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Since 2006, the carrying of liquids on journeys by air has been restricted. Terrorists previously attempted to carry out an attack that would have been triggered by liquid explosives. Since then, liquids in hand luggage may only be transported in zip bags. It is important that the bags are easy to open and resealable.

However, zip bags are also used for completely different purposes, which is why we would like to introduce you to different models of zip bags in our article. In addition, we would like to point out what you should look out for when buying and we will also answer the most important questions about the topic.


  • Zip bags are available in a wide range of variants. Among other things, the quantity, size, thickness, closure or colour can vary.
  • On the one hand, zip bags are used to carry liquids in hand luggage on aeroplane journeys; on the other hand, they also serve as popular companions for storing liquids or food.
  • The prices of zip bags are highly dependent on the desired purchase criteria. Nevertheless, you can already buy zip bags with little money.

The Best Zip Bag: Our Picks

There is a huge selection of zip-lock bags on the internet. To help you keep a clear head, we have compiled the best six products in different categories.

Buying and rating criteria for zip pouches

With so many zip pouches to choose from, we've put together a few buying criteria to help you decide which one to buy. We will take a closer look at the following criteria:

In the following, we will briefly describe the purchase criteria in more detail so that you know which zip bag is suitable for you:


ZIP bags are available in various quantities. Depending on the purpose for which zip bags are used, it makes sense to think about the quantity to be used in advance.

It should not be forgotten that it is better to have one zip bag too many than too few in the house, as they are ideal for all purposes.


Size also plays an important role when buying zip-lock bags. You will find them in different sizes in the shops. You should be aware of what your zip bag will be used for and then find the appropriate size.

For example, if you need a zip bag for your hand luggage when travelling by plane, your bag should not hold more than one litre.


In addition to the quantity and size, the closure also plays a decisive role when it comes to buying zip bags. You can choose between two alternatives. One is a zip bag with a pressure closure or one with a zip closure.

The zip closure is easier to use, but it also breaks more easily than the pressure closure. Your final decision should be based on your personal preferences.


The thickness of zip bags can also play an important role in your purchase decision. Often, zip bags with a higher thickness are of better quality. This means that they do not tear as quickly and therefore have a longer lifespan.

It is therefore advisable to choose a thicker zip bag when travelling, for example.


Like almost every item, zip bags come in different colours. From transparent zip bags to green ones, they can be found in the grocery shop.

For flying, it is better to use subtle colours or transparent zip bags, so that aeroplane security has no problems recognising the utensils immediately.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about zip bags answered in detail

In the next section, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about zip bags. This will make your purchase decision even easier.

What is a zip bag?

A zip bag is another name for a pressure seal bag. These are usually made of plastic and close with easy-to-use fasteners. Liquids or objects can be stored in the bag.

Zip bags have simple closures, without any mechanical techniques. (Image source: Tomas Sobek/ Unsplash)

For this reason, zip bags are used for a wide variety of purposes. Since zip bags do not have any mechanical technology, they are great for reusability.

What types of zip bags are there?

Zip bags are now available in a wide variety of styles at the grocery shop. In the buying criteria section, we have already listed some of the different features of zip bags. This means that there are all kinds of shapes and types of zip-lock bags, but they all serve the same purpose.

How many zip-lock bags can I carry in my hand luggage?

Zip bags play an important role in your travels, as they allow you to carry liquids in your hand luggage. All liquids must be stored in your zip bag, which can only hold one litre. However, if you think that you can take as many different plastic bags as you like, we're sorry to disappoint you. Only one plastic bag per carry-on bag is allowed.


Zip bags are a useful invention when it comes to easy and safe storage of liquids or items. When travelling, they are our most loyal companion, because without them we would not even be able to start our holiday. Especially the closure makes the zip bag an attractive all-purpose item in our lives.

When choosing plastic bags, it is particularly important to be clear about what the zip bag is to be used for. Only on this basis can criteria such as the quantity, size or thickness, as well as the price based on this, be determined.

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