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As soon as you have a large CD collection, CD racks provide the best possible storage and arrangement. There are different storage systems and extensions that help you keep order and keep track of your CDs. You can choose from models that differ in style, colour and material, such as glass, plastic, wood or metal.

To give you an overview, this article will give you an insight into current product recommendations, evaluation criteria and frequently asked questions about popular CD racks. We also show you what options are available to you and which important aspects should be considered before you buy.


  • CD shelves provide order and a better overview of your CD collection. This can also be expanded at any time thanks to various shelf extensions.
  • Most CD shelves can be easily converted and are therefore versatile for DVDs and other items. For example, you can assemble them yourself from disused pieces of furniture.
  • When purchasing a CD rack, a distinction is made between the following types: capacity, colour, material, shape and functionality of the CD rack.

The Best CD Shelf: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for CD shelf

To make it easier for you to decide which CD shelf to buy, we have summarised a few criteria that you should consider before making a purchase.

Here you will find a short overview:

We will then explain the individual topics in more detail so that you are well advised before you make the wrong purchase.


Before buying a CD shelf, it is important to consider the available storage space and how much room you need for your collection. The CD shelf may look great, but if your CDs don't fit on the shelf that is far too small, it can lead to a big disappointment.


CD shelf come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Depending on your taste, you can match it to the interior design of your home. Before buying, make sure that it blends in well with your other furniture.

Furthermore, some shelves have additional features and functions, such as lockable doors and blinds or drawers - in case you want to store certain CDs more discreetly.


Depending on how you want to use the CD shelf or which room furnishing you want it to match, there is a wide choice of many different materials.

Depending on your taste, you can choose from several types of wood, plastic, metal or glass. If you choose wood, beech, oak or pine are often used. For modern shelves, metal or glass is usually chosen. Depending on the load capacity of your CD shelf, the more stable and high-quality the material should be.


The size of the shelf is also an important factor. Before buying, you should make sure that the CD shelf you want will fit in the intended place in your home.

Generally speaking, you can choose between variants that can be placed upright on the wall or mounted across the wall above other pieces of furniture.


With the wide range of materials available to you, the price can often be higher depending on the quantity of material and weight. With product sets, you should pay attention to whether only the individual piece or the entire set is displayed. The heavier or larger the shelves are, the more delivery costs can be added to the product price.

If you also want to place other items on your CD shelf, it would also be important to note that the shelf can withstand the weight.


When installing the CD shelf on the wall, you should make sure that the quality of the mounting material is high enough. With cheaper models, screws can wear out more quickly than desired. This is especially true if you place heavy objects on your shelf in addition to the CDs.

Some CD shelf can also be moved freely in the room, e.g. on castors, or can simply be set up and do not require any extra wall mounting.


There are regular storage systems for CD shelves that can be extended at low cost by simply placing individual ready-made shelf sections next to or on top of each other.

This way, you don't have to worry about whether you can store your entire CD collection and you can upgrade at any time.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about CD shelf answered in detail

In the following sections, we have listed the most important questions regarding CD shelf and answered them in detail to best prepare you for your purchase.

For whom is a CD shelf particularly suitable?

Basically, CD shelf are suitable for anyone who owns a large collection of CDs and wants to store them neatly sorted or who would like to display this collection in an attractive way.

What types of CD shelf are there?

A distinction is made between different types of material, such as wood, glass, metal or plastic. If you prefer a rustic design such as wood, the popular materials beech, pine or oak are well suited.

CD Regal

Music is a special attitude to life - as diverse as people are, so are the musical styles. (Image source: Chichi Onyekanne/ Unsplash)

But if you prefer the classic and inexpensive option, plastic will do. For modern interiors, metal or glass can be combined very well with coloured furniture due to their neutral look.

How much does a CD shelf cost?

The costs often differ according to the material, the functionality or the size and shape of the CD shelf:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 - 50 €) Mostly single units, few functions, simple design, cheap material such as plastic/plastic and metal, to be placed on the floor, cheap or no mounting material at all
Medium-priced (50 - 150 €) Rarely in sets, some additional functions, better material, decent mounting material
High-priced (from 150 €) Usually high quality, larger and heavier - which leads to higher delivery costs, extension possible (set) and several functions, special shape and design

What do I have to bear in mind when cleaning the CD shelf?

The care and cleaning of the CD shelf depends on the preferred material. With wood, for example, you should not wipe too wet or use too aggressive cleaners that soften the wood or etch the surface.

Plastic, metal and glass are easier to handle in this case and not as susceptible as real wood. Nevertheless, you should always read the description of the cleaning agent before caring for it and make sure that it is suitable for the material in question.

What additional functionalities are there in CD shelf?

Depending on the purpose and preference, there are numerous functions to choose from.

For more flexibility in the living room, for example, castors on the underside of the CD shelf make it easier to move it to another place. You can also choose whether you prefer an open or closed shelf - for which there are lockable shelves with blinds, drawers or even glass doors.

Some of the shelves can be easily stacked vertically or horizontally to expand one's collection as desired. To make it easier to remove CDs, some shelves are even equipped with a spring mechanism.

What is the best way to convert or upcycle a CD shelf?

Most CD shelf are basically built in such a way that they can be easily converted and embellished.

With many shelves, the compartments can be easily removed or pulled out. You can then remove the castors or feet at the bottom and mount it crosswise on the wall, for example. Holes can be filled with putty, covered with coloured adhesive foil or painted over with matching furniture paint.

To spice up your CD shelf even more, you can take apart old picture frames, spray them with gold or silver spray and attach these frames to the edge of your shelf. There are also prefabricated pattern foils that you can apply to the outside or inside of the shelf to create a completely different room design. There are no limits to your ideas.


CD shelves bring order to your CD collection and provide a better overview. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of models, colours, materials and functions to suit every individual interior. If you want to buy a CD shelf, it is important to consider not only the look but also the features and size.

From a price point of view, CD shelf vary depending on the specific shape, size and type of material. Most CD shelf can be easily converted or repurposed and are therefore absolutely timeless. For the DIY enthusiasts among you, there are also a variety of online instructions on how to build your dream CD shelf if the desired shelf is too expensive for you.

(Cover photo: Brett Jordan/ Unsplash)

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