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It is impossible to control time, but we can manage it to our advantage. How? By counting the minutes properly with a wristwatch This accessory will help you to measure the passing of the hours. Do you want to choose the right one? Keep reading the information we have for you. Classic or modern? There is something for everyone.

Having this accessory that fits on your wrist like a bracelet has several advantages. So there are many reasons to buy it, depending on the consumer's needs. With it, having a perfectly timed life is a simple task. We love to share with you quality content about the products of your choice. Follow closely each section of this article dedicated to the wristwatch, an indispensable and practical accessory, with benefits that surpass current fashion trends.

The most important facts

  • Today we're going to talk about the wristwatch. This bracelet-like item has become a social norm and is worn on the wrist on a plastic, leather or metal strap. It has the function of measuring the passage of time and displaying it to the consumer in a traditional or electronic form.
  • Are you attracted to a digital or analogue watch? Although their main function is to tell the time, there are other aspects that differ. Below you will find useful content related to this dilemma. We are sure you will benefit from it before making your final choice.
  • Turn to the last section of the article. You will see that in less time than expected you will start an exercise of comparative analysis between the fundamental criteria that will accompany you during the purchase. Mechanism, style, functions and materials are the four highlighted points of view.

The Best Wristwatch: Our Picks

Buying guide

There's no doubt that getting a watch is a wise decision. Choosing a multifunctional one that also has a certain look and feel to match your style is the right thing to do. To help you along the way, we've put together this buying guide with the most important features and benefits of these devices.

Add a leather strap watch to your everyday look. (Photo: Dmytro Sidelnikov/

What is a wristwatch and what are its advantages?

It is a device that measures time. It comes in a presentation similar to a bracelet that fits on the wrist by means of a strap made of resistant materials. It is composed of a crystal, display, hands and a box where it stores internal parts. Nowadays models are available with various functions.

A hand watch will help you in any activity, daily, sport and professional

Although this instrument was born thanks to the need to make calculations in aviation, nowadays its use has not undergone major changes compared to its origins. For example, acquiring one will help you enjoy the simplicity of mechanical or digital technology, which gives you the time. In addition to that, the hand-watch is a sign of style and status.

That's why they are sold in high-end specialised jewellery stores. As well as helping you to keep to your schedule, wristwatches make it easy to wear analogue or modern at its best. Finally, they represent the particular taste of the wearer.

  • Large number of designs
  • They come with multiple functions
  • They are made of resistant materials
  • They express the customer's personality
  • They make it easy to check the time
  • Modern technology parts
  • They sometimes cause allergies
  • Some interfere with the movement
  • There are very expensive products
  • Analogue mechanisms are not very precise
  • Certain items do not have LED light on the display

Analogue or digital wristwatch - what should you look out for?

In physical shops or online you will find these two proposals. However, in order to choose between them, the best thing to do is to know which aspects are covered by each one. In this section of the review we will reveal the most interesting details. Take a look at what follows:

Analogue. This is the one that shows the time using a hand mechanism only. You will see that some have two or three pointers, and others have a chronograph, calendar and tachymeter. In short, it is a watch with limited functions at present.

Nevertheless, it is the best selection for classic tastes. They are designed for elegant and sophisticated people. There is a complete catalogue of casual and refined tailoring in a variety of materials. Moreover, they have become key accessories to enhance the image of the wearer during events, celebrations and even in everyday life.

Digital. It is designed for those who require complementary tools associated with a particular type of activity. For example, if they practice sports such as athletics or football, they probably need a stopwatch. There are models that also contain a direct connection to the mobile phone.

This particular one has precise mechanisms that show the numerical time on a display with or without LED light. Due to their informal structure, it is not advisable to wear them to corporate events. Rather, they should be used as casual additions to everyday clothing.

Analogue Digital
Functions Limited Multiple
Design Classic Casual
Structure Refined Sporty
Cost High Economical
Mechanism Automatic Electronic

Choose a watch with an excellent relationship between design, quality and price. (Photo: Skica911/

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to buy and rate different models of wristwatches

We are happy that you have reached the last segment of our text. We have compiled a number of aspects that will be indispensable when making a final decision regarding your purchase. Take a critical look at the following and based on that select the best wristwatch for you.

  • Mechanism
  • Style
  • Functions
  • Materials


Knowing how your watch works is important, as this factor varies according to each variable. Basically we refer to the set of parts that combined together achieve the correct performance of the device. At first glance we can differentiate between two basic types, which we will explain below.

Automatic. It does not need manual intervention to work. Look for high-end watches with these qualities, traditional or digital. They are novel and versatile accessories, ideal for businessmen, event organisers and pilots. Be aware, however, that they are expensive to maintain.

Electronic. Its operation is based on numerical formation to measure and display the time. Opt for a mechanism with these characteristics if you require a precise watch that shows you the time explicitly. It is an excellent suggestion for sportsmen, for example. Also for office workers and secretaries.

Put a classic and resistant alternative on your wrist. (Photo: Free-Photos)


It's about the extension of your personality reflected in an accessory. When you decide on a particular model, you are most likely thinking about whether it matches your outfit or goes with an occasion. We will show you which are the most demanded trends.

Classic. We'll take the liberty of generalising: it never goes out of fashion and usually goes with everything. Go for a classic wristwatch. We recommend analogue or conventional products, with a three-hand dial and a leather or silver strap. Don't forget to budget accordingly.

Sophisticated. If you like to bring an air of elegance to everything you wear, a watch in this style will not go unnoticed. Of course, it is the perfect analogue recommendation for those who work in fashion-related areas. It is the ultimate companion for ladies and gentlemen during haute couture events.

Casual. Take home a few everyday accessories. Although they won't steal the show, they will be exceptional complements for those days of errands on the street. Consider a variable, pocket-friendly investment and go for high-quality, digital options that will last over time.

Sporty. It's not just for athletes and sportsmen. The casual touch comes from its rubber strap and innovative design. It's a valid suggestion for anyone inclined towards sporty style. It is worth checking in the manufacturer's description what electronic functionalities are included.


As technology advances, more and more functions are being added to timekeeping equipment. However, to make it easier for you to choose, let's distinguish between two variables. Understanding what each of them is about will be of great help in defining what you want. Study them thoroughly.

Basic: Do you want a watch that only displays the time and calendar? Consider a basic, simple, analogue model. Please note that it shows the minutes and seconds in a less accurate format than the electronic one. It will probably look great in conjunction with your style, though.

Advanced. You can choose them to your liking. For example, buy a wristwatch with a stopwatch, step counter, mobile connection, alarm and timer. These are the perfect functions to meet the needs of an athlete or a person who works out at the gym on a daily basis. It could also be useful in military tactics.

Enjoying time is a virtue you can manage with your watch. (Photo: Rawpixel/


What is your product made of? This is one of the main comparative factors to consider. After all, it will define the lifespan of the watch. And with it, the times it will stay by your side or the subsequent investment in maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of external parts.

Rubber. Take a rubber watch with you if you are active outdoors. But first read the manufacturer's instructions for use, because if you leave it in the sun for a long time it could crack, for example. Set aside a budget for it and consider replacing it when it deteriorates.

Metals. Within this factor we include steel, silver and gold. In the same order, their selling price in the market rises. Do you want a product that enhances your image? Selecting one in any of these metals is the right thing to do. Adapt it to the occasion where you require it and simply enjoy its company.

Wood. It is an economical suggestion for lovers of environmental conservation and ecology. Precisely because of the nature of the material you won't be able to wet it with liquids because it gets damaged. Add it to your look as part of your personality according to your pro-environmental beliefs.

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