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All living beings need water. Water means life. Without this amazing liquid, none of us would be here, and a cat is no exception. Cats are made out of 60% water and, even if they don't like to swim, they need a lot of it to stay healthy. A cat water fountain will always make sure that your pet has water available at all times.

Key Facts

  • You need to change the filter of your cat's water fountain every so often. Make sure to read the instructions that come with the product to decide how often you will need to do this. This way, the water will always be clean and pure. We know that you want the best for your cat.
  • If your cat eats a lot of dry cat food, you want to make sure it stays hydrated. Normal water bowls are not enough as the water runs out quickly and it also stays stagnate all day, which is not as appealing to cats as running water. A cat water fountain will act almost as a toy and get your cat to naturally drink more water.
  • Keep in mind that if you have more than one cat, you will need a bigger fountain or more than one normal-sized fountain.

Our Selection: The Best Cat Water Fountains

When eating dry cat food, your pet will need to drink more water than usual to stay hydrated. A cat water fountain is an excellent solution to this problem. Your cat will be enticed by the moving water and will naturally drink more. You may be wondering where to start when purchasing one of these useful items. We have provided you a list of our favorite cat water fountains on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Water Fountains

In the previous section, you probably learned a lot more about cat water fountains than you knew before after reading the product descriptions on Amazon. You may have even chosen one for you and your cat. It is also possible that you feel even more lost. This is completely normal. Keep reading; to clear any doubts you may have about these products, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions from buyers like you.

We recommend that you change the filter of your cat water fountain every fifteen to thirty days depending on the model and the number of cats you have.
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How do cat water fountains work exactly?

There are many different types of cat water fountains. However, they almost always work the same way. They all have the same parts: a pump, filter, and diffuser. Please note that some models may come with extra parts. We will expand on these three common parts below:

  • Water pump: This part of the cat fountain is vital as it helps circulate the water throughout the entire system. Depending on the model that you purchase, you may be able to change how the pump works, as a certain water flow may attract your cat more than another. This requires electricity, but don't worry. It consumes very little energy.
  • Filter: This part is key to providing your cat with fresh, drinkable water. Its purpose is to clean the water before it gets to your cat. Many filters in cat water fountains use activated carbon, which is also used in products for humans. Different fountains have different types of filters.
  • Diffuser: The diffuser dispenses the water. This is the part that changes the most depending on the model you purchase. There are many options: soft streams of water, waterfalls, bubbles, or constant flow. You should choose a fountain with a diffuser that you think will entertain your cat the most. You know your pet best.
Did you know that cats are made up of 60% water? That's 10% less than humans.

What are the pros and cons of using a cat water fountain?

Up until now, you have learned a lot about these curious items. Pet brands continue to come out with new models to improve the life of your cat. These fountains are extremely practical and will help keep your pet happy and healthy. However, although the pros outweigh the cons, there are still some cons that you may want to consider:


  • These items will catch the attention of your pet and cause it to naturally drink more water and stay hydrated.
  • Your cat will have fresh water 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • They are usually quite compact and have big storage capacity.
  • These products are easy to clean.
  • They do not make a lot of noise.
  • You don't have to keep these fountains plugged in all day, and, even if you do, they take up a very small amount of energy.
  • You don't have to worry about constantly replacing the water.
  • Most models will show you when there is little water left.


  • They cost more than traditional cat bowls, but you will use them for a long time.
  • Although they are easy to clean, the process is not as simple as cleaning a traditional cat bowl.

The best cat water fountains will get the attention of your cat and cause it to naturally drink more.
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Are there cordless cat water fountains?

Yes, there are cordless fountains on the market. These are usually called automatic cat water fountains. They have a sensor that will automatically dispense water when your cat is close. This way, you will save more energy.

What materials can cat water fountains be made out of?

Just like any product, it is important to note what material your cat water fountain is made out of. Most of these items are mainly made out of plastic but keep in mind that these products are usually made of more than one material. Below, we will discuss the different materials found in cat water fountains:

  • Plastic: The best options are usually made out of high-quality plastic. This material is sturdy, inexpensive, and lasts a long time. However, you will have to clean this type of fountain more often, as plastic usually cracks and creates room for bacteria growth.
  • Stainless steel: This material stands out because it is very lightweight. However, it is not as sturdy as plastic. This material will not crack as easily as plastic and is hypoallergenic. Cat water fountains made out of this have smaller capacities (between 0.5 to 1 gallon). This avoids the water from becoming smelly.
  • Ceramics: The models that are made out of ceramics are very sturdy and can last you for a long time. They have thermal properties and keep the water at a good temperature. This type of fountain is also very easy to clean. However, they crack more than plastic and can attract more bacteria. So, you will have to clean them often.

Automatic cat water fountains have a sensor that will automatically dispense water when your cat is close. This way, you will save more energy.
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Are cat water fountains safe to use?

These items are completely safe. They are much more natural than traditional cat bowls, as cats usually prefer running water to stagnate water. Therefore, your pet will drink more and be more hydrated. This is extremely healthy and beneficial.

It is up to you to keep up with and clean your cat water fountain frequently. You need to change the water filter every 15 to 30 days and clean every part of the fountain. Make sure to read the product's instructions to know how often you need to do this.

How do I clean a cat water fountain?

If you are wondering how to clean this item, you have come to the right place. This procedure may vary depending on the model of cat water fountain that you purchase. However, do not worry; cleaning a cat water fountain is almost as easy as cleaning a traditional cat bowl. Here we have put together some general tips to help you get an idea, but always read the product's instructions:

  • Unplug the item.
  • Empty the water.
  • Take the item apart so that you have all of its parts in front of you individually.
  • Do not clean the water pump. It can break if it gets wet.
  • Clean every other part with water, soap, or another product. You can also put these parts in the dishwasher.
  • Make sure the parts are dry and put them back together.
  • Repeat this process every 10 to 15 days. Also, remember to change the water filter.

If you have various cats, you may want to invest in a larger water fountain for them.
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How long does a cat water fountain filter last?

We have mentioned various times that you have to change the filter of your cat water fountain. You may be wondering how often you have to do this and how long a single filter will last. There is not a single, straightforward answer, but it all depends on the quality of the filter and the product instructions. Each machine is different.

On the other hand, there are other things that you need to do along with changing the filter. You should always remember to clean this product and change the water frequently. How often you change the filter will also depend on how many cats you have and if you use bottled water or water from the tap.

Shopping Criteria

If you have reached this point in the article, you are probably still considering buying a cat water fountain. This is wonderful news. Who doesn't want to make sure their cat drinks enough water and stays happy and healthy? If you still feel a bit lost, we have put together a list of shopping criteria that will help you with your purchase:


Most cat water fountains can store from 1 to 3 quarts of water. You need to keep in mind how many cats you have. If you only have one cat, you won't need one too much water. However, if you have more than one or other pets that will be using the fountain, you will need a model that stores more water.

There are cordless cat water fountains.
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Energy Consumption

Even though the majority of cat water fountains do not consume much energy, you should always make sure that this is true before you purchase yours. Always read the product description. As we mentioned before in the article, there are automatic fountains that turn on with a sensor; these will save you even more energy.


You need to choose a cat water fountain with a design that goes well with your home. Although most of these items are very compact and will not make a huge difference, the design is still very important. Double-check how big the item is and if you have enough room for it.

Did you know that most cats do not like water because it can dry out the animal's skin and wash out pheromones that are essential for communicating with other felines?


In the shopping guide above, we talked about the different materials that cat water fountains are made of. No matter what it is made of, you need to make sure that the material is high quality. For example, if you want to buy a plastic cat water fountain, make sure that it is BPA-free. BPA is a harmful chemical used when making certain plastics.


We all know that cats hate getting in the water, but, just like all other animals, they need it to survive. As a cat owner, you want your pet to always be hydrated, happy, and healthy. A water fountain is a perfect item for you and your feline friend.

Throughout this article, we have talked about different cat water fountains on the market, their different parts, and what they are made of. There are a lot of options, but we are confident that you now know what is best for you and your pet. So, now it is up to you.

We hope that you have enjoyed our article about cat water fountains. If you liked this shopping guide and review, don't forget to share it with your friends on social media. Have you tried using this item with your pet? Tell us about your experience; we want to hear from you. Thank you so much.

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