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The inevitable contact with diapers on the delicate skin of babies during their first months of life causes, on many occasions, redness or irritation. These types of reactions are known as diaper rash, and they are mostly treated with creams.

This redness, which usually appears on the buttocks and crotch of our little ones, is caused by the humidity of the urine and feces in contact with the skin. While it is not too severe, it is important to treat it to prevent it from getting worse. In this guide you will find all the answers about the most common treatment: diaper rash cream.

Key Facts

  • Taking care of our child's skin is essential, since it is very sensitive and is very susceptible to irritations and rashes. This is worsened with the use of diapers and the humidity they cause with urine and feces.
  • One of the most used treatments to prevent and reduce this usual irritation is diaper rash cream. This protective cream reduces redness and discomfort caused by irritation.
  • When choosing the ideal diaper rash cream for your baby, you should take into account factors such as composition, acting time, and effectiveness. This way, you will get the most out of the product

Our Selection: The Best Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper dermatitis is such a common condition that the list of creams for treatment is virtually endless. This great variety gives us the possibility of finding the product that best suits our needs, but can be difficult to choose from. To make it easier, we have selected the best creams for diaper rashes.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Diaper Rash Creams

Especially if we are first-time parents, seeing redness on our baby's bottom can scare us. If we are faced with this situation, the use of diaper rash cream will reduce the symptoms. And as we always worry about using new products on our little one's skin, we will answer the most frequent questions about these protective creams.

What is diaper rash cream and what are its advantages?

Before talking about diaper rash cream, it is worth clarifying what the condition is in the first place. Diaper rash or dermatitis is a reaction or irritation on the baby's skin caused by constant contact with the diaper and the feces and urine it contains. It is not a serious medical condition, but, if left untreated, it can lead to large blisters.

One of the advantages of the cream is that it relieves skin irritation. (Source: Deymos: 75688717/

Protective creams are one of the most used remedies to combat and reduce the symptoms of this irritation. It is important to keep in mind that the diaper rash cream does not eliminate dermatitis, it simply decreases the skin and reduces redness, itching and discomfort. These are some of its main advantages:

  • Relieves skin irritation.
  • Reduces the appearance of new rashes.
  • Creates a protective layer that preserves the hydration of the skin and prevents direct contact with feces and urine.

Although they are very effective, these types of creams are not miraculous. Diaper dermatitis takes several days to remit and it is common for it to appear on different occasions as long as the use of the diaper continues. Despite this, if we do not notice improvement with the use of the cream, the ideal is to consult with the pediatrician and follow his instructions.

What causes irritations treated with diaper rash creams?

The main culprit: moisture. With bowel movements, and no matter how absorbent the diapers are, there is always some moisture left in contact with the babies' skin. In addition, if diarrhea occurs, especially due to a change in diet, antibiotics or teething, even more irritation is caused.

Of course, in the composition of disposable diapers we find materials that can cause allergic reactions. If this is the case, we can try cloth diapers and see if the symptoms improve. It is important to keep track, since dermatitis can also be caused by a fungal or bacterial infection.

KidsHealth.orgHealth Organization for Parents
"Diaper rash that lasts for more than a few days, even with changes to the diapering routine, might be caused by a yeast called Candida albicans. This rash is usually red, slightly raised, and has small red dots spreading beyond the main part of the rash."

When should I use a diaper rash cream?

Diaper dermatitis is a very common condition during the first months of life, and it may appear while the use of the diaper continues. Therefore, it is advisable to have a cream at home and thus be able to use it if any of the following symptoms appear:

  • Redness is the area where diapers touch
  • Pain
  • Inflammation of the buttocks or crotch area
  • Excessive crying of the baby during diaper change
  • Shrinking reaction when you touch your baby's skin
  • Peeling

These symptoms can appear both individually (especially at the beginning) and several at the same time (especially if the condition is not treated). It is very important to detect the problem in its beginnings so that we avoid it getting worse and you have to turn to the doctor to solve it.

What do I do if the diaper rash cream does not cure the symptoms?

We mentioned earlier that diaper rash symptoms can last several days. However, if you notice that it lengthens too much in time and that, despite the use of the cream, these symptoms do not diminish or worsen, you should consult our pediatrician.

Some of the situations in which it is essential that the treatment be carried out by a specialist are the appearance of bleeding, excessive itching, painful urination or fever. On these occasions, the pediatrician will prescribe other more powerful treatments.

The main cause of diaper rash is moisture. (Source: Choreograph : 50427815/

What makes diaper rash cream so effective?

Diaper rash cream prevents and reduces the symptoms of diaper rash very effectively. The good results of this type of protective cream lies mainly in its composition. The most commonly used ingredients are zinc oxide, lanolin and hydrocortisone. Let's see what each of them contributes:

Ingredients Use Advantage
Zinc oxide They reduce the average rash and relieve the most common symptoms. Creams are very easy to apply.
Lanolin It acts as a barrier, calms the skin and prevents irritation. Natural ingredients
Hydrocortisone Effectively removes scars and reduces inflammation. Very effective when other creams do not work.

You can find creams with one of these ingredients and some that combine several. The main thing is to make sure that our baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream. Also, you should not worry if a type of cream does not work, it is normal that you may have to try a few until you find the right one.

Should I apply diaper rash cream every time the diaper is changed?

The simple answer: no. And it is very important that you avoid overusing diaper rash cream. You should keep in mind that they are not daily moisturizers, but that they are treatments for a certain condition. If you use them when it is not necessary, the baby's skin can create a resistance and then they will not be effective.

In addition, these types of protective creams have strong components that can become aggressive with the baby's skin if they do not have the symptoms of dermatitis or you apply them improperly. Therefore, the constant use of these creams can worsen the condition. It is very important to read carefully and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Did you know that in the 70's diapers were introduced with adhesive paper tape on the sides?

What other practices can I combine with the use of diaper rash cream?

Although the use of diaper rash cream will significantly reduce the symptoms, it never hurts to combine other practice that speeds up recovery. Take note, because here are the main tips from pediatricians and specialists when treating diaper rash:

  • Try to change diapers frequently, preferably every time the baby pees or poops.
  • Make sure the baby's skin is completely clean when you change the diaper. It is recommended to use warm water and neutral soap.
  • To dry their skin, it is best to let the baby air dry or use small taps with the towel, never by rubbing.
  • Fasten the diapers somewhat loose, so that they let the skin breathe.
    Try to have your baby spend as much time as possible without a diaper, as this will speed up recovery.

They are very simple indications that will cost us nothing to follow and that will contribute very positively to the treatment of diaper rash. In addition, these tips can also be followed when the baby is not affected, as they are very useful to prevent the appearance of irritations and redness.

Shopping Criteria

When we buy products for our children, and especially if it is a medical treatment, it is not enough to just take a look and make a quick decision. It is best to assess certain aspects that assure us that we are making the best decision. Next, we have the main criteria for diaper rash cream that you should consider:


Of course, one factor in which you should always look at when purchasing a product that we will apply on the baby's skin is the composition. First of all, it is important that the diaper rash cream that you buy has at least one of the main ingredients we have talked about before.

Diaper rash cream is very easy to use. (Source: Goodluz: 35845467/

But more importantly, that does not have toxic compounds or ingredients that can be harmful to the sensitive skin of a child. Although some of the creams advertise their high level of effectiveness, if they contain overly aggressive ingredients, their use may be counterproductive. We want solutions, not more problems.

Dermatological Testing

Another aspect that you should take into account when choosing a cream is that is best for our little one is seeing that it is dermatologically tested. Although it is not guaranteed to be perfect for your baby, it is much more likely that creams that meet this requirement do not cause allergies on the baby's skin.

In addition to this badge, it is also advisable to look for something that indicates that the cream is hypoallergenic, which means that it is specifically formulated to reduce the risk of reactions. We already know how delicate and sensitive babies' skin can be, so any prevention is good.


The effectiveness of a cream can only be tested once used, which means that you will have already bought it, so it is important to look at reviews and see if it has worked for others. These assessments can be from opinions of other consumers to the recommendations of the pediatrician himself.

This way, when you opt for a particular cream, you will have the endorsement of the experience of another person who used it before you and affirm that it is effective. With several reviews clearly shown on Amazon, it is very easy to get these opinions.

Other Benefits

With this we mean that, although diaper rash creams are designed and used for a particular purpose, if the one we choose brings other benefits, it is much better. These benefits may be, for example, that it has moisturizing ingredients or reducing sebum production.

We can also find creams that help the regeneration of skin damaged by diaper rash. There are even some who claim to be effective as a lotion for adults or as aftershave for parents in a hurry when they shave quickly. The more uses, the better.

Con el tiempo que va a pasar en casa, cuantos más usos le demos, mejor.

Remember to use wet wipes without alcohol or fragrance.
(Source: Choreograph: 50427829/


You should choose a cream with an expiration date as far as possible, especially if it is large containers.

While you will use the cream on several occasions while your child is using a diaper, the affected areas are usually not too large, so you will not use a lot of cream. Remember that when creams expire, you should get rid of them. Using expired products on the baby's skin can cause reactions.


Diaper rash cream is great for all those parents who want to relieve your children of the discomfort caused by diaper rash. This is a condition that we cannot avoid and that will appear on different occasions due to the continuous use of the diaper, since it is a place where the humidity produced by the pee and the feces accumulates.

This type of cream acts as a protective barrier for the baby's skin, which is sensitive and delicate, soothing irritation and reducing redness and inflammation. In addition to the use of the cream, you can follow other practices that will help alleviate the symptoms. It is advisable to have a cream for "diaperitis" at home to treat the condition as soon as it appears.

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