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You have probably opened one of your drawers and been greeted by an overflowing heap of clothes. We all love to accumulate accessories, clothes and a variety of various objects, but you would find it less stressful if you had a drawer organizer at hand to find what you are looking for right away.

People are very good at buying, but ordering and sorting, sometimes not so much. Hence the extraordinary function that these drawer organizers fulfill, as they allow us to have all our belongings under control. If you have finally decided to have some order in your drawers, we will give you a series of tips to do just that!

Key Facts

  • Drawer organizers are the ideal products to fight against chaos. They allow you separate the garments by colors, for example.
  • One of its main advantages is that they allow you to identify at a glance the piece of clothing you want, without having to mix up everything until you find it.
  • To choose the right model, pay attention to criteria such as its dimensions, the number of compartments, or the manufacturing material.

Our Selection: The Best Drawer Organizers

Although it seems that your room is too small, remember that it is not a problem of space, but of organization. Whether for underwear, for socks, accessories or other items, drawer organizers are a great item to help keep your items in place.  Here are some of the best models out there models.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Drawer Organizers

Now that we have shown you some of the most recommended drawer organizers, it is time to answer the different questions that are going through your mind. It is true that these products are quite simple, but there are certain details that you should know about them.

One of the advantages of drawer organizers is space optimization.
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What are the advantages of having a drawer organizer?

Having a drawer organizer means taking advantage of space much better. But not only that, since they also help you find your items much easier. Has it ever happened that you're looking for something, knowing it's there, but you can't find it? With a drawer organizer this situation will be a thing of the past.

Another advantage of these types of products is their versatility. You probably want them for the storing of certain items, but later they can serve other purposes. Also, if the problem is that you have a small closet, an organizer will make sure you get the most out of every last corner.

Advantages of drawer organizers

  • Space optimization
  • Greater organization in your drawers
  • Nicer content display

What room in the house is best to use drawer organizers?

Generally, we tend to think that drawer organizers are designed for the bedroom,  and used to store our panties, bras, necklaces or jewelry. The truth is that while they are useful in the bedroom, it is not the only place where you can use them. They can actually be very useful in any room.

For example, having an organizer in the bathroom will facilitate the storage of items such as cosmetics, hairpins, brushes and other belongings typical of these spaces. In the kitchen, they are ideal for organizing cleaning products or cutlery, while in the living room, they will help you to tidy up your magazines, cables or documents.

Marie KondoOrganization Specialist
"The correct order is to place the lighter clothes in front of the drawer and progressively move towards the darker colors".

What types of drawer organizers exist in the market?

The different storage needs are directly proportional to the different types of drawer organizers. It is, therefore, a fairly broad universe, so you want to find the appropriate model. Check out some of the main types below.

  • Box type organizers. One of the most common materials is plastic, and, as the name implies, they have the appearance of a box. They are characterized by their resistance and easy cleaning. They can have very little or many compartments.
  • Fabric organizers. The best is that they are usually very flexible and also foldable. This offers a lot of freedom when placing it in the drawers. Depending on the quantity and size of the compartments, they are very practical for underwear.
  • Dividers. Another type is dividers. In this case, these are pieces to strategically place inside the drawer and divide it into sections. They are generally non-slip so they do not move from their place.
  • Detachable. These are removable organizers. They usually incorporate grooves to fit some pieces with others (like a puzzle). They allow to make cells of different sizes.
  • Cloth baskets. Finally, we cannot forget about cloth baskets, as they are very appropriate to organize drawers. Available in different sizes and depths, they usually have a rigid base for greater stability.

Is a drawer organizer useful in the office?

In the office and at home, a drawer organizer can be exactly what you need. It is amazing how, over time, you can manage to accumulate so many objects in these small spaces. Finding a particular pen, clip or calculator can be an impossible mission if the drawer is very unorganized.

The organizers, then, will help you to classify each article by categories or as you prefer. Ideally, opt for dividers that offer you total freedom to divide the drawer based on what you have to use. Of course, this applies not only to an office drawer, but also to the desk in your room.

The usefulness of drawer organizers is related to their design and dimensions, among other factors.
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Who is Marie Kondo and what is her advice for drawer organizers?

For some time now, there is a name that is very popular in the world of organization. Have you heard of Marie Kondo? This Japanese writer has become famous for being the architect of a method that seeks not only to bring order to the home, but to create harmony. She is a promoter of the classification by categories and placing clothes vertically.

Of course, drawer organizers, in her opinion, are essential to achieve that balance at home. She opts for rectangular models with the purpose of not wasting a centimeter of drawer. In the case of clothing, for this expert it is vital to sort it by colors and always categorize it according to its use.

Drawer organizers can store virtually any kind of item.
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Shopping Criteria

Ready to choose the best drawer organizer that will bring some order to your home? Then you will be interested to know some of the purchase criteria that you should be aware of:

Design and Size

How you plan to use it will determine which design is most appropriate for your drawer. As a design, we are not referring only to the color or style of the drawer organizer, but also to its shape. The most common are the rectangular type, whose greatest advantage is that they allow you to take advantage of every last corner of the drawer.

There are also circular organizers - perfect, for example, for scarves or belts - as well as hexagonal. Of course, we cannot forget the dimensions as a factor that you must take into account. These will depend on the size of your drawer. Hence, the first thing is to measure it to ensure that you get an organizer that fits 100%.

Box type organizers are made from one of the most common materials: plastic.
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Another important criteria is the manufacturing material of the organizers. Whichever you choose, it is essential that you make sure that it meets the conditions of resistance and stability that are required of these types of items. Let's look at some of the most frequent materials and what are the advantages of each of them.

  • Nonwoven. If you are looking for a flexible organizer, you will find a good number of models made of non-woven fabric. The advantage of this material is that it is lightweight, easy to maintain and adapts to any corner.
  • Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a very common type of plastic used for making these types of items. Its main advantages are that it is resistant and easily cleaned. It is also difficult to break because of its durability.
  • Metal. Metal is another of the most common materials in this field, especially for the storage of office supplies. Usually, they are perfect metal mesh models to classify pens, clips or markers. They will be great for organizing your desk.
  • Wicker. Wicker is a great material for rustic style enthusiasts. Apart from being functional, it is extremely decorative. Do not worry about your most delicate garments, because, generally, wicker organizers incorporate a fabric to prevent them from snagging.
  • Wood. Finally, there is the wood. Drawer organizers made of this material are highly resistant. Like the previous ones, they also have a decorative touch that makes them irresistible.


When choosing a drawer organizer, the first thing is to know its purpose. Depending on what you want to store or in which room you are going to use it in, you must opt for one model or another. For example, if you are going to use it in a drawer of your bedroom, it is most likely to store clothes, accessories or cosmetics, to mention just a few options.


Finally, we cannot forget to mention compartments. On numerous occasions, the utility of a drawer organizer is not measured both by its size and by the number of compartments.

For example, for underwear, you may be interested in models with small compartments. Depending on your needs, you can find options with up to 32 different cells.


We do not need Marie Kondo to come to persuade you with the benefits of drawer organizers, because surely you are already convinced. It's funny how simple elements can make life so easy for us!

With the organization of drawers, people seem to complain about the lack of space, because, many times, the key lies in knowing how to optimize it. If before you opened the closet and did not know where to start looking, with drawer organizers, it will be easy. Simply identifying your needs and finding the appropriate model will be a piece of cake!

What do you think of our shopping guide? We encourage you to leave us a comment and share it on social networks!

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