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Based on a rich multimedia universe, the Japanese Yugioh (or Yu-Gi-Oh!) franchise includes manga, animated series, movies and several games. Its flagship game is perhaps Yugioh Illustrated Prints, a card game that is successful worldwide.

If you've been a player for years, if you're just nostalgic or if you want to give a Yugioh deck as a gift to a child, we at ReviewBox Brasil offer you all the details you need to know about the game and its cards.


  • There are two Yugioh decks, the initial and structural decks.
  • You can also complete your deck by buying single packs, boxes, among other special editions.
  • In Brazil, Yugioh decks began to be sold in 2002.

The Best Yugioh Deck: Our Picks

Buying Guide

There are thousands and thousands of cards, dozens of Yugioh packs and several collections. But, after all, what are the decks for? How do I play with them? Which ones can I still buy? We bring you the answer to these and other questions in the following paragraphs.

Um homem está segurando um baralho de cartas enquanto joga.

Yugioh decks first started being sold in Japan in 1999. (Source: Sergei Babenko/ 123RF)

What is the Yugioh deck all about?

Like Pokémon, the Yugioh card deck is also called the Illustrated Stamps or Trading Card Game (TCG). With it, duelists use cards to build their own decks consisting of 40 or more.

With the decks formed, they can face each other in a game that mixes strategy, luck and skill.

There are thousands of cards in the game. They are divided into 10 different patterns, which we exemplify in the table below.

Stamps Characteristics
Common Are easier to find, basic and have no metallic finish
Rare Name in relief with silver metallic shine, although its art has no holographic finish of the higher rarity prints
Super rare Have no metallic name, but have holographic finish in art
Ultra rare Have gold metallic shine in the name and in the holographic finish of its art
Ultimate rare They have metallic glitter in their name and metallic embossed effects on the artwork, border and other parts of the card
Secret Raras They have multicolored glitter in their name and holographic glitter finish on the artwork
Ghost Raras They have multicolor glitter in the name and exclusive 3-dimensional holographic effect that makes up the artwork
Raras Starfoil They have small stars scattered on the front
Raras mosaic They have several metallic squares scattered on the front
Duelist League They have their names printed in colour. They are not for sale, but can be obtained by participating in a Duelist League

The cool thing is that you never know exactly what you'll find in packs and decks, making each new acquisition surrounded by surprise and fun.

It is also worth mentioning that each card has a numeric password located in the lower left corner. In addition, it has a metallized security seal in the lower right corner of the print.

The metallised security seal on a first edition/print or limited edition will always be gold. The security seal on unlimited editions is silver. The stamps feature an image of the Eye of the Millennium next to the Yu-Gi-Oh! text.

Which Yugioh decks are available?

There are two main Yugioh decks that you can purchase. They are the starter decks and the structural decks.

The starter decks, as the name implies, are made for beginning players. Each starter deck with the same name will always have the same cards, so you will always know which cards you are going to get.

These starter decks usually have cards that work well together, which helps the beginning player. Each of these decks comes with a starter's guide and a paper dueling mat.

Meanwhile, structure decks also have everything you need to duel. Likewise, each such deck with the same name will have the same cards.

The main difference here is that structural decks are recommended for those who are already more experienced. The cards in this deck have more complicated effects than those present in the starting deck.

The synergy between the cards of a structural deck are also more complex than those of the initial deck.

Can I buy all the decks already released?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Yugioh decks have been released since 2002 in Brazil (since 1999 in Japan) and there are thousands of different cards, and naturally they have left the market or simply sold out over time.

Of course, you can look on the internet collectors who have some older decks, but to buy them all, besides arduous task (we might even say impossible), can have a very expensive price.

New card packs are released over the months and every year there is at least one release of structural decks and initial decks, so if you intend to collect, it is good to hurry and keep an eye on the releases.

In April 2016, Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan, displayed all the cards sold from Yugioh Illustrated Prints. To be more exact, there were 7649 cards on display. The exhibition was held to celebrate the release of the animated feature film Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

How many cards make up each Yugioh deck?

Each starter deck, for example, has 40 cards. The structural deck, on the other hand, has at least 40 cards, and may have a few more.

It's worth mentioning that the two decks are not the only ways to have access to Yugioh cards. The most common are the single packs, which have nine cards.

There are also the Duelist packs, whose cards are one experience level above the cards of the Yugioh structural deck. Generally, these packs come with five cards.

There are also special edition packs and tins, where the amount of cards varies from product to product.

Vários montes de cartas de deck Yugioh estão espalhados em cima de uma mesa de madeira.

A starter Yugioh deck has 40 cards. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

Purchase Criteria: What you should know before buying a Yugioh deck

If you're serious about buying a Yugioh deck, there are a few more items we want to stress before you go shopping. These are:

Given the items mentioned, we will, below, give more details about each of them so that you make the best choice.

Cinco cartas especiais do deck Yugioh estão sobre uma superfície formando a imagem de um personagem da franquia.

By 2016, more than 7,600 Yugioh deck cards had been sold. (Source: Disclosure / Amazon)

Quantity of cards

How many cards do you want to have? How many cards are missing to complete your deck? Do you want a complete deck? Then it is important to pay attention to the amount of cards that each pack offers.

A starter deck, for example, has 40 cards, whereas a standard pack has nine cards. Depending on your demand, this criterion can be essential in your search.


Each deck and pack has a specific themed collection. As mentioned, the name on each pack will tell you which collection/deck it belongs to.

If you are keen to have the largest number of collections or just want to complete the collection of your current deck, it is worth paying attention when buying the model you are about to acquire.

Beginner or experienced

Your level of knowledge of the game is relevant when buying a Yugioh deck.

The two main decks are the starter and structural decks. The starter decks, as the name implies, are for those who are just starting out, while the others are for those who already have some skill with the game.

Indicative Age

Yugioh Illustrated Patterns is recommended for children aged six and up. It is important to follow the product's indicative age.

(Source of the highlighted image: Divulgação/ Amazon)