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There are many reasons why you might want to buy your cat a new collar. Being able to find it easily during the night, so that it can enter the house through an electronic cat door, keeping it healthy and parasite-free or, simply to give it a new fashion accessory are some common reasons. So that you can learn everything about cat collars and make a successful purchase, we've written the following guide to give you all the information you need to know.

Modern cat collars provide can do more than simply carrying a name tag and the phone number of its owner. There are many uses for a cat collar, however much will depend a lot on the character of your cat. To find out how a new cat collar could benefit your feline, keep reading the following shopping guide.

Key Facts

  • A cat collar can perform various functions that help your cat stay safe as well as providing convenient functions such as connecting with an electronic cat door.
  • Many cats do not like wearing a collar, especially the first time you put one on them. However, there are some basic steps that you can follow to help your cat get used to its new accessory.
  • When choosing a cat collar, there are some very important purchase criteria that you should follow in order to buy the most suitable product. In our Buyer's Guide section we will explain all the aspects that you should consider prior to making a purchase.

Our Selection: The Best Cat Collars

On the market, you can find so many different cat collars that it can become a bit overwhelming. With so many different models, features, styles, and colors, it can be difficult to know which product to purchase. In the list below, we provide you with the best cat collars that are currently on the market. We have selected these products based on their value for money, their features and customer feedback. Take a close look at this list as we are very confident that you will find the perfect cat collar below.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Collars

There are many different reasons why your cat should be wearing a collar. So that you can find the collar that best suits your cat, it is important to learn about these products, as not all models are suitable. In the following section we are going explain everything you need to know about cat collars.

Cats can find a collar to be annoying if you purchase the wrong model.
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What is a cat collar exactly?

A cat collar is a small belt-like accessory that fits relatively tightly around a cats' neck and fulfills different functions. Many animal experts and activists believe that using a collar solely for aesthetic reasons should be banned as it can cause comfort and be a danger to the animal. However, on the market, there are cat collars that are far more than a simple fashion accessory that help cats to live within a family home and stay safe.

How do I correctly put a collar on my cat?

To ensure that the collar is comfortable and safe for your cat, you must make sure that you can fit two or three fingers between the collar and your cat's neck. A space of two or three fingers will ensure that the collar is not squeezing its neck while at the same time it will ensure that the cat cannot slip out of its collar. A tight, yet comfortable fit will also ensure that your cat does not become hooked on something.

Make sure that the collar has a space of two or three fingers between the collar and the cats' neck.
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What are the functions of a cat collar?

Before purchasing a cat collar you should determine if your cat really needs one of these accessories, and if so, what functions would be useful. In the following table we explain what different functions a cat collar can offer and the characteristics of each.

Function Collar Characteristics
Aesthetic Fashionable collar A collar that is beautiful and made only to be a fashion accessory. It is usually light and comfortable.
To open a door A collar with a sensor or a chip that is connected to a cat door. There are cat doors that will only open if they recognize that the cat is near and needs to pass through.
To kill parasites Anti-parasite collar Collars that slowly release a substance onto the cats' body to repel or kill parasites.
Identify your cat Collar with an identification plate Collars that feature a stainless steel plate with the name and phone number of the owner to call if the cat is lost.
Locate a lost cat Collar with GPS A collar with a GPS chip that can be connected to a smartphone app to find your cat if it becomes lost.
Be visible in the dark Collar with a reflective band To help you see your cat in the dark as well as ensure that your cat is visible to cars.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a cat collar?

Many animal advocates believe that putting a collar on a cat is uncomfortable and unnecessary, meanwhile, many veterinarians say that they are very beneficial for cats and are a necessity. In the table below we summarize the main and advantages and disadvantages of cat collars:

Advantage Disadvantage
Easily locate your cat. Reduces the freedom for the cat.
Many collars are beautifully designed. Your cat may become hooked on an external object whilst outside.
An electronic collar can be synced with a compatible cat door to ensure only your cat can enter the house. If it becomes annoying, your cat may scratch excessively and damage its neck.
They ensure that your cat can be found if lost. A rattle, if fitted, can lead to hearing loss.
It can help to repel or kill parasites such as fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Some anti-parasitic collars can cause allergies in cats and create a rash or skin infection.

Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there are a number of important aspects to consider when it comes to purchasing a cat collar. Although there are some drawbacks to a cat collar, as mentioned above, overall they provide many benefits. So that you can select the collar that is perfect for your cat, we've suggested a few purchasing criteria below that we believe will really help you.


As described earlier in the guide, there are many different functions that can be found in a cat collar. It is important that you determine what your cat needs so that you can purchase a collar with the correct features. If your cat has issues with parasites, such as fleas, you should look for a parasite collar to help tackle this problem. If you have an electronic cat door you may want to consider a collar with a chip so that the door only opens for your cat. This ensures that stray cats are unable to enter the house as the door will not open for them.

If your cat likes to venture out of the house at night, a reflective collar will ensure that you can see it in the backyard and it is easily visible to drivers when crossing the road at night. If you want to be able to locate your cat at any time, a collar with a GPS will provide you with this ability. Finally, a collar with an identification tag ensures that someone will know who to contact if your cat becomes lost and is found by a stranger.

A cat collar is a very useful accessory and can help keep your cat safe.
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As a cat collar is worn around a cats' neck, it should be as light as possible. The lighter the collar is, the more comfortable it will be and the more likely it is that your cat will become used to wearing it. With this in mind, we highly recommend prioritizing the weight of the collar over the aesthetics. Even if the collar is really pretty, if it is overly heavy it will likely become very annoying for your cat to wear every day.


Collars can be annoying for a cat to wear, so when it comes to choosing the collar closure, we highly recommend one that is easy to work, comfortable, and will always stay securely fastened. The three most common cat collar closures are:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Plastic clip Very easy to put on and take off. You must take care not to catch the cat's skin or hair when you put it on.
Velcro Very easy to put on and take off.

Very comfortable on the cats' neck.

It doesn't make a noise when putting it on, so your cat will not be scared.

Skillful and flexible cats are able to slip out of this type of collar.
Buckle Stays very well secured. It takes longer to put on which can be difficult with an energetic cat.


If your cat doesn't like to wear a collar, do not worry as this is completely normal. Putting the collar on for just a few hours a day is a technique to help your cat become used to a collar slowly until they eventually wear it all day. A collar is an accessory that can help your cat stay safe whilst also providing a number of functions that make their and your life easier.

As there is such a wide range of cat collars on the market, you won't find it difficult to find an accessory that looks good and is within your budget. However, as we have mentioned throughout the guide, there is more to a collar than just the aesthetics. Ensuring that the collar is lightweight and comfortable is one of the easiest ways of purchasing a collar that your cat will enjoy wearing.

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