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Dog doors are essential in your home if you want your pet to enjoy the outdoors. In this article, we will go over the best way to use dog doors, where to put them and what are the best dog doors for sale on the Internet.

Some dog doors are installed in the general access to the house, and sometimes in some of the rooms of the house or apartment. Find out just how to choose the most suitable product for your furry friend, how to make the right purchase, and all the details of what to look for. The goal is, as always, is to find the best for your dogs and also for you!

Key Facts

  • Dog doors are not a barrier to their freedom, but quite the opposite. They are tools that allow the entry and exit of the dogs to a private garden, patio or terrace area that is safe for them to run around or to relieve themselves.
  • The age, strength, breed, tastes, and characteristics of your dogs will help you decide if a door is a good idea and a profitable investment. Currently there are multiple options to choose from and in this article we will go over the different options.
  • When buying dog doors, you should take into account several aspects such as the size and weight of the dog. We will go over this in the last section of the article, dedicated to the purchase criteria.

Our Selection: The Best Dog Doors

Putting a door in your house for your pet will prevent it from feeling cooped up in the house, allowing it to have access to the entire house, and preventing it from having to get your attention every time it wants to go out. Choosing the right door for your needs involves considering the return on investment, as well as the comfort, security, freedom and time savings.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Dog Doors

How do you find the best dog door for you and your pet? In this section, we answer some of the questions that may arise and the instructions to follow in case you need to install a dog door at home.

girl and her dog

Inside the dog gates there are also barriers and security fences designed to prevent the dog from running around the house.
(Source: Polc: 116718671/

What are dog doors and what are the advantages of having one?

Dog doors are small doors that you place on a wall, window or door. They allow your pet to enter and leave the house without having to open the door every time they want to go out. They also work for cats. There are varied dog door models, including some with a chip reader.

They also act as security barriers or fences, and can have different uses. These types of systems are the same ones used with young children to prevent them from hurting themselves when they start to walk around the house alone. Be one or the other, some advantages of having dog doors are:

  • Comfort: in houses with a garden or terrace, it is not necessary to be aware of when to take the dog out, which avoids having your pet feel cooped up in the house.
  • Safety: Barriers or fences block access to parts of the home, or prevent the dog from escaping if the door is left open.

What types of dog doors are there?

There are doors for dogs in different sizes, made with different materials and designed for dogs depending on their weight, age or breed. The most modern and safest dog doors incorporate automatic or microchipped opening and closing systems, which prevents any other stray dog or cat from entering the outside.

You can also find dog gates that are also barriers and security fences designed to prevent the dog from running around the house. Or to protect it against stairs if it is a puppy, in the same way as with babies and young children. Here is a table with some of the main dog doors for sale and their characteristics.

Types of doors for dogs Features and main advantages
Chip dog doors or smart doors They only allow the passage of your dog.
They are very safe and resistant.
Great quality and modernity.
Closing can be programmed.
Dog doors with sensor They work thanks to a chip inserted in the dog's collar or under its skin and which will be the access key to the house.
Safety lock.
Programmable and with humidity sensors.
Hinged dog doors The swing door makes it easy to get in and out of the dog with total comfort.
Doors for large, medium or small dogs Depending on the size of the dog, these doors are fully adapted to your measurements.
Greater security.
Automatic dog doors With magnetic or electronic closure. Very safe.
Barrier against cold and heat.
Insulating dog doors Insulator from cold and heat.
Up to three times more efficient thanks to its closure with magnetic flaps.
Aluminum, wooden or glass dog doors Doors of different materials.
Wood and aluminum are cheaper than glass.
Dog barriers A different model of dog gates, with vertical bars, in the form of a fence.
They prevent dogs from entering certain rooms of the house.
With bi-directional opening door.
Simple and drill-free mounting.
Portable door protector Made of a strong and partially transparent mesh fabric.
Very light and portable door to prevent the entrance of the dog to parts of the house.

When do I need to install a dog door?

Doors are not always going to be needed at home, but sometimes their placement in the home is essential. The cases where they are required are the following:

  • Houses with a garden, patio or terrace where the dog can roam freely and go out whenever he wants without danger.
  • To protect a room from the entrance of the dog (in the kitchen while you cook or in the baby's room). In this case you need a barrier or a door protector.
  • Once you are clear that you do need dog doors in your home, the next step is to focus on buying the best item for your pet.

How do I know the correct measurements of a dog door?

Dog door measures are key, primarily to prevent dogs from hurting themselves. The first thing to keep in mind when buying a dog gate is the size of the dog who will use it. Don't forget to account for if the dog is growing. And if you are considering barriers, they should be higher than the dog when standing up. The measurements are as follows:

  • Dog height: distance from the ground to the shoulders.
  • Dog Width: From the widest part of the dog's chest.
  • Lifting height: is the distance from the ground to the bottom of the dog's chest.

dog crossing a door

Dog doors, barriers or security fences are essential in your home if you want your pet to enjoy the outdoors.
(Source: Cook: 102070771/

Where can I buy dog doors?

You can buy dog doors on the Internet and also in specialized stores. Reading comments from users who have bought this product online, many of them assure that they have only found it through the Internet, so we can confirm that the range of models to choose from is broader, both for doors and safety barriers.

As in any online purchase, you will find a wide range of dog doors or security barriers. It is important to follow the instructions with each product so as not to make mistakes when choosing the size.

How do I install a dog door?

As we discussed above, you should receive everything you need to easily install each door, security fence or dog barrier. You do not have to worry about how to install the dog doors since it is an easy-to-install item, which you should be able to install yourself without professional help.

Normally, the barriers or security fences are installed on the door itself, without the need to make holes in the wall. With dog doors, they can be embedded in the wall of the front of the house. Also on the underside of the door of the house.

dog waiting

The age, strength, breed, tastes, and characteristics of your dogs will help you decide if a door is a good idea and a profitable investment.
(Source: Chalabala: 24907380/

Where is the best place to put a dog gate?

In this case it depends on how you are planning to use each door or barrier.

There are doors for gardens, as their name indicates, that should be placed on the door of the house (or on the wall next to it) that leads directly to the garden, patio or terrace so that the dog can go out whenever he wants.

If it is a security barrier, it should be placed at the entrance of that part of the house that you want to keep isolated from the dog for whatever reason. They are also usually placed for the safety of the dog at the entrance doors of the house to prevent it from leaving, if it stays open, or in corridors or stair entrances to prevent falls.

How to get my pet to use the dog door?

Once assembled, some dogs will have no problem with their new door and will know how to use it, but others will need some training to get used to something totally new to them. You can find multiple features in the latest models of dog doors, all this will facilitate its use.

For example, some doors can be programmed to open or close within an hour, or when the dog approaches. They can also be multi-use if you have multiple animals and so you can specify different times. In addition, they can be complemented with other accessories, such as humidity and temperature sensors, and will open only in optimal conditions for the dog.

little puppy

There are doors for dogs of different sizes, made with different materials and designed for dogs depending on their weight, age or breed.
(Source: Belchonock: 105931696/

Buyer's Guide

Once you have decided to buy dog doors or safety barriers, and if you already know where to install it, then there are a few last things to take into account. Think about your pet, whether or not he will like the new item, and how he will use it.

Door Utility

The first criterion to consider when buying dog doors is the most important. Are you looking for an entrance and exit door to the outside or a security barrier? Depending on whether you need one or the other, you will find several models in any of the two products, but they have different uses.

Jack rusell

Dog door measures are key, primarily to prevent dogs from hurting themselves.
(Source: Kmit: 64392029/

Dog Size

Another key when making a purchase of a dog door is the size of the dog, both width and height. By following the recommendations to properly take the measurements of each dog, you will ensure that the door fulfills its function and is comfortable and practical for the animal. In addition, you will know at what height to place it.

Easy Installation

It is very important that the dog door is easy to install, compatible with any material and that they do not complicate your life beyond three or four steps to follow. The barriers will not need screws in most cases and will be snapped on. With the doors,  you will need to make a hole.


The safety of your pet is the most important and the dog door must guarantee it. Some have magnetic closures or only allow access with a microchip. There are also doors with a second barrier to help you save energy at home, avoiding the loss of heat, cold or the entry of wind through it.

little puppy in front a door

You can buy dog doors on the Internet and also in specialized stores.
(Source: Damedeeso: 37402093/

User Reviews

As always, user ratings on verified purchases are important. Although each case is different, the comments will provide you with information about the installation and placement of the door, the quality of the materials, and the colors. In addition, you will also be able to know if the dog is adapting well to its use or not.


As a final conclusion, you can look for cheap dog doors, but quality materials that guarantee the safety of your pet and at the same time your comfort are best. Safety barriers or fences will be very useful to avoid having to be constantly aware of where the dog is.

We recommend the entrance and exit doors only if you have an exterior space. In this case, you must pay special attention to the habits of the dog, its behaviors and, of course, its size. One of the key factors is to place the dog door at the perfect height: neither too high nor too low for the dog.

Did you find the article useful? Tell us in the comments about your experiences with dog doors, leave us a question, or share this guide on social networks!

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