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Yes, you heard us: child leashes. It may sound strange to some, but the truth is that lots of people in the US and other countries use this type of safety strap for their little ones. In fact, thanks to them, many accidents are avoided.

When children start walking, all they want to do is to discover the world around them. We can all relate to having to chase our children around trying to catch them. And the fear that it entails, since we don't want anything to happen to them. With these straps, we can make sure that our little ones are always under control.

Key Facts

  • It is a shame that children who learn to walk have to be aware of the dangers around them. However, we do know these risks and we get more than a scare when our child decides to run off in the street.
  • Child leashes are a very practical safety accessory that allows us to control our little roadrunners, while giving them the freedom they need to investigate and know the world.
  • When choosing a child leash that best suits our needs, it is important that we take into account factors such as safety, size, material or quality. This way, we will know that the purchase is a good one.

Our Selection of the Best Child Leashes

It is normal to have doubts when choosing a child leash that suits us best. To help with this important decision, we have selected the best harnesses that we can find in the market today. There is one for every taste!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Child Leashes

The use of the child leash may not be too common in all areas. Therefore, for many parents it is a novel accessory that they had never heard of. But, once they are presented and consider trying it, several questions arise. To clarify all of them, today we answer the most frequently asked questions.

Child Leash-1
A child leash is a very practical safety accessory to keep the little ones under control.
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What is a child leash and what advantages does its use have?

A child leash is a very practical safety accessory to keep the little ones under control when we are in the street or in busy places. Its resemblance to dog leashes has created a heated debate between the defenders of this method and those who criticize them. Let's look at some of its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Control the child at all times
  • Avoid accidents or losses
  • Peace of mind when walking with children through crowded public spaces
  • Supports proper instruction
  • It can be aesthetically unpleasant
  • if not used correctly it can cause emotional trauma for the child

As we can see, the disadvantages depend only on the use we give to the child leash. And the advantages significantly reduce the danger risks of children and increase peace of mind for parents. Therefore, if the instructions are followed correctly, it is a safety accessory that we can take advantage of.

What types of child leashes are out there?

Although surely with the passage of time and the increase in the use of this type of safety harness, they are manufacturing new and increasingly advanced models, for the moment we can talk about three main types. Each of them has different characteristics, but they all have the same objective: the safety of children.

  • Traditional child leashes: They consist of a harness from which a belt comes out. It is the simplest and also the most discreet model.
  • Child leash with a backpack: As much has been discussed about the aesthetics of carrying our children on a leash, these new models incorporate a backpack (usually with fun shapes) from which the leash comes out. In this way, it does not give so much the feeling of a leash, but it is the backpack that catches attention.
  • Child leash with wrist strap: The latter type consists of two velcro bracelets joined by an elastic strap. One of the bracelets is for the child and the other for the adult, so they go together.

The preference for one type or another depends solely and exclusively on our tastes and needs. While wrist straps offer less "freedom," since they tend to be shorter, backpacks offer a fun design that children will like. Although, on the other hand, if you are not going to use it too frequently, the traditional one is ideal.

Child Leash-2
The child leash should fit the size of our child.
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How do I know if my child could use a children's leash?

The answer may seem obvious, but many parents have a hard time knowing when to start using a child leash.
Most children are very restless and, when they start walking, their only interest is to discover more and more things about their surroundings. That's why they run unexpectedly.

To decide if you need to use a children's leash, you should consider two things. It may be a good idea if your child is very active but is still too small to understand the dangers around him. It is also useful if the child is not calm when you go out.

What should I keep in mind before using a child leash?

These safety straps are new items that you may have not seen many people use. Therefore, it is easy to make mistakes when using them for the first time. Specialists in the field recommend to be clear about certain aspects that will guide you to make proper use of these products. Take note!

  • First of all, explain to the child what the leash is and what we are going to use it for. It is essential that they understand it.
  • Once they have understood the reasons why it is necessary, it will be easy for you to use it by mutual agreement.
  • You should never lose sight of the objective of the leash: safety. You should never use it as punishment or for any other purpose.
  • You should not guide the child with the leash as if they were a dog. Remember that there is nothing better than communicating so that your child and you understand each other, however small they may be.
  • It is important that, despite being tied, the child has freedom to move around. For this, it is best to respect them (you may stop to look at something if they ask you, for example).
  • It is important to be aware that the belt provides security, but it does not mean that we shouldn't always be aware.

If you consider all these conditions, you will get the most out of the child leash. You can ask the employees of the store or even the pediatrician if you start to have doubts. It is always better to inform yourself rather than to misuse the products.

What ages are recommended to use the child leash?

Something that we have to keep in mind is that the child leash only works when your children can already walk. Otherwise, it would not make much sense. Remember that the purpose of these safety straps is to prevent children from getting lost when you are on the street.

Although every child is different, the average age to use a child leash is between twelve and thirty-six months. From that moment on, your child will be able to understand certain dangers that exist if he does not stay close to his parents, and the leash will no longer be needed.

Child Leash-3
There different sizes of leashes and those with different lengths.
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Is a child leash the same as a harness for learning to walk?

It is easy to get the two confused, but no, they are not the same. While it is true that they are similar, at least in regard to aesthetics, one has has nothing to do with the other. While a child leash, as we have mentioned, serves to control the child when you are out in public, the harnesses provides them with stability while they learn to walk.

The fundamental difference is that the leash cannot be used if the child does not know how to walk autonomously. The harness, meanwhile, is an aid that provides security and puts the baby in the right position to learn to walk. It could be said, therefore, that we first use the harness and then the strap.

Buyer's Guide

When we choose any product, and especially if it is one for our children, we must take into account certain aspects that will guarantee that we are choosing the one that best suits our needs. Next, we talk about the main criteria for buying a child leash:


The child leash should fit the size of your child. Therefore, this is the first aspect that you should consider. There are different sizes and lengths depending on the distance you want to leave between you and the child. Regarding the latter, you should not overdo it, as it can be uncomfortable for other people.

You can find straps with adjustable sizes, which are great and last longer. Children grow by leaps and bounds and, in a year, you will surely have to change sizes several times. It is important that the harness has the appropriate dimensions so that it is not annoying for the child.


Although the strap will not be in direct contact with your child's skin, the material is still important. Not only for your child's health, but also for comfort. As a general rule, child leashes are made of resistant fabric and materials.

In addition, it is preferable that we choose a belt that can be washed in the washing machine without deteriorating. We must bear in mind that the leash will accompany you on your outings and that it will get stained. Therefore, the easier it is to clean, the better. It is ideal is to find the balance between resistance and comfort.


Durability, meanwhile, is closely related to the two aspects mentioned above. On the one hand, it does make sense to have to buy more than one child leash in the short time that you will be using it. Therefore, if you choose one that can adjust as the child grows, the better.

On the other hand, the higher the quality of the material, the more resistant it will be against falls, bumps, stains and, after all, the normal activity of a child. Parents buy lots of things for their children, so it is great when they can last as long as possible.


As we mentioned in one of the questions in the shopping guide, it is recommended  to present the child with the leash as another toy. It is best to pay attention to the design so that it suits the tastes of your child. This way, it will be more enjoyable for the child.

And within the design criteria, we can also talk about the different types of straps that exist. Before we talked about the child's tastes, but now you should consider your preference as a parent. You should choose the most comfortable strap model to use. Again, the key is balance.


Last but not least, we have security. Like any other item that is going to be used by a child, the strap must be approved and comply with the requirements established by the regulations for children's products. But how can we know that the strap follows all these regulations?

It's easy. The first thing we should do is look up the brand on Amazon. This is how you can know for sure that you are investing in a quality product. You should also look for any safety certification and product awards.


More and more people are using child leashes. And it is not by chance or a fashion statement. It is one of the most useful and safe childcare products that provides more peace of mind to parents. Therefore, and although some may not agree, these products are very useful.

Thanks to the straps we can forget about having to run after our child in public places and horrible feeling we get every time we lose sight of them. In addition, they are very useful for teaching children the importance of not separating from adults and the dangers that are around them. So, do you think it is time to give them a try?

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