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Welcome to our big yoga pants test 2021. Here we present all the yoga pants we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best yoga pants for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of when buying yoga pants.


  • Yoga trousers are breathable trousers made of natural or synthetic fibres and are particularly flexible and elastic. This means they can be worn for various sports such as yoga, fitness, Pilates or even in everyday life.
  • Basically, the types yoga leggings, yoga shorts and lounge pants can be distinguished from each other. The main difference here is that they all have a different cut.
  • When buying yoga pants, you should pay particular attention to the cut, material, sustainability, size, colour and design.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying yoga pants

What are yoga pants?

Yoga pants are tight-fitting, flexible and breathable pants designed for yoga and other physical movements. Besides yoga, they are particularly suitable for martial arts, dancing, aerobics and Pilates. In the original philosophy of yoga, fashion and yoga do not go together in principle. Fashion is seen as a curse. So the yoga pants here should not look particularly beautiful, but above all be flexible and comfortable.

Due to the exercises performed in yoga, yoga pants must be as elastic as possible. (Image source: / StockSnap)

In modern western trends, fashion is part of yoga. Thus, there are many different designs, patterns and cuts of yoga pants. They are no longer worn just for yoga, but for all kinds of physical activities and sometimes even in everyday life.

Who are yoga pants suitable for?

Yoga pants can be used by everyone. They come in all kinds of styles with different cuts, sizes, patterns and materials. There are yoga pants for women, men and children. For very tall or short people, there are short and long sizes. In maternity fashion, too, there are yoga pants made especially for pregnant women. These are usually specially cut at the waist to take the pressure off the belly. This is why maternity yoga pants are also very popular with pregnant women for everyday use.

Basically, yoga pants are suitable for everyone.

How much do yoga pants cost?

Yoga pants are available in various designs, sizes and cuts. The different trousers have different prices depending on the model and brand.
Type Price
Yoga Leggings approx. 5 - 800 €
Lounge Pants approx. 5 - 200 €
Yoga Shorts approx. 3 - 190 €

A price range of about €3 to €800 is nevertheless unjustified in our opinion. Branded yoga pants can reach a value of up to about 100 euros, which can be worthwhile if they are of good quality and are used frequently.

Yoga trousers are used in outdoor sports, among other things. (Image source: / Ev)

With more expensive yoga pants, the price-performance ratio is no longer guaranteed. Very cheap yoga pants are also not recommended for quality reasons. We recommend yoga pants worth around 20 to 90 euros.

What alternatives are there to yoga pants?

In principle, other sports trousers can also be worn for yoga. However, care must be taken that these also have a flexible and elastic material. Only then can all exercises and figures be practised. Since yoga trousers are increasingly becoming a fashion accessory and are also worn in everyday life, any other trousers could also be mentioned as an alternative in this area of application.

Decision: What types of yoga pants are there and which is right for you?

When buying yoga pants, there are three different types you can choose from:

Yoga trousers are used for outdoor sports, among other things. (Image source: / Ev)

The different types of yoga pants each have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what cut you prefer and what benefits you want your yoga pants to have, a different type will suit you. The following section is designed to help you decide.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of yoga leggings?

Yoga leggings are the classic, tight-fitting, functional and flexible yoga pants that come in all kinds of colours, patterns and designs. They are predominantly worn in the trendy sport of yoga and in fitness or other sports, but also as a fashion accessory. Yoga leggings come in different cuts so that there is a suitable pair of pants for everyone. They can be 3/4 or 7/8 long and have a high or medium waistband. Yoga leggings have a special stretch and are breathable, which is why they require gentle cleaning and care. However, due to the tight-fitting stretch, the trousers are often not opaque. In addition, the fashion aspect of yoga leggings does not correspond to the original philosophy of yoga.

  • Breathable
  • Special stretch
  • Cuts for every body type
  • Fashion accessory
  • Gentle care and cleaning
  • Often not opaque
  • Does not correspond to the philosophy of yoga

What distinguishes lounge pants and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Lounge trousers are similar to the original yoga pants. They are wide cut, not tight, and are reminiscent of the classic jogging pants. They are therefore very comfortable and are suitable not only for yoga but also for relaxing hours on the couch. Here, too, there are different cuts. For example, you can choose between straight trousers and trousers with a small elastic waistband at the end of the leg (bloomers). Because the fabric is particularly soft and stretchy, these types of yoga pants are often worn as maternity wear during pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is not much choice in the design and pattern of lounge pants. Since lounge pants are also breathable, care must be taken to wash them gently. You should also avoid using fabric softener, as this can cause the breathable fibres to stick together.

  • Soft and stretchy fabrics
  • Breathable
  • Opaque
  • Gentle care and cleaning
  • Few design choices
  • Not suitable for other sports

What are the characteristics of yoga shorts and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Yoga shorts are nothing more than short yoga pants. They are often used for outdoor sports in summer when temperatures are high. Among other things, of course, for yoga, hiking, jogging and so on. The great advantage of yoga shorts is that they do not restrict any movement. Yoga pants are also available in different cuts. Yoga shorts do not correspond to the original philosophy of yoga. They too can be found in countless different prints and designs.

  • Breathable
  • No restriction on movement
  • Cuts for every body type
  • Does not correspond to the philosophy of yoga
  • Not suitable for everyday use
  • Gentle cleaning and care

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate yoga pants

In the following section we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the different yoga pants. The criteria you can use to compare yoga pants include:

  • Cut
  • Material
  • Colour and design
  • Sustainability
  • Size

In the following paragraphs we will explain what each criterion is about.


As we have already mentioned several times, yoga pants can be cut in different ways. This means that on the one hand you can choose between one of the types explained above, the yoga leggings, the lounge pants and the yoga shorts.

Since yoga leggings come in so many different designs and patterns, they have become a fashion accessory. (Image source: / clarissewwt)

Before buying, you should know whether the length of your new yoga pants should be short, 3/4 or 7/8. You can also choose between a high-waist and a medium-waist cut. High-waist goes up to about the navel. This cleverly conceals any problem areas on the belly and prevents slipping. Medium-waist, on the other hand, only goes as far as the hips. This cut is especially recommended if you get stomach pains or side stitches quickly and frequently. This way you won't have any pressure points in the stomach area.


When choosing the material for your yoga pants, make sure that they feel comfortable. It should not pinch or scratch. The material should also be functional and breathable. It should also be free of harmful substances and chemicals. Sometimes recycled materials are even used. In this way, you're doing something good for the environment. Basically, there are two different types of fibres used for yoga pants. We recommend natural fibres for calmer types of yoga and synthetic fibres for sweatier sports.

Material fibre type properties
(Organic) cotton natural fibre cotton feels particularly pleasant on the skin and is both very breathable and elastic.
Tencel Natural fibre Has a soft feel and perfect moisture management, making the material dry very quickly. Tencel is particularly suitable for dynamic activities.
Polyester synthetic fibre polyester is very breathable, elastic and dries particularly quickly. The material is often offered recycled.
Spandex synthetic fibre spandex is particularly flexible, stretchy and tear-resistant.

Colour and design

Yoga pants are available in a variety of colours, prints and designs. Everyone will find a pair of trousers to suit their taste. However, it is important to note that due to the elasticity and stretch of the fibres, many yoga pants are not light-proof, especially in the crotch. So either make sure when buying that your pants do not become transparent in some places during various exercises, or wear underwear that you are not embarrassed about.


The trend towards sustainability is growing. There are a lot of users who are looking for sustainable organic or recycled products. If you are concerned about this aspect and want to do something good for the environment, there are now many sustainable yoga pants and other garments available online. However, most sports shops don't stock them, so you'll have to make do with online retailers. The following video introduces you to various brands that offer sustainable yoga clothing.


Of course, when buying yoga pants, you should also consider the size you need. However, you don't have to worry about this. Because, no matter what size you wear, you can buy just about anything online and in specialty stores. The selection includes long and short sizes as well as maternity and plus sizes.

When buying, make sure you feel comfortable in your yoga pants.

Interesting facts about yoga pants

My yoga pants are slipping. What should I do?

If your yoga pants are slipping down, they may be too small or too big. In either case, there is nothing you can do but buy new yoga pants. This time, make sure that they fit perfectly and, ideally, go to a specialist shop for advice. If the waistband is cut medium-waist, it is usually enough to change to a high-waist waistband.

How can I sew yoga pants myself?

There are many video tutorials on YouTube on how to sew your own yoga pants. You can find an example of leggings in the following video. However, make sure that you use a fabric that is suitable for yoga leggings. Read through the section 'Material' again and ask for advice in the fabric shop.

Where can I find a pattern for yoga pants?

Online you can find several different patterns for yoga pants in all different designs and styles. However, these are usually available for a fee. For example, you can find patterns at: