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A dog is often known as man’s best friend, and dog owners get to experience this great blessing every day. So it makes perfect sense when you, a doting dog owner, would want to reward your beloved furry friend.
Here we have enlisted some awesome ideas to give the best gift to your canine companion – dog stroller.

In this guide, you will learn everything about dog strollers and find multiple options to suit your preferences. We have prepared a list of the best dog strollers of the year with an overview of all features, in addition to a section of frequently asked questions.

Key facts

  • Dog strollers are ideal for pets that have walking disabilities. Moreover, a dog stroller is a great alternative to carrying your dog. Facilitating and comfortable, it provides mobility for dogs and lets them have a chance at a better and happier life.
  • This wonderful product allows you to take the best walks with your dog without having to attach them on a leash. This means it is important to choose a dog stroller of the highest quality.
  • To select a high-quality dog stroller, you need to a thorough understanding of the key characteristics, different materials and best available models. Whether you live in the city or the bush, this is a great way to spend time with your dog.

Our selection: The best dog strollers

Before buying any kind of product, you need to be certain on what you want. It is important to be familiar with the quality, manufacturing materials and if the product is suitable for your pet. Below we will present a list of some of the best quality and best value-for-money products.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about dog strollers

It is important to know how dog strollers work. Do you know their main characteristics? You should research these thoroughly, in order to get the best one for your pet. Your best friend deserves the best, and this is a great option. Knowing the key features and characteristics of the dog stroller prevents us from making any unfortunate mistakes. No one wants to waste their money on a poor quality product.

Biker in Holland with a dog

Some models have a kind of cubby which protects your dog from the sun.
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What is a dog stroller and what advantages does it have?

It is a means of transport that allows us to take our pets out and about and for longer distances. Just as a human being prefers to travel long distances in a car, the same goes for dogs. Additionally, they offer a large number of advantages, both for the pet and its owner. Here we are going to detail everything you need to know.

Dog strollers are available in different manufacturing materials. In addition, there are also several models and each one addresses the needs of your dog. So it is also very important that we choose a dog stroller that is suitable for our pet. In the following table, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

  • Better mobility when going for a walk
  • Recovery from orthopedic problems
  • Better security than a leash
  • More enjoyable walks
  • Easy to store
  • The dog gets used to it and doesn't want to walk
  • Needs to be cleaned daily
  • The dog may damage the stroller
  • Odours build up

What types of dog stroller are there?

It is challenging to divide dog strollers into specific categories because there is a great variety available in the market, with each model having its own features. In order to make the best selection when buying a dog stroller that is most suitable for your dog, we have categorized the strollers on the basis of the most basic distinction – size.

Type of dog stroller For which dog? Maximum weight
Small stroller Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Terrier o French Bulldog 10 – 15 kg
Medium stroller Poodle, Australian Shepherd or Pitbull 15 - 25 kg
Large stroller German Shepherd, Mastiff or Saint Bernard More than 25 kg
Adjustable stroller Suitable for those with multiple dogs Depends on the size
Orthopedic stroller Dogs with bone or vascular problems Depends on the size
  • Small dog strollers: To help you save when you buy a dog stroller, it is advisable that you look for economical yet sturdy models. High-quality materials in a small size that has the capacity to support a considerable amount of weight would be a perfect fit. For example, if you are buying a stroller for your Chihuahua, choose a car that supports about 10 kg of weight, as selecting a pricier model that can support more weight would be a waste of money.
  • Stroller for medium-sized dogs: Most pet dogs are an average size. So for these medium-sized dogs, such as poodles, you can enjoy a long and fun walk with a stroller that fits so well, it seems it was custom-designed for your dog. Your cute little canine friend will surely become the centre of everyone’s attention as you go on walks with him in the stroller.
  • Stroller for big dogs: Sometimes, the big canine friends can also be the most spoiled ones. So, it is wise to choose a fit and sturdy stroller to give them a nice ride around town. A large dog car can be quite expensive, however, it does provide some great benefits. Think about it, your strong dog can have bad days. If your German Shepherd is hurting, a dog car would prove to be of great help, especially if the road is long and vet clinic is not located nearby. Using a dog stroller will reduce physical strain. So, it prevents the development of any possible physical complications. Plus, your beloved pet will thank you for the comfort of a dog stroller when it needs it the most.
  • Adjustable dog stroller: Some dog trolleys come with adjustable designs. These are great options for dog owners looking for easy-to-handle and customizable designs. It is highly important that you select an adjustable dog trolley of the highest quality that is made using the finest materials to ensure that it lasts you long. As you would need to adjust the trolley every now and then, the material needs to be sturdy and wear-resistant.
  • Orthopaedic dog strollers: If your canine companion suffers from a medical problem, medicated strollers will come in handy. These include many types, for instance, orthopaedic strollers are used to correct any physical anomaly. You can also find strollers for dogs with dysplasia or paralysis and a number of other disabilities. The idea behind a medicated stroller is to reduce the suffering of your beloved pet as much as possible so that the little furball can take walks with ease.

How often should you use a dog stroller?

Dog strollers are very handy: it is easy to handle and provides great comfort. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overuse it. Dogs are, after all, active creatures, and they do need regular exercise. Strollers can be used on special occasions, such as for taking your dog to the vet, or once a week as you enjoy a fun outing with your pet.

You love your adorable pet, and so their well-being takes priority. If you carry around your dog in the stroller too often, your dog can get badly used to the car. Just as humans should not have a sedentary life, dogs should lead an active life too. And just as lack of exercise causes a host of health problems in humans, such as obesity, cardiovascular issues and joint problems, it also creates a number of medical issues for our canine buddies as well. So even if you want to pamper your dog and give them all the comfort there is, it is advisable that you use strollers appropriately. Also, daily use of a dog stroller can wear it out fast.

little puppy om the grass

There are many different types of strollers for dogs, so choose the one your dog will like the most. (Source: Ivan Kmit: 64391601/

Though, if you use it right, dog strollers can be an awesome way for you and your pet to enjoy beautiful weather and scenic landscapes. In fact, it can also be a great way to exercise and improve health and emotional well-being for both of you. Above all, with a comfortable ride around town in a dog stroller, your dog would be happy. And naturally, when dogs are happy, their owners are happy too! So, spread love and happiness by using dog strollers correctly.

What is the proper way to use a dog stroller?

Using a dog stroller may seem like a simple, linear task, but there are a few security measures you need to keep in mind while operating it. Foremost is your dog’s safety. To ensure that no harm comes to your beloved pet, avoid running with the stroller. Also, always use both hands while handling the stroller. This can help to maintain balance and prevent the stroller from tipping on one side. In addition, always park the stroller in a safe area to avoid any inconvenience later on.

In conclusion, it is of vital importance that you take certain measures to make your use of the stroller a comfortable one for yourself and for others around you.

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Influence of weather and selection of dog stroller

Weather is a very important aspect to be considered when purchasing a dog stroller. Dogs can also suffer from problems caused by harsh weather conditions such as colds and sunburns. Therefore, you need to select a dog stroller based on the prevalent weather conditions of your locale.

Using a dog stroller on cold days

It is important that you can place protection on the stroller to guard your dog from the cold. For example, you can use bedspreads or sheets to provide warmth to your pet. Dogs are affected by low temperatures in cold regions and winter season. To prevent your pet from catching a cold, you can take necessary precautions beforehand to avoid having to take the trip to the vet. You can buy winter wear for your dog, as many stores offer special varieties of t-shirts, hats and even coats that can cover your dog entirely.

Using a dog stroller on hot days

Just as bitter cold can take its toll on dogs, heat can also create problems. Excessive heat can cause heatstroke and even dehydration. To protect your dog from the heat, you must remove all heavy clothing from the stroller and replace it with fresh dog clothes, which allow aeration and, above all, it should not be insulating. Some models of dog strollers offer screens that serve as a protective cover from the sun. It can also help to walk your dog in the shade. Taking these precautions will help prevent your pet suffering from sunstroke. In the summer, it is appropriate for you to leave on walks with your dog in the morning or at sunset as these happen to be the cooler times of the day.

You could, of course, make a dog stroller yourself, but you should consider if you have time for such handy work.

Can I use a baby's stroller as a dog stroller?

Though it may seem like an economical idea to simply use an old baby car as a dog stroller, but it is definitely not a good option if you seriously consider it. To start off, let’s look at the mechanics. Baby strollers are designed for babies. Since there is a huge difference between the weight and anatomy of a human baby and a dog, so ergonomically, baby pushers can never be a good fit for dogs.

Also, keep in mind that a children's stroller is made of materials that do not allow moisture to pass. Plus,  it is not nearly as sturdy and resistant as a dog stroller; it does not have the capacity to carry as much weight. While it is true that there are some very small dogs that practically weigh nothing, but a word of caution – it is better not to tempt fate as the safety of your canine friend takes priority.

How often can I use my dog stroller?

Although this item can provide great comfort, it is also important not to overuse or abuse it. Otherwise, the dog can become too used to the stroller. People should not have a lifestyle which is too sedentary, as this is harmful to our health. It leads to obesity, cardiovascular disease and joint problems, among other issues.

The same thing is true of our dogs. Obviously, we want our pets to be healthy, and so how often we should use the dog stroller will vary according to individual needs. One recommendation is that you use a dog stroller to walk once or twice a week. Also keep in mind, if you use a dog stroller it will wear out faster.

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Is a dog stroller safe for children?

Do not let children, especially if you have not given them complete instructions on how to handle it, drive the dog stroller. A dog stroller may look easy-to-use, but after all, it is not a toy. So, we recommend that you take maximum safety precautions to protect and extend the life of the stroller and to safeguard children from any potential danger.

  • Prevent children from riding in the stroller.
  • It is not an appropriate article for children under 12 and it is not a toy.
  • Keep the dog stroller in a safe area, out of reach of young children.

Providing good maintenance for a dog stroller

We recommend a good routine for maintaining the dog stroller in a top-notch condition. Like every accessory, a dog stroller also requires daily maintenance in order to ensure its long life and excellent performance every time you use it.

Be careful when cleaning or lubricating any part of the stroller. Take special care in maintaining the stroller so that you will not have to buy another in a short span of time. This will help you to save money and extend the useful life of a dog stroller.

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Is a dog stroller same as a dog wheelchair?

One of the common variants is a dog wheelchair, and it is highly useful. At the beginning of this guide we mentioned that sometimes dogs might suffer from health issues or would have undergone accidents resulting in injuries. For example, your dog might have had a fall or an accident with a car. For such scenarios, it is better to acquire a wheelchair than a dog stroller.

To help your dear pet lead a normal life after suffering from such accidents, you can use a dog wheelchair. This will allow your dogs to have adequate mobility without causing pain. Also called walkers, the good news is that dog wheelchairs are not expensive.

Will my pet like its dog stroller?

So, you are all set to buy a dog stroller. But the pressing question arises: will your pet feel comfortable with this product? The best way to know the answer is to take a test. The likely answer for most cases is that, luckily, most dogs feel very happy in a dog stroller. Below we detail a series of recommendations to make your dog feel comfortable in its stroller.

  • Some dogs may be scared at first since they may not be used to cars. The key is to never press force it upon them.
  • Your dog must be given time to gradually adapt to the stroller.
  • For this purpose, you can leave the car in sight for your pet so that it becomes familiar with it.
  • Once you begin using the stroller, always make sure to avoid making abrupt turns and making sudden movements.

Shopping criteria

It is always appropriate that we have all the necessary information when purchasing a new item. So we will analyze different sets of criteria that you must take into account when buying a dog stroller. Here we have enlisted some essential features that every great dog stroller needs to have.


As previously mentioned, the dog stroller needs to be constructed using high-quality manufacturing materials. Avoid buying strollers that are made entirely of plastic, as this structure is fragile and prone to breakage. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you incorporate components made of stainless steel. This applies especially to rods. A rod majorly supports the weight of your pet.

So, it makes sense to select a stainless steel rod that offers the right amount of robustness required in a stroller. Next is the fabric which should not be susceptible to stains and dirt. Buying a sturdy structure will ensure that it does not break easily, so you do not have to worry about getting repairs for the stroller.

  • Load capacity: never buy a stroller that provides low weight carrying capacity to settle for a cheaper price. Trust us, it is going to cost you a lot more in the long run.
  • Wheel size: select the right wheel size by analyzing the area where you will use the stroller. Is it a pavement, a rural drop back or a city locale?
  • Safety: brakes, belts or any device that can be used in case of emergency and to prevent damage.
  • Design: go for an overall comfortable design which is easy for you to handle and accommodating for your canine companion.


And just as you look for a certified brand when buying any other product, you need to look for dog stroller varieties from top brands when purchasing one. This will help to ensure top-grade quality of the stroller. Also, this way you can also obtain different benefits. For example, if you need to buy a part to make the repair, you can easily find it on the Internet when you search for a particular brand.

Recognized manufacturers always guarantee product quality, which includes a refund. The support has to be guaranteed because it is something necessary for buyers. Above all, a good brand, in many cases, is synonymous with a high-grade quality.

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This one is a must – you cannot buy a dog stroller that is uncomfortable for your pet. Also, you need to ensure that the design is comfortable enough for you to handle. So it is necessary that the article has a return guarantee. For starters, it is advisable that you thoroughly investigate the design and materials before making the purchase.

Imagine yourself in your pets’ shoes – if you were in a car that was highly uncomfortable, wither it was too a tight or had some other unpleasant quality, you would not want to ride in it again. Same goes for your dog, which might even start barking if it doesn’t like the way it feels in the stroller. So basically, you have to buy a dog stroller that has enough space to transport your pet.

Beagle dog on a meadow in the autumn park

It is recommended to take your dog out for a walk once or twice a week.
(Source: Alena Stalmashonak: 52662478/


Keep in mind that dogs can suffer from allergic reactions to different materials. So, it is appropriate to consult with the veterinarian before buying a dog stroller. You do not want to cause health problems for your beloved pet for the sake of providing them a little extra comfort. Another thing you need to be careful about are metallic components.

If the materials used are rusty, your dog can be affected and may even suffer from diseases such as tetanus. In worst case scenarios, a pet might even have to lose a limb as a result of the reaction. So is recommended that you examine the materials used in the stroller, as well as its upholstery to be soft so that your dog does not suffer any discomfort. On the other hand, this prevents your dog from developing skin rashes.

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Type of pet

It is important that you choose the right size of stroller based on your dog’s breed. You wouldn’t want to lose money buying a large dog stroller to transport a puppy, nor would you want to avoid spending a little more money and settle for buying a small car for a German Shepherd. A wrong decision to save a little bit of money might end up costing you a lot more in the long run.


It is also important to determine the particular purpose of the dog stroller you are buying. Is it to transport an injured animal, or merely to take your dog on occasional walks? Functionality is the core of any product’s design, and so it is important that you determine the purpose before selecting a dog stroller.

A dog stroller is supposed to be a sturdy accessory that provides comfort to both you and your canine pet. So, it makes sense that you think things through from every aspect before making the purchase. In an ideal case, the stroller would become one of your best and most well-used accessories. And that would surely be the case as you follow the guidelines enlisted in this guide!

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This one is a no-brainer – a dog stroller must have good mobility. After all, this is the very purpose of your purchase, right? For this purpose, you need to ensure that the wheels are smooth so that you don’t have to expend extra effort in trying to make it move. Buying wheels with a rough finish for a cheaper price may seem tempting at first, but with a few uses, you might have to spend a lot more in repair. It is therefore advised that you buy a stroller with wheels that allow smooth 360-degree turns.

In addition, the handlebar must also have a correct steering system which provides comfort to the user. In a dog stroller it is essential that its drive is simple, so that both your dog and you, the driver, feel comfortable. Otherwise, you may decide to leave the stroller aside and return to taking your dog out on walks with a leash. And that would defeat the whole purpose of buying a dog stroller now, wouldn’t it?


Buying a dog stroller is a good decision as it presents a lot of advantages and grants your pet great ease. Whether it is to take your dog to the vet or on walks, a dog stroller comes in hands. And for you to choose the most suitable one, we invite you to take into account all of the suggestions detailed in this guide.

You love and care for your beloved pets and know that you can never settle for anything less than the best for them. It is time you show your deep care and love for “man’s best friend” by buying a great dog stroller based on this guide.

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