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Reading is a big part of our lives. Whether it's an important email from a friend or a novel you just can't put down, reading enriches us and helps us achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We often neglect our posture while reading.
We are so engrossed in what we are reading that we forget how our body is positioned. Now, with a book stand, anyone can read hands-free with perfect posture while sitting or lying down.


  • Book stands are practical for reading in different environments and also help back posture.
  • Important buying criteria are the material, convenience, adjustability and portability, height and weight.
  • There is a large market for book stands for every occasion and use, depending on your budget.

The Best Book Stand: Our Choices


Buying and evaluation criteria for book stands

In order to find the perfect book stand, we have worked out some buying criteria that you should consider when making your purchase. These criteria should help you find the feature for a perfect book stand for your needs.

The criteria that will help you compare bookstands include:

You can find the detailed description of the criteria below.


The materials your bookstand is made of are important to the durability and stability of the item. Many book stands are made of very durable materials such as cherry wood, reinforced metal and well constructed units that will not let you down.

Durability and stability are important considerations when looking for a bookstand. You also want it to look attractive when you use it in public, where others will see it.

The thickness of the material can be very important when choosing a book stand.

The plastic can easily break under the weight of the heavy book. But if you are using the bookstand for smaller books, a plastic stand may be a better choice. A commonly used lightweight material is bamboo. Bamboo combines the best of both worlds and allows for maximum weight with minimum stress on the stand.

Height and weight

When buying a book stand, you need to consider the dimensions you need. Some book stands are great for reading on a table, while others are great for other places.

If you consider the height and weight factors when shopping, you will surely make a better decision when choosing your book stand.

How heavy is your book? How heavy is the stand? Depending on how heavy the two are together, you're not doing yourself any favours. It could put just enough pressure on your legs to reduce blood circulation or put unwanted pressure on your nerves.

Adjustability and portability

For the stationary reader using a book stand, adjustability and portability are less of an issue. Just find the right size with the right angle and you're good to go. For the less static reader, however, these factors can become very important.

Those who use e-readers, for example, would love the adjustability of the angle. Well, for laptops, the solution is simple. Just tilt the screen accordingly. E-readers or tablet-like electronics are a different story. These need to be held differently and sometimes in awkward positions.


Book stands make your reading experience more convenient by providing a way to secure your reading material while you focus on your activities. The smaller book holders are convenient for reading in bed. The large book holders that serve the purpose of holding heavy cookbooks or other books are usually less handy.

Whatever the purpose, convenience is an important aspect of a bookstand, so buy the one that best meets your needs and makes life more comfortable for you.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about book stands answered in detail

In the following, we answer the most important questions about book stands. We want to give you a deeper insight into the topic and make your purchase decision easier.

What is a book stand suitable for?

One of the problems with reading is the inconvenience of holding a book or ebook reader while trying to do other things. In these cases, the activity you are engaged in takes precedence over reading.

In other words: The focus is on the reading process. But you need to focus on specific activities such as singing, cooking or studying, rather than the other physical activities associated with reading, such as turning pages and holding a book.


A book stand is also useful for children to reduce pressure on back development.(Image source: unsplash / Paul Hanaoka)

For these activity-based reading activities, you need a certain type of book stand that allows you to keep your hands free while holding up your books and materials.

How much does a book stand cost?

The price is mainly determined by the material and the additional features of the bookstand. The prices of bookstands also depend on the adjustability of the bookstand. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 - 15 €) Mainly plastic or Plexiglas book stands for reading without adjustable elements
Medium-priced (from 15 €) Book stands made of different materials with adjustable settings and portable variants

Our ranking shows that there are already multifunctional bookstands available from a medium price range that have a sufficient and sometimes already extensive range of functions.

How are book stands constructed?

The book stand has a slanted shelf that holds the book. The necessary stability of the shelf is provided by a straight shelf, which is equipped with a small hinge on each side and on the base of the book stand. With most book stands, the slants can be individually fixed with the help of the hinges.

Depending on the incidence of light or the sitting position, it is thus possible to set the appropriate inclination. There are also some models that are additionally equipped with two small springs. This allows the open sides to be secured against draughts or accidental folding down of the sides.


These were the most important information about book stands in general that every reader needs. Therefore, when choosing the best stand that suits your taste and preferences, it is advisable to know that stands differ in size, shape, design, colour.

However, they all serve the same purpose, which is to make sure that you can read easily and comfortably. So you need to make sure that you buy the best without really focusing on the brand, but the best that solves your problems. Also, you should always work within your budget to avoid strain and frustration.

Image source: unsplash / Paolo Chiabrando