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Whether traveling for work or pleasure, having somewhere to put important documents is not only handy but necessary, especially if you want to avoid losing or destroying them. Document holders refer to different bags, wallets, and carriers that carry in both size and functionality to store work and personal items. They range from small, wallet-sized carriers for cards, passports, etc., to larger briefcases and special document bags, which are used similarly to traditional portfolio cases.

Nowadays, many companies are also designing different compartments to carry tablets and small computers. The carriers and bags for travel documents which are smaller, tend to focus on security. With so many different types of documents holders, it can be a struggle finding one that meets all of your requirements and is at the same time the most convenient option. In this article, we’ll break down the main types of documents holders for men, and provide you with some of the top products we have found on the market

Key Facts

  • There are various types of document holders for men that come in all different sizes; from briefcases to small, card-size neck pouches.
  • Document holders are made for both professional and personal use. Created to store not only passports and other travel documents but also other work and personal items.
  • If you like to carry your computer or tablet with you, make sure your carrier of choice can fit both the electronics and any notepads are papers you want with you as well.
  • Small travel document bags should have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocker to protect credit cards against fraud by radiofrequency .
  • Keep in mind your preference for material and build. Aside from aesthetic desires, many people, such as vegans and animal activists, stray away from document bags made of real leather or other animal skin.

Our Selection: The Best Document Holders For Men

There are several types of document holders all varying in size, function, and materials. In this ranking, we’ve included a wide range of styles, making sure to include the best options in certain important categories. All you have to do next is choose the one that best suits your needs.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Men’s Document Holders

Because there is such a wide variety of document carriers and cases, your search can lead you in a bunch of different directions. Below, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions among consumers and go over the main features and considerations to keep in mind when looking for the perfect one for you.

Ultimately, you should make sure the document holder you choose best suits your needs.
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What are document holders and what are they used for?

Simply put, document holders are large or small containers where you can store and transport all your important documents, electronics or miscellaneous work items. They range anywhere from a traditional briefcase to a small wallet like pouches. There are a number of models available on the market, designed for slightly different circumstances and with varying purposes.

The list below contains some of the more specific types of document holders for men:

  • Document holder for travel
  • Document holder for men
  • Passport holder for travel
  • Document holder folder
  • Men’s briefcase
  • Document holder wallet
  • Briefcases A4
  • Zip document folders
  • Passport wallet
  • Travel wallet
  • Briefcase A5
  • Lanyard document holders
  • Passport RFID wallet

How many types of document holders are there?

Generally speaking, you will find a document holders to be classified according to their size and overall function. On the one hand, there are the more traditional briefcase-style bags, folders or portfolio envelopes and cases; and on the other hand, there are the smaller, neck or handbag pouches for smaller documents. Below is a quick break down of the two main criteria and their characteristics, which can vary based on the model design.

  • Function: Are you looking for a document holder for work or for travel? Briefcases, portfolios, and envelopes with zippers are commonly found in academic or professional settings. Smaller, neck or handheld document wallets are more specifically designed for travel.
  • Size: For work environments you can choose from various styles and sizes. Briefcases and portfolio bags tend to be slightly larger than envelopes and document folders with zippers. Envelopes and folders are usually found in two sizes: A4 and A5. Lastly, the smallest holders are the ones made to be worn around the neck or handheld, these often place a high emphasis on portability and security.
Did you know that briefcases are descendants of the limp satchel used in the fourteenth century for carrying money and valuables.

What functions does a document holder have?

Document holders not only keep your items safe and provide an easy way to transport your work and personal documents, but they also provide a place to organize and store almost any office or computer tool you can think of. Below is a quick summary of all the different items and functions that make document holders and bags very useful.

Type of holder Top functions
Briefcase Portability: Carried by handles or straps.

Can often fit a tablet of any size.

Fits Papers and notepads size A4.

Organizers: Pockets and holders for pens, cell phone, cards, etc.

Envelope or folder A4 Can often fit tablets and laptops of any brand and size.

Organizers: Pockets and slots for cell phones, flash drives, pens and cards, among others.

Fits papers and notepads size A4.

Envelope and folders A5 Can fit a small tablet of up to 9 inches.

Organizers: Pockets and slots for cell phones and other gadgets you may need.

Fits papers and notepads size A5.

Handheld document holder for travel Safety and Security: Protects your credit cards against radiofrequency hacks - RFID protection.

Comfort and portability: Very manageable and smaller in size. Durable and resistant to falls.

Lanyard document holders Security: You carry it on your body at all times. They also include RFID protection.

Comfort: Small and manageable, make sure the necktie is of comfortable materials.

It is also convenient to have your hands free during travel.

What are the advantages of each of the different models of document holders?

Each document holder has its own individual assets. The size, material, flexibility, and compartmentation will determine the various advantages of each one. Make sure you take the time to survey all the features available in different models to find that one that will be most beneficial and convenient for you.

Type of document holder Advantages
Briefcases Ample space: Can easily fit tablets and laptops as well as a number of other papers and notepads.

Elegant and professional appearance.

Comfortable to carry, thanks to sturdy and well-built handles.

Folders and bags: size A4 Professional look with a casual touch.

Fits tablets and A4 sized paper documents.

Folders and portfolios: size A5 Occupies less space and fits easily into any backpack.

They are more manageable.

Hand bags for travel They have RFID protection.

Small and discreet size.

Neck document holder RFID-protected.

They allow hands to be left free, something very practical when travelling.

Where and when should a document holder be used?

Although it may seem obvious, professional-type document holders are designed to meet the needs of any man who is either trying to keep their belongings organized or to assist those constantly on the go. Small travel document holders have their main role in airports and train stations, making travel easier and less of a hassle. Below is a summary of when and where the different models are commonly used:

Type of holder: When and where:
Briefcase and portfolio

Envelops and folders A4

Envelops and folders A5

Work environment: Business meetings, conferences, presentations, and business travel.
Hand wallets and pouches Daily use: to carry cards, a phone, keys, and many other gadgets.

Made specific for travel: These are made to carry your passport and bording pass, among other important documents and ID.

Lanyard and neck holders Used mostly for travel.

They are great for travel since they allow you to have your hands free for the rest of your luggage.

What other things can be used as document holders?

Fanny packs and slings have begun to become popular yet again. You may recall that for many years their popularity decreased, specifically among men. Wearing them would make your stile seem antiquated or even feminine. That is changing. Fanny packs and slings are back in and there are many manufacturers specializing in travel and work products. The benefits of these bags are that they are on your body and can easily be out of sight. They come in new and improved designs that favor practicality and comfortability.

Buyer's Guide

When choosing a document holder, you need to think about what exactly you will be using it for and where. Is it going to be an article for daily use in the workplace or just for travel and special occasions? In terms of size, you will need to check that your tablet or laptops easily fits inside while also leaving space for your other belongings. If you are working outside or in harsh conditions, choosing the proper material is something that you should keep in mind.

Type of document holder

We have already briefly described the various advantages that each type of document holder can offer, now it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate one for your needs:

  • Briefcase
  • Folder or portfolio (sizes A4 and A5)
  • Travel handbag
  • Neck bag/pouch for travel


The function of document cases for professional use is more or less the same as that of a traditional briefcase. The biggest difference in the last few decades are the new designs made to hold and organize all the new age devices businesses and individuals use from a day to day business like tablets and laptops.

In regards to travel documents, the purpose of these specialized bags is pretty self-explanatory. The biggest defining characteristic is their compact and convenient size is that it enables you to keep all your tickets, passport and other papers safe and easily accessible.

There is a plethora of designs on the market, you just have to find the one that fits you and your style.
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Keep in mind that you can choose a bag that accommodates everything you carry with you on a daily basis, it doesn't have to be the only things you may put inside your document holder. Portfolios and briefcases are slightly larger document holders, able to carry larger electronics (laptops and tablets), various notepads and stacks of work papers.

Travel document holders are much smaller, easily fitting around the neck, on the waist, or fit effortlessly inside other bags. If you are planning on carrying it inside other bags, you also have to consider having a bag that will fit your carrier. If you’re unsure you’ll have space, opt for an A5 holder or handheld holder since they are much more manageable.


The main requirement for most professionals is that the document holder of choice is sturdy, and has adequate padding to protect your belongings from falls. Higher-end designs include interior compartments that keep precise items in place like money, credit cards, tablets or laptops.

Other higher-end designs include fire and water-resistant properties, although these aren’t needed or desired by all consumers. Travel document holders, however, usually include a number of extra security features. The bag itself is usually designed in a much more secure manner to avoid theft and pickpocketing. Other more expensive bags include RFID projections, which protects from credit card fraud.

All the different types of document holders have their own special features.
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Folders and briefcases are almost always made of synthetic materials such as PU leather (polyurethane coated) or a durable silicone fiberglass material. Synthetic leather is flexible, resistant and cheap material in comparison to natural leather. In some cases, document carriers are made of a combination of synthetic materials and animal fibers.

For those that prefer a more elegant and sleek look, there are a number of real leather document bags that are not only very durable and will last for years but give a traditional and classic style. However, these brands and models almost always come at a higher cost.


Documents holders allow you to turn any cozy corner, room or coffee shop into your own personal workspace. You can bring along with you everything you need without any concern of losing your important work papers and, even more importantly, your laptop or tablet. There are holders that can accommodate not only your notepads and work documents but also electronics, wallets, headphones and more.

Remember that larger holders will allow you to bring everything you need and stay organized, while smaller holders prioritize portability and security. There are document holders of all sizes; ones that are perfect for travel, and ones that allow you to bring your entire office in a safe and compartmentalized bag. With all the new advances in design and technology, there’s no doubt you will find the perfect document holder for you or your loved one.

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