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Do you like to knit and enjoy knitting garments made by joining yarns together? Fortunately, in this edition dedicated to worsted we will share quality information about one of the most popular spinning fibres in the world. Stay to read and know details about these yarns.

This is what worsted yarns look like: They have a rustic or handmade look, they are soft to the touch, at a glance you can see the twist of the filaments that compose them. In short, they are attractive, strong and durable. In addition, they win the hearts of a wide audience, because they are suitable for almost every requirement.

But that's not all, yarn is so versatile that you can use it for a variety of personal and professional projects. That's why we want to create conten, which you will find useful related to a material widely used in handicrafts. Who knows, maybe after reading us you will become a yarn aficionado.


  • The worsted yarn is a yarn made up of long strands which is used in the manufacture of clothing. It is also used for decorative handicraft programmes, which originate in academies and educational institutions.
  • Natural or synthetic yarn? Evaluate the advantages of each in order to make the best decision according to your needs. This factor will directly influence the final finish and subsequent maintenance of the product over the years.
  • Complements, thickness, maintenance and colours. Here are the four criteria to evaluate before taking it home. The qualities of each one give a unique stamp to that important idea you have in mind. Taking a few minutes to evaluate them is an essential investment.

The Best Yarn: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Yarn

We've put together a must-have buying guide. Yes, that's right, here you'll find a collection of exceptional material about this long-stranded yarn, which has a variety of applications in everyday life. Learn its definition and the advantages you can take advantage of when you buy it.

Create beautiful fabrics with worsted yarn. (Photo: Foundry/

What is worsted yarn and what are its advantages?

In the context of handicrafts, worsted yarn is defined as a collection of long strands that make up wool fleece. This term is also used to refer to the weaving technique and to the natural or synthetic worsted yarn, the parallel fibres of which vary in thickness and dimensions depending on their application.

It is easy to identify because it is usually of long length. In addition, it is used by experts and amateurs in textile production, weaving, embroidery, sewing and clothing manufacture. So these filaments are designed to be worked directly by hand or machine.
Coarse worsted yarns are often used.

The reason? They are made of polyester, cotton, or both, and are perfectly integrated into fabrics, providing high strength to the final finishes. Dare to try worsted projects and show your creativity, you will surely get excellent results.

  • Guarantees attractive finishes
  • Knitting with worsted yarn is relaxing
  • Promotes the ability to concentrate
  • Resistant and durable yarn
  • Good tool to cover yourself from the cold
  • Synthetic worsted yarn melts
  • Some cannot be machine washed
  • Some crafts deform
  • Some varieties cause allergies
  • Absorbs unpleasant odours

Natural or synthetic worsted yarn - what should you look out for?

Which of the two variables do you feel more comfortable with? Although you may not notice it, at first glance each of them has its own characteristics. For this reason, the work you do will offer different finishes, depending on the type of worsted yarn used for its manufacture. Check it out by reading the following carefully.


This type of yarn is of animal or vegetable origin. They are extracted from sheep's wool, plants such as bamboo, cotton or linen. They are used especially for summer garments because they are cool fibres and allow perspiration through the pores of the garment. In addition, they are heavier than synthetic fibres.

They have a natural stain-resistant coating. As it is a quality product, it is sometimes expensive. This is because it goes through a complex manufacturing process where they prepare the raw material for optimum performance. It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended filaments.


Synthetic fibres are presented in a continuous yarn. Unlike natural fibres, they may melt on contact with high temperatures because they contain petroleum products. In other words, they go through a chemical process devised by humans to meet market demand.

The best thing? They have a long life span and are resistant to wear and tear. In short, they mimic the natural raw material used in worsted projects. They are also more economical, and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Natural Synthetic
Raw material Animal and vegetable Petroleum derivatives
Cost High Low
Thread Medium strength Resistant
Spun Segmented Continuous
Process Natural Chemical

Buying Criteria

Don't be overwhelmed by the choice of yarns. When you determine which ones you want, the best option is to go for it, leaving possible confusion behind. Study precisely these factors, which are essential when making an online purchase for your craft projects.


Materialising creations with just filaments is impossible. For this you need complementary accessories to help you during the making process. Take a look at our recommendations and buy them in case you don't have these knitting and weaving tools yet.

  • Safety pins and markers: Both are used to mark the number of stitches you have left at rest. This way you will control the total number of knits in your project, especially during work that involves generating pieces such as adult and baby clothes.
  • Needles: These are the instruments in charge of helping you to weave the threads together. You must combine them with the thickness of the yarn, which makes them a vital item when you are making sewing pieces where the raw material is the worsted yarn. What's more, without the right pair of needles, you'll have a hard time getting the job done successfully.
  • Metro: Do you already have one? If your answer is no, we suggest you buy one. Use it to take your own measurements and record a pattern based on any of your projects. Besides, it is a practical item of small dimensions that you could use in other activities.
  • Scissors: Avoid breaking your hands when cutting yarn. To work with stamens it is essential to have sharp scissors that not only protect you, but also make impeccable cuts, avoiding damage to the filaments. You probably have some at home, but if you don't, it's best to buy them now.

Buy colourful yarns to make crafts. (Photo: Skitterphoto/


There is an international standard that categorises yarn according to its thickness. Applications of this thread are made considering how thick it is. For example, it is impossible to embroider a blouse with bulky yarns. To give you an idea of this, we will share this classification with you.

  • Super fine: You will find it under these synonyms: Fingerin and Baby thread. You will identify the thickness between the numbers 1 mm - 3 mm. Recommended for knitting children's clothes. It must be machine washed in delicate cycle.
  • Fino: It is called Baby Sport and it measures 3 mm - 5 mm. With it you can make bracelets, beauty accessories and handicrafts. Remember to let it dry on a flat surface so that it does not become deformed.
  • Lightweight: According to the international measurement system, it is available in 5mm to 7 mm. Choose it in its many colours, in order to use it in the manufacture of garments for adults. These include winter hats, sleeping blankets and gloves.
  • Medium: Also known as Afghan yarn. We suggest its application if you have a pom-pom project, looms and in the creation of crochet jewellery. Its size ranges from 7mm to 9mm in diameter.
  • Bulky: Its dimensions: 9mm - 11mm. It is available as Graft or Rug yarn. We recommend you to use it in the production of scarves and woollen balls. Its ability to keep you warm makes it the essential fibre for those winter days.
  • Super bulky or Roving: It measures 11 mm - 17 mm, and it is the second thickest in the international market. Buy it in any of its presentations to make cold protectors and decorative items.
  • Jumbo XXL: This presentation allows you to innovate in the creation of bed covers, cushions and blankets because it measures from 17 mm and upwards. You will identify it at a glance because it is a giant yarn and you can knit it with your own hands instead of using needles.


You are responsible for supervising and extending the life span of your product by following the recommendations of the seller. From now on you will know how to protect the yarns you choose, learning it is of vital importance to enjoy them to the fullest.

Machine wash

It works for acrylic and synthetic fabrics made from petroleum derivatives. It is wise to wash your worsted jackets, coats, scarves and dresses because they are versatile fibres that will not dissolve in cold water.


In all cases it is best for you to dry your garments on a flat or horizontal surface in the open air. This will prevent them from absorbing odours or losing their characteristic shape. If you follow this recommendation, they will stay in perfect condition.


Keep worsted yarn away from damp areas, remember that it is made up of strands that attract watery particles. It is best to store them in plastic containers, cupboards, or simply leave them in a room where air circulates.


Yes, choosing one yarn over another based on colour is a smart decision. Although the latter will be defined by the purpose, it doesn't hurt to take a look at the most common shades on the online market.

  • Single colour: Here we are referring to any single colour worsted yarn roll. Do you want to emphasise the shape and bring character to your work? Then go for those that generate a natural and subtle contrast.
  • Bright shades: There are two types, fluorescent and glitter. Undoubtedly your creations will be more eye-catching if you use shades similar to these. They are the protagonists of events, parties and crafts, to highlight specific items such as lamps.
  • Combination: Due to high demand, manufacturers have innovated in the creation of stamens whose yarn is composed of two or more colours. This constitution provides a pleasant finish to the eye and avoids having to buy two skeins of different shades to put them together.

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