when buying, is explained below.


When it comes to operation, there is usually only one function that is important, and that is the "hold function". There are some devices that do not have this function, and one can only advise against them, even though they are cheaper.

The dilemma is that you have to press the measurement button during the whole measurement - with a hold function the device does everything by itself.


The display is important because not all screens are illuminated - so measuring at night or in a dark environment can be very difficult. Also pay attention to the screen size, it can often be very annoying to have a very small screen.


Measuring devices have different accuracies. You should be aware of how precise you need the measurement results to be, because the higher the precision, the higher the price.

Additional functions

The additional functions of measuring devices are very diverse. Many devices are not only able to measure wood, but are real all-rounders. However, the price rises with increasing additional functions, as you have probably already assumed.

As the precision increases, so does the price, so determine the significance of your measurements before you buy. (Picture source: / Wilfried Pohnke)

Range of use

In order to find the best one for you, it is important to know what kind of application you have or have to measure. For example, if you want to measure the moisture content in a wall in a flat, it is important that you can measure non-destructively.

In order not to damage the flat during an inspection, you should use the "pinless" measuring method. The "pinless" method can also measure wood, but is considerably more expensive. If you only want to measure the moisture content of your firewood, buy a digital meter. This device is much cheaper and easier to use.


Warranty is always an important purchase criterion, as the device can be exchanged free of charge if it breaks down. In addition, you should always pay attention to what the manufacturer includes, because it may be that no battery is included.

Facts worth knowing about wood moisture meters

How do I use a moisture meter correctly?

The device itself is actually self-explanatory; you insert the probe into the wood and press the start button. You just need to know what kind of device you have and whether you need to drill a hole to measure or whether it works non-destructively. In the following video, the application is explained to you in detail.

Can you get faulty results?

Actually, you just have to be careful where and how long you take the measurement. There are different measurement times depending on the measurement method. Another measurement error can occur when you measure materials that have a certain conductivity of electricity.

For example, acid has a different conductivity than water. However, the device is only calibrated for water, so you may get measurement errors. Here is a small overview of the most important materials that can be measured:

Material Moisture in % Condition
Firewood 0-20 Optimal for heating
Plaster 0-35 Dry
36-60 Semi-dry
61-100 Wet
Cement 0-25 Dry
26-50 Semi-dry
51-75 Wet
76-100 Wet

Picture source: / 75063170