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Today we are going to talk about the wooden comb and all the benefits it offers.

Much more resistant and durable than traditional plastic combs, wooden models even help to keep your hair healthier. To understand more about these and other advantages, check out our full article.


  • To make your wooden comb last longer, choose to sanitize it with natural oils, as water can damage the product.
  • Wooden combs are excellent for those who have a more sensitive scalp, as it is a less abrasive material.
  • It is important to choose the tooth spacing of the comb according to your hair type.

The Best Wooden Comb: Our Picks

Buying guide

Very popular among the female public, men are also increasingly adopting wooden combs, especially for better care of their beard. Check out our buying guide with more information that will transform your hairstyle.

Mulher penteando cabelo com creme.

During bathing, it is only recommended to comb the hair with the help of a good conditioner to avoid damaging the strands. (Source: puhhha / 123RF)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden comb?

Combs are utensils made of teeth attached to a rod for easy handling. They are used for combing or brushing hair, detangling and removing knots.

Did you know that over time a wooden comb becomes suitable for your strands? This is because this material ends up absorbing some of your hair's natural oil, helping to rehydrate it each time you brush your hair

Wooden combs offer several advantages, as they remove static from the strands, helping to reduce frizz.

They detangle hair more easily as they have more resistant bristles, which also helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp. Finally, they are much more resistant and durable.

However, there are some disadvantages. They require proper hygienization, as they are made of an organic material, it is easier for fungus to proliferate. And, unfortunately, they cost a bit more than plastic models.

  • They help reduce frizz
  • detangle hair more easily
  • improve blood circulation in the scalp
  • are more resistant and durable
  • They require proper cleaning
  • Since it is an organic material, it is easier for fungus to grow
  • They are a little more expensive than the plastic combs

Why are wooden combs great for shaving?

The beard has always been in fashion, but few people know that it is so important to take care of it the right way, just like it is with our hair. And here the wooden models are among the best beard combs.

Besides untangling more easily and reducing frizz, the comb helps to better distribute the oiliness that is common at the base of the strands, but that hardly reaches the extremities, leaving the beard more dry and brittle.

The comb also helps men who have a thinner beard or a flawed beard, as it is possible to more easily hide these flaws while the strands are still growing.

Homem passando pente de madeira na barba.

A beard requires special care so that you do not get a sloppy appearance. (Source: Dan Grytsku / 123RF)

What are the different types of combs?

Currently, there are three main categories of combs. Traditional ones are ideal for hair, detangling better than brushes. They can be found in an intermediate price range.

There are the traditional combs, the double combs and the pocket combs.

The double comb, on the other hand, is suitable for both beard and hair, as they have teeth with two different types of spacing. This makes them a little more expensive.

Finally, we have the pocket combs, which are perfect to carry in your handbag or on trips, since they are more compact models. Another advantage is that, due to their size, they are usually cheaper.

Traditional comb Double comb Pocket comb
Indication for use Ideal for hair Serves for beard and hair Perfect to carry in the bag or on trips
Benefits Detangles better than the brushes Teeth with two types of spacing Are smaller models
Price Can be found in an intermediate price range Are among the most expensive models For their size, they tend to be cheaper

How much does a wooden comb cost?

The price may vary a lot depending on the size and even the type of wood used in the production of the comb. The most common models can be found in a range between 5 GBP and 15 GBP.

Double combs, or larger and more elaborate models, can be found between 20 GBP and 30 GBP. Judging by their durability, this is an excellent investment.

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a wooden comb

As you have seen throughout our review, wooden combs offer a number of benefits for the integrity of the strands, whether from beard or hair. But, before making the purchase, it is important to be aware of these criteria that we have separated for you. Check them out:

  • Size
  • Tooth spacing
  • Style
  • Strength and durability

After carefully reading each of these topics, you will be more than ready to choose a good wooden comb and bring more quality to your hair or beard.


One of the main factors to consider before buying the comb is the size. It may sound a silly thing, but it is good to make sure that you have space on your shelves and cabinets so that it is always well accommodated, away from moisture.

Smaller models, such as the pocket combs, are excellent options to take with you on trips or to use on a daily basis, since we spend more and more time away from home.

Imagem de pente e escovas de madeira.

In addition to practicality, the wooden combs have a more rustic and classic beauty. (Source: tbralnina / 123RF)

Spacing between teeth

Another factor you should pay attention to is the spacing between the teeth of the wooden comb, which usually ranges from 3 to 5 millimeters. A smaller spacing, for example, is excellent for straighter hair.

Now, if you have curlier hair, a wider spacing will make the combing process easier, removing knots without damaging the strands and without you losing the charm of your curls.


For many people, the style of their utensils is practically an extension of their personality. With this in mind, brands invest in designs to please all audiences.

Whether pocket-sized, the more traditional model or the double combs, choose one that suits you and your needs.

Pente e pincéis sobre bancada ao lado de espelho.

The teeth of the wooden combs are harder to break. (Source: Monfocus / Pixabay)

Strength and durability

Lastly, one of the great advantages of wooden combs is their durability. To make it last longer, opt for thicker models.

It is worth remembering that it is important to keep them away from humidity and, after use, let it dry well in the shade.

(Source of the highlighted image: Mykola Kokaryev / 123RF)