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Console tables can make our everyday life easier. They are particularly suitable as a storage surface or as storage space if compartments or drawers are available.

Furthermore, console tables can also be used to personalise the living space, for example by placing photos on them. With our console table test 2021 we want to help you find the right console table for you.

We have picked out a few aspects for you that are helpful when buying a console table. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • Console tables are very practical in everyday life because you can place smaller objects on them, such as keys. But they are also suitable as placeholders, as some console tables also have drawers or grid shelves.
  • Console tables come in different materials. The most important material for console tables is wood, as most console tables are made of wood. You can choose from different types of wood.
  • Due to the different types of material, such as wood, glass, metal and also marble, there are different requirements for the cleaning and care of console tables.

The Best Console Table: Our Choices

There are many console tables on the market. However, there are differences in quality and durability, but also in cleaning and care.

Console table: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following, we show you the aspects that can be decisive when buying a console table. The criteria that you can use to compare console tables with each other include: In the following paragraphs, we will show you what is important in the individual criteria.


Console tables can be made of different materials such as wood, glass, marble and metal. The most important material that is used in almost every console table is wood. Therefore, wood will be discussed in more detail below. There are different types of wood that are suitable for the production of console tables. Examples of this would be:

  • Mango,
  • Mahogany,
  • Pine,
  • Rosewood
  • and often also solid wood.

Mango wood

As the name suggests, mango wood comes from the mango tree. Originally, this type of wood comes from India, but today it grows in almost all equatorial regions. The trees are usually planted on plantations. After about 15 years, they no longer bear fruit, so they are felled and the mango wood is used to make furniture such as console tables.

Mango wood is characterised by its exceptionally light colour. Furthermore, mango wood is relatively light and has a good density. This makes mango wood very stable and durable. Furthermore, mango wood feels hard and smooth, which makes it very suitable for console tables.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood has several mahogany trees, which are spread over several continents. The most common type of mahogany wood is the mahogany of the American mahogany tree. As the name suggests, the trees are mainly found in America, but they also spread outside America.

The wood is characterised by a reddish-brown colour. Furthermore, mahogany wood has the typical characteristic of darkening. Further characteristics of mahogany wood are its high dimensional and shape stability as well as its resistance to pests and fungi.


The pine is known by various names, for example, it is often called Italian stone pine, Mediterranean pine or umbrella pine. As with the mango tree, the pine also has edible elements, namely the pine nuts or seeds of the plant. The pine tree originates from the northern Mediterranean region. Pine wood is characterised by a light colour with a distinctive, dark grain.

Furthermore, pine wood has characteristics such as robustness, rusticity but also naturalness, which makes it ideal for the production of furniture pieces such as console tables. Pine wood is also considered soft, yet robust, heavy and stable.


Rosewood is derived from the tree species of the dabergia, which are found in the subfamily of the papilionaceous plants. These in turn belong to the legume family. Rosewood is characterised above all by the special colour of the wood.

Rosewood is one of the precious woods, as it is characterised by a high weight, high density and special resistance to pest infestation. Rosewood is very heavy. Rosewood is also characterised by its almond-like sweet smell. Furthermore, as already mentioned, it is very resistant and robust.

Solid wood

Solid wood is the term used to describe wood products where the processed wood comes entirely from naturally grown tree trunks. The wood is neither mechanically nor chemically treated or changed. Almost all the types of wood listed above, i.e. mango wood, mahogany wood and pine, belong to the group of solid woods.

That makes them ideally suited for the production of furniture, and their appearance is convincing without other material combinations. Console tables made of wood can also be combined with other materials. There are some console tables where the tabletop is made of glass, for example.

Metal, glass and marble

Console tables can also be made of metal. Different types of stainless steel are often used. For example, cast iron and aluminium are often used for larger pieces of furniture, but chrome, brass and copper are also often used to make furniture, especially small furniture such as console tables.

There are also console tables made of glass and marble.

Combinations of metal with other materials can also occur in console tables. Metal is often combined with wood. Other materials that are often combined in console tables are glass and marble.


You can also choose between different sizes of console tables. Most console tables are rather long and rectangular. However, there are also smaller console tables that are characterised by a small width, height and depth. As with the smaller console tables, the size is given in terms of width B, height H and depth T. The depth is the most important factor. The depth in particular is rather inappropriate as an indication, but it has become established in the designation of the dimensions.

For console tables, depth refers to the length of the table. In the case of console tables, the size is sometimes also given for the top and the bottom, as console tables are also characterised by the fact that they are wider at the bottom than at the top. Mostly, however, you will still only find the size specified in width, height and depth. Console table sizes are available between W 55 x H 74 x D 44 cm and W 180 x H85 x D 40 cm.


Console tables also come in a variety of colours. As already mentioned with the wood, the different types of wood also have different colour shades. Apart from that, however, metal can be of different colours. The standard colours for console tables are white, black, gold but also the special wood colours.

However, you can also buy colourful console tables in the most popular colours such as red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Multicoloured console tables are also the console tables that are made of a combination of two materials. An example of this would be black metal for the frame and for the legs of the console table and light brown wood for the tabletop.

Console tables: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important and most frequently asked questions about console tables. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the important background information about console tables.

What is a console table?

A console table is a piece of furniture that you can place anywhere in your home. The console table is often also called a table console or wall table, as it is often placed directly against walls. The console table can also have different shapes such as rectangular, round or even crescent-shaped. The most common form of console tables are the rectangular tables.


Console tables have different uses. For example, they can contribute to decoration, be used as a storage surface or be used as a living room table.
(Image source: Francesca Tosolini /Unsplash)

The console table usually consists of two or four thin legs and is further characterised by a long and narrow tabletop with a smooth surface. The legs are usually referred to as the base. As there are also different models, console tables can, for example, also have shelves, compartments or drawers, which means they offer additional storage space. Furthermore, the console table is characterised by its functionality and the variety of design options.

For example, console tables are very suitable for storing accessories, keys, notebooks and other small items. But you can also place photos on a console table. Another possibility would be to turn the console table into a dressing table with a mirror. You could also use a console table as a cutlery table in a dining room.

What types of console tables are there?

There are different types of console tables. They are usually distinguished by the material they are made of. However, console tables can also be distinguished by the number of shelves, such as lattice shelves, or by the number of drawers.

Type advantages disadvantages
Console table Wood different types of wood available cleaning and care can vary depending on the type of wood
Console table Metal very stable and fireproof increased risk of fingerprints with stainless steel
Console table Vintage furniture was made between 1920 and 1980 are really old and used
Console table with lattice shelves more storage space visibility of the items that are in the lattice shelves

When it comes to wooden console tables, there are various types of wood that can be used to make console tables. These include, for example, mahogany, pine and mango wood. The different types of wood also give you different colourings, as each wood has its own colouring. Console tables made of metal have the advantage that they are very stable and fireproof.

Here, too, there are different types, such as aluminium, steel or iron. With stainless steel console tables, however, you should be aware that they often pick up fingerprints more easily. One speaks of a vintage console table when the piece of furniture was manufactured between 1920 and 1980. This means that original vintage furniture is already very old and used.

However, you can also opt for a vintage style. In this case, the console tables only look old and used, but are actually new furniture. The console table with lattice shelves has the advantage that you have more storage space available. However, it also has the disadvantage that the objects on the grid shelves are visible to other people, such as visitors. Drawers would be alternatives here.

What does a console table cost?

A console table can cost between approximately 45 and 9300 euros. This is a very large price range. However, the price of standard console tables is between 45 and 160 euros.

Type price
Standard console tables circa 45 to 160 €
Luxury console tables circa 1,688 to 9,300 €

The price range also shows that there is a big jump in the price range. The luxury console tables, which are mostly handcrafted and made of materials such as silver and gold leaf, are much more expensive. The price starts at around 1,688 € and goes up to 9,300 €.

What do I have to bear in mind when caring for console tables?

As already mentioned, console tables can be made of different materials. Therefore, the cleaning and care of console tables varies depending on the material. Most console tables are made of wood. However, there are different types of wood that need to be taken into account when cleaning and caring for them.

In the case of mango wood, it is sufficient to use a damp cloth for everyday cleaning of the console table to prevent dust deposits and minor dirt. Furthermore, furniture waxes and furniture oils can be used to care for mango wood furniture such as the console table. These protect the surfaces and preserve the good appearance of the furniture for a long time.


Furniture oils and furniture wax can help protect the wood. This preserves the natural colouring for longer.
(Image source: Kelly Sikkema /Unsplash)

American mahogany should be cared for at regular intervals. To maintain the colouring of the mahogany in the long term, it should be cared for by applying clear, satin to high-gloss agents. This will also reduce darkening, as the wood reacts to UV light. If you want to use the console table for the garden, for example, it is advisable to glaze it regularly so that the console table receives long-term protection.

With pine, cleaning and care are somewhat easier. For everyday use, as with mango wood, a duster and a slightly damp cloth are sufficient to remove dirt and dust. However, it should be noted that untreated surfaces should be cleaned dry. If you want to protect the pine wood in the long term, you should also use furniture waxes and oils.

Note: Clean untreated wood dry!

Cleaning rosewood is again very easy, as a damp duster is sufficient. However, it is advisable to treat rosewood regularly with care products so that the rosewood is protected in the long term and the original quality is maintained. Furniture waxes and oils are very suitable for this purpose.

If the console table is made of stainless steel, a stainless steel care product such as care sprays should be used the first time it is used to remove any foreign bodies that may still have adhered from the manufacturing process. For everyday cleaning, a damp cloth is usually sufficient to remove fingerprints, for example. For heavier soiling, you can also use cleaning milk or sponges.

It is important to rinse the surface with cold water afterwards. If you have a console table made of glass or with glass components, you should clean it mainly with soft cloths and a little glass cleaner. With marble, too, it is usually sufficient to wipe off dirt with a damp cloth.

What alternatives are there to a console table?

If you don't want a console table, there are also alternatives that are similar to the console table but are still distinguished from console tables. There are mainly two alternatives, which are briefly presented in the following table.

Type Description
Chest of drawers The chest of drawers is a piece of container furniture that has a similar height to the console table. In contrast to the console table, the chest of drawers consists mainly of drawers and is derived from the chest.
Sideboard A sideboard is similar to a chest of drawers. However, a sideboard is narrower than a chest of drawers. Sideboards also have drawers or doors.

Other alternatives that are similar to the sideboard or chest of drawers and the console table are the secretary, a shelf, side tables or a lowboard.


Sideboards are good alternatives to the console table. There are also subgroups to sideboards, such as the lowboard.
(Image source: Kam Idris /Unsplash)

The difference between the lowboard and the sideboard is the height.

The lowboard is a sub-type of the sideboard. Other alternatives can be a credenza, a filing cabinet or a room divider.


With the help of a console table, you can design your living space individually, for example by placing photos on it or using the console as a shelf for smaller objects. In everyday life, it is hard to imagine life without a console table, as almost everyone has either a console table or one of the alternatives listed.

Console tables are made of different materials, so it is advisable to find out beforehand what requirements the respective material has for cleaning and care. Furthermore, there are also some alternatives that you can fall back on if you do not decide on a console table.

Image source: Venezia / 123rf

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