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The arrival of the first baby is a thrilling time in the life of every parent. You want to offer them all the comfort that they need, and you expect everything to be perfect from the very first minute. However, the birth of a baby can also be very stressful and involves various expenses if you want to be fully ready.

You will accompany your baby from the moment they are born and throughout their life. It can be hard to accept at times, but our children do grow up. For this, they need a comfortable and safe place to rest. This is why convertible cribs are ideal: you can later turn them into a bed to suit different stages of growth of your baby. It is truly an investment for the future.


  • The main feature of convertible cribs is that they can turn into beds when babies grow.
  • You should always purchase children's products that comply with regulations and standards.
  • There are various aspects to consider to choose the best convertible crib for your baby. These include the size, design, functionalities, safety features, or the number of babies you have.

The best Convertible Crib: Our Picks

In the following section, you will discover our very own selection of the best convertible cribs currently on the market. Read their description to learn more about each model and determine which one will most fit your needs and, more importantly, that of your little one. Note that all the products listed below comply with regulations.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Convertible Cribs

Before you delve into the broad market for your new convertible crib, there are a few aspects of the product that you should familiarize yourself with. That way, you can make an informed decision and be satisfied with your purchase. In the section below, we look at the main characteristics of these baby products, as well as the most frequently asked questions by past buyers.

Convertible cribs are generally designed to stay in a single place; they are heavier and often do not have wheels.
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What is a convertible crib exactly?

Babies grow fast, and everything gets smaller around them – especially their beds, which can become a real economic burden. Convertible cribs give you the possibility to turn them into a bed once your baby outgrows it; that way, you can keep the same product for many more years and even until adolescence. You will save money and gain comfort.

This is precisely what makes them so attractive. While they look like regular cribs at first glance, you can late transform them into a bed or other furniture – from dressers to desks and bedside tables. If you invest in a convertible crib, your child will use it during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. In the table below, you can compare convertible cribs with traditional models:

Convertible crib Conventional crib
Advantages More affordable in the long term.

More environmentally friendly.

Average useful life for up to 12 years.

Some models come with various accessories (changing tables or dressers, for example).

Initially more economical.

Easier to transport.

Disadvantages More expensive.

They take up more space.

Not useful when babies are very small. In this case, a Moses basket (or carrycot) is more appropriate.

they are only helpful for an average of two years.

You will need to buy other furniture, which makes them ultimately more expensive.

They rarely include accessories.

Are convertible and folding cribs the same?

Don't make the mistake of confusing convertible cribs with folding models. The latter are designed to be lightweight and easily carried around. They are convenient when you are traveling or moving from one room of your home to another. However, they cannot be turned into a bed.

Convertible cribs, on the other hand, are usually designed to stay in one place. They are heavier, and most do not come with wheels. As you know, their biggest perk is that they can be converted into a bed when your child reaches a certain age. In addition, many models now feature several additional accessories.

Until what age can a convertible crib be used?

This ultimately depends on the model. Some convertible cribs can be used until the child is 12, while others recommend use until 9 years of age. Other options, on the other hand, are designed to be used until the age of 5. Always check the maximum age advised by the manufacturer and choose the right model based on how you want to use it.

Convertible cribs are fairly large and, therefore, not recommended for newborn babies. In these cases, Moses baskets are much more efficient. In the table below, you can compare the main characteristics of Moses baskets, mini cribs, and cribs. Remember that the measurements given are general and may change from one model to the next.

Moses basket Mini crib Crib
Shape Wicker carrycot with handles separated from the support Rectangular Rectangular
Size 30 x 15 inches 25 x 30 inches 25 x 50, 28 x 15 or 50 x 30 inches
Height Carrycot height: 10 inches Internal height: 12 inches The height depends on the model.
Advantage Handy and lightweight, ideal for carrying a baby Lightweight, therefore transportable More spacious, ideal from 6 months of age onwards
Useful life You can use it for the first few months. It becomes difficult to carry when your child begins to weigh more. Up to the first 4-6 months Traditional cribs can be used up to the first 2 years.

How do convertible cribs adapt to children's growth?

First of all, you should know that the vast majority of convertible cribs come with different mattress heights to adapt to the growth of your child. If your baby cannot stand up correctly yet, the maximum height will help protect your back since you have to take your little one out and back in the crib several times a day.

Once children are older, on the other hand, you can decide to lower this height so that they cannot hop over the safety railing. When the time comes to leave the crib – around the age of 4 for most children, it can then transform into a bed with adjustable height to adapt to the size of the little one.

Are convertible cribs easy to mount?

Most of the products on the market are designed to be easy to assemble, and even the clumsiest of us should be able to do it. Besides, virtually all convertible cribs come with a kit to mount it and turn it into a bed when your child is outgrowing it. In any case, be sure always to follow the manufacturer's manual when assembling or disassembling this product.

Shopping Criteria

You have to consider various key factors before buying your very own convertible crib. In the following section, we have detailed some of the criteria that you should be familiar with when you're out hunting for the right product. That way, you can be sure that you make the right decision and choose the best model for your baby. Let's look at the five aspects below:


Convertible cribs tend to be larger than standard models. Most of them will measure approximately 55 x 30 inches when converted into a bed, although you can find products of different sizes. As a general rule, remember that the larger the crib is, the more expensive it will be – especially if it includes accessories such as a small dresser or drawers.

While it is true that convertible cribs take up more space, don't forget that this space will soon be occupied by a bed anyway. The size mostly matters if you want to co-sleep with your child, in which case the crib needs to fit next to your bed. You should also factor in how important portability is to you, as this will strongly influence your decision.

The main feature of convertible cribs is that they can turn into beds when babies grow.
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The most basic convertible cribs will transform into a bed, and all you need to do is remove the two sides. If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, you can also get a model that includes a closet and drawers to store all your baby products and clothes. These will turn into a bedside table or shelves once you convert the crib into a bed.

The options are continually improving, and you can now find cribs that turn into beds but also desks for your child to do homework once they start going to school. There are also specific cribs for co-sleeping or products that can turn into bunk beds – which are ideal if you are expecting twins. The world of convertible cribs is vast out there, so make sure you explore all your options!


The safety and physical integrity of our children is naturally our number one concern. This is why you need to make sure that the height at which you can adjust the crib base is sufficient to prevent your baby from falling. The thickness of the mattress, as well as the overall height of the crib, should also be taken into account.

Don't overlook toxic paints and varnishes, either. Babies are some of the most curious creatures in the world, and they won't hesitate before putting something in their mouths. For this reason, it is imperative that the convertible crib you purchase fully complies with standards and regulations.

Always check the maximum age advised by the manufacturer and choose the right model based on how you want to use it.
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Purchasing a convertible crib is a long-term investment, and you naturally want the product to last as much time as possible. Since you can turn it into a bed when your child grows up, you end up saving money in the long run. There is no point in paying more for a convertible crib rather than a regular bed if it will only last a couple of years.

Brands use different materials to manufacture convertible cribs – fiberboard or beechwood, for instance. Ultimately, what you want to purchase is a high-quality, durable material so that you don't have to buy another product until the age limit of your convertible crib.


Whether we like it or not, babies eventually grow up and stop being babies. Just like their little bodies change, so do their tastes. In that regard, you are advised to pick a simple, timeless design with neutral color tones. Children's motifs can annoy them at a certain age, although you always have the possibility of painting over them.


We always want what's best for our babies, and a place where they can sleep comfortably and safely is one of the most important things. Throughout our article, you have discovered the main benefits and features that convertible cribs have to offer. Whether you decide to invest in one or not is entirely your decision, and you now know how to evaluate your needs to make the right choice.

A convertible crib can last up to 12 years, which means that you will only have to buy one bed until your child reaches that age. This is a real investment for the future, so don't forget to consider all aspects of these baby products. These include the space you have available, your budget, the features you want, and, of course, the safety of your little one.

We hope that our guide on convertible cribs has helped both your baby and you. If that's the case, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below. You can also share this article on your social media!

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