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Everyone knows them, everyone loves them. Boxes are your lifesaver when it comes to bringing order to the chaos of your household. Whether in the wardrobe, the kitchen or the cellar, boxes can be placed anywhere in the house.

In our product comparison, we have compared several boxes with lids and compiled all the important information so that you can find the right box with a lid for you.


  • Boxes with lids come in all sorts of shapes and colours. They can be made of plastic and be transparent to make the contents easy to see. They can also be made of cardboard and brighten up the room with vibrant colours.
  • Boxes with lids are usually hermetically sealed and protect sensitive and fragile contents from water and dust. Even durable foodstuffs can be stored in them.
  • There are large and small boxes with lids. Small boxes are good for quickly finding small items that you use often in everyday life, e.g. pens or USB sticks. Large boxes are suitable for storing things like sheets or pillowcases.

The Best Box With Lid: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for boxes with lids

To help you decide on a good box with lid, we have written down several buying criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria should make it easy for you to compare the different types of boxes and help you find the right box with lid for you.

The criteria you should definitely look out for include:

We will go into more detail on each of the criteria below.


To determine the size/volume of the box, you first need to know what exactly you want to store. This can be small things like USB sticks, pens, leaves, food, deodorants or lipsticks. Small boxes with a small volume are usually enough for this.

But it can also be larger things like clothes, shoes, bed linen, books or exercise books. Larger boxes are advantageous for this. You should also make sure that you have enough space in your home.


Depending on the size of the box, you have different options when it comes to materials. Most large boxes with lids are simply made of plastic and are transparent. Large boxes made of other materials are a little difficult to find.

For small boxes it is completely the opposite. There are boxes made of plastic, cotton, cardboard, wood, linen, polypropylene and much more. The overall choice of small boxes is simply greater and you should take this into account when searching for products.


As mentioned earlier, it is much easier to find different boxes in small sizes than in large sizes. The same goes for colours, of course. Since most large boxes are made of plastic, they are transparent. The result is that artists have little room to decorate their boxes.

The situation is different with small boxes. You can find small boxes in all colours of the rainbow, and more! Not to mention, they are often decorated with drawings or illustrations to satisfy art fanatics, or can be personalised by customers.

Watertight or airtight

Whether a box needs to be waterproof or airtight is up to you. If you only want to store small, solid objects of your everyday life somewhere, then it is completely irrelevant whether the box is waterproof or airtight.

However, if you are looking for boxes to store food, then it is important that neither air nor moisture gets in.

Food that is packed airtight will not lose flavour or change in appearance. And, most importantly, moisture in food can quickly lead to mould.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of boxes with lids answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about the topic of waste bins to give you a better insight into the subject.

Why do you need a box with a lid?

If there is chaos and disorder in your home, or if you simply have the bad habit of constantly misplacing things somewhere, then you need a box with a lid. Especially when tidying up, boxes help you to sort everything nicely so that you can quickly find certain items again at a later time.


Especially with fruit and vegetables, it is important that the boxes are not hermetically sealed, otherwise they will quickly dry out or rot. (Image source: NeONBRAND / Unsplash)

Boxes also help you to organise your fridge and store things like butter, fruit and leftovers. They ensure a longer shelf life and a natural flavour.

In summary, boxes with lids are a must in every household and for me there is no understandable reason why someone would not buy one.

How much does a box with a lid cost?

The cost of a box with a lid really depends on the material. Plastic is the most common material because it is strong and relatively cheap. You can find something between 10 and 25€.

However, if you want a box that looks a bit nicer or is made of more precious material, the prices go up to 25 to 60€. It also makes sense that individual boxes cost less than boxes in sets of 2/4/8.

Price range Available products
10-25€ Plastic storage boxes, single set, variable size/volume
25-60€ Plastic/cotton/wood/polypropylene storage boxes, multiple set, variable sizes/volumes

How should I clean a box with a lid?

Cleaning plastic boxes is very easy. The only thing you need is a sponge, water and an all-purpose cleaner/detergent. You should be careful when choosing a sponge, as aluminium sponges can easily feel scratched. Grease remover and dirt eraser can also be used to get rid of paint stains.

For boxes made of fabric, it depends on the product. Some clean quite well, others not so much. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and if you are not sure, ask again.

Wooden or paper boxes, on the other hand, are almost impossible to clean because they don't handle moisture well. What you can do, however, is scrub them lightly with a damp piece of kitchen paper.


A box with a lid can be an insanely practical thing. It can bring order to our household, organise the food in our fridge and make finding items easy. To put it simply, it brings structure to our everyday lives and simply makes our lives more convenient.

Boxes can be bought in all sizes, with all colours made of various materials. They are cheap, easy to find and you can use them for any purpose.

When choosing a box with a lid, you should, as already mentioned, pay special attention to the size, colour and material, but also special features like handles, stackability or wheels should not be forgotten. Boxes are there to simplify your life, so you should at least make the effort to do some research to find the perfect box for your home.

Image source: unsplash / Syed Hussaini

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