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2019, 50 million CD albums were sold in Germany. Although the numbers are dropping, everyone still owns CDs. Many of them are stored in boxes. CD stands are needed to present and sort the collection in the best possible way. With these, certain CDs can be found quickly.

They are available in wood, metal or glass. Extra for children, for the wall or lying down. There is a wide range of CD stands to integrate into your interior. There is a suitable one for every taste and every need. To help you find the perfect one, we have compared different products and worked out the most important aspects.


  • The CD stand is a practical and decorative piece of furniture. It sets the scene perfectly for your CD collection. You can use it to sort and organise your CDs. It is very space-saving and fits into every home.
  • Wooden CD stands are the easiest to expand and convert. If your collection is still growing, you should use it.
  • The price of a CD stand depends on many different factors. Important are material, design and size. Glass is generally the most expensive material. Special styles and designs are also more expensive. Important: The larger the CD stand, the more expensive.

The Best CD Stand: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for CD stands

In order to find the best CD stand for you, we have listed some buying criteria here. You can use these to guide your purchase. These criteria should help you find the right choice for your CD stand. Of course, it depends first and foremost on your requirements.

Criteria you should look for before buying your perfect stand are:

Material and colour

What material should your CD stand be made of? And what colour should it be? With these questions you can quickly narrow down your research. CD stands can be made of different materials. For example: Wood, metal, glass, cardboard or even plastic.

You should ask yourself how robust your stand should be. How long should it last? Do you have children or animals that could destroy the stand? If you have children or animals, a CD stand made of metal or wood is suitable. If you live alone, you can buy one made of glass.

When it comes to colours, you are free to choose: there are CD stands in every imaginable colour. They match any interior design. Only glass CD stands have no colour. These are usually transparent.


The size depends on the space you have. Measure the height and width of the space where the stand is to stand, lie or hang. There are CD stands in every size. These can be individually adapted to your home. You can also build CD stands yourself and determine your own dimensions.

CD size

Before buying, you should take a look at your CD collection. How many CDs do you have? You can adapt your CD stand to the amount of CDs you have. Typical CD stands can hold between 102 and 160 CDs. However, the amount depends on the size of the stand. The larger the CD stand, the more CDs it will hold.


Since a CD stand is inside, you should pay attention to the design. There are no limits here. Do you want the stand to stand out or to blend in with the décor? There are CD stands in retro, vintage and modern styles. There are extra ones for children's rooms, boys or girls. And the designs range from guitar and telephone box to dinosaur and cat.

There are also plenty of shapes. CD stands are available in round, square and triangular shapes. Many people attach particular importance to the lighting in the design of their CD stand. Here, too, there are different versions. And CD stands on castors are particularly popular.


CD stands can be placed anywhere in the home. There are some to stand on, but also some to hang up. You can mount them on the wall. And you can put them in cupboards or drawers. So you should decide where you want to store your CDs.

Frequently asked questions about CD stands answered in detail

CD stands are a complex and confusing topic. Here we will answer the most important questions about CD stands. In this way, we would like to ensure that no more questions remain unanswered.

Why do I need a CD stand?

If you have many CDs and like to present your collection. Then you need a CD stand. If you have a large collection of CDs, a CD stand is perfect for you. You can use it to sort and organise them.

You can also get to a CD quickly. And a CD stand is very space-saving. You have more space in your cupboard or drawer when your CDs are sorted on the stand.

What types of CD stands are there?

There are 3 different types of CD stands. I will list them below:

  • Standing: These CD stands stand on the floor and usually in a corner. They are 1 to 1.50 metres high. Due to their small width, they are space-saving.
  • Lying: Lying CD stands are found near televisions. They decorate the area and present the collection.
  • Hanging: Hanging CD stands are usually attached to the wall. Because they do not take up any space, they are space-saving.

How much does a CD stand cost?

The price of a CD stand varies depending on the material, size, design and brand. The higher the quality of the CD stand, the more expensive it is. Particularly eye-catching designs are usually more expensive than normal CD stands. In the following table, we would like to refer to different materials and sizes. This should provide a better overview.

Material Size Price range
Wood 90 cm 30-45 euros
Metal 138 cm approx. 65 euros
Glass 88-101 cm 110-140 euros

So for every price range, there are suitable CD stands made of different materials and in different sizes.

Can I convert or extend my CD stand?

Yes, that is possible. But it depends on the material. If you have a wooden CD stand, you can easily convert it. You can take away or add shelves and storage areas. And you can reduce the size of your CD rack by simple handiwork. You can expand it by adding a stand of the same type.

Metal CD stands are a little more complicated. But they can also be converted and extended. If you have the necessary tools, it's no problem. You can weld new surfaces to the stand. Or you can saw away superfluous surfaces. CD stands made of glass are difficult to convert. They cannot be extended either.

CD Ständer

CD stands are there to sort your CD collection in the best possible way. You can also convert and extend them as you wish. This is how your CDs fit into your desired stand (Image source: Brett Jordan/ unsplash)

There are lots of instructions and ideas on the internet on how to convert your CD stand. There are no limits to your creativity. You can repaint your CD stand. Or you can do some handicraft work on it. Alternatively, you can use it as a bookshelf.

How is a CD stand attached to the wall?

Most CD stands come with detailed assembly instructions. You will need a drill or screwdriver to fix it to the wall. Some CD stands for the wall have an integrated suspension. This must be screwed to the wall with a screwdriver. Others have extra screws and dowels that should be used for mounting.

You should always be sure that your wall can support a CD stand. In particularly old flats, the walls may be fragile. Screws will not hold. Test your wall before installing a CD rack. It is best to drill a small hole first to test the stability.

Why do I need a CD rack?

If you have a lot of CDs and like to display your collection. Then you need a CD stand. If you have a large collection of CDs, a CD stand is perfect for you. You can sort and organise them. You can also get to a CD quickly. And a CD stand is very space-saving. You have more space in the cupboard or drawer when your CDs are sorted on the stand.


CD stands are particularly suitable for presenting the CD collection at home. They are available in different variations and designs. So you can find the right one for every interior. When buying a CD stand, you should always keep a few aspects in mind. Important points are the material and the colour, the size, the CD volume, the style and the design, but also the place of installation is an important factor.

There are a countless number of different CD stands. As we have shown, there is a suitable one for every taste. Your needs play the first role. And these can be fulfilled even in the low price range.

Image source: unsplash / Brett Jordan

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