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Health is an issue of utmost importance for everyone, and nature always helps by providing foods that, when consumed, bring endless benefits to the body, but if you don't know them, you won't be able to include them in your diet, and that is what usually happens with Acai.

The magic of nature is very extensive, so there are many attributes that most people may not know about, as is the case with this incredible food. What if by consuming a berry you get an incredible amount of nutrients? That would be undeniably incredible, and that is what happens with Acai.

Being an unpopular and even uncommon product, you may not know much, if anything, about it. If you have been told about the awesomeness of Acai and want to buy it, this article will tell you all about it, so that you can get the right presentation of Acai.


  • Acai is, in a nutshell, a berry originating from Brazil, usually of a dark, purple or blue colour, although at first glance it looks black. It has many benefits, such as the amount of vitamins, fibre and protein. It is usually prepared together with fruits and other berries.
  • There are varieties of Acai on the market, but there are two that you should pay particular attention to, these are the common Acai, which have the normal properties, are small and accessible, and Acai Acu, a larger version with a very strong taste, which is not usually pleasant, but with equally good qualities.
  • Before you make the decision to buy Acai, it is good to know certain parameters or factors that allow you to compare one presentation with another. Aspects such as colour, quantity, organic composition and type of presentation are perfect for comparison.

The Best Acai: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Acai

After looking at the best Acai presentations, you may have a fairly clear idea of what you need to buy. However, before you make your final decision and purchase a particular Acai, it is good to know certain terms and characteristics that will allow you to have a clearer picture of this food.

The right Acai dish can be the perfect source of natural vitamins. (Photo: Oksana Bratanova /

What is Acai and what are its benefits?

Acai is basically a very unique berry found only in Brazil. It was a special diet of the indigenous people, but after a nutritional study, it began to reach the international market as a balanced food with a high nutritional index. Its appearance is dark blue/purple, sometimes appearing almost black.

Among the most important advantages is the benefit it brings in its composition, as it is a direct source of vitamins A and C, which help the skin and defences. In addition to that, it contains a high level of organic vegetable protein, being higher than eggs. It is also rich in fibre, Omega 3, 6, 9 and also contains antioxidants.

Although in itself it seems to be the perfect product, like any other product currently available on the market, it has advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account when making your purchase. The fact that it has certain disadvantages does not mean that it is a bad product, but you should take them into consideration.

  • It provides vital vitamins to the body, such as A, C and B complex
  • It is rich in easily digestible protein
  • It is high in fibre and antioxidants.
  • Before consuming it, you should consult your doctor to avoid possible allergies
  • It can interfere with medical treatments (medication).

Common Acai or Acai Acu - What should you pay attention to?

This product has derivations in nature, and depending on factors such as its shape or colour, it can be classified in different ways. There are two types that you should be aware of, as the difference between them changes the consumption experience completely. These are: the common or black Acai and the Acai Acu.

Common or black Acai: This is the best known and most commercialised presentation of Acai, with all the advantages that characterise the berry. It has a tasty and not very strong flavour. Its colour is the most typical, as it is a mixture of blue and dark purple. It is very economical as it is the most popular worldwide.

Acai Acu: This derivative of the Acai is not so common or popular, as it is not widely traded. Its size is larger and its taste is much stronger, so it may not be pleasant to eat. However, because it is larger, it can be used to greater advantage, and tends to stimulate sexual desire and regulate cholesterol.

Acai común o preto Acai Acu
Flavour Smooth and tasty Strong, can be unpleasant
Ease of obtaining High Low
Size Small, maximum 14 mm Large, sometimes twice as large as Preto
Benefits Vitamins, antioxidants, protein Stimulation of sexual desire, cholesterol regulation
Price Affordable Expensive

How much does acai cost?

Acai is not a very typical product, so it is not usually included in most diets, unless it is recommended or directly assigned by a nutritionist, which makes it moderately expensive. However, it is not overpriced, making it an affordable product.

In case you want to buy the purest versions or models on the market, Acai is commonly available in powder form. This presentation has prices ranging from 250 MXN to 400 MXN, with some models that, due to quantity or purity, can cost up to 1,000 MXN.

There are cheaper presentations, in Acai drinks, which are easier to consume, and you can do it during the day, without feeling heaviness or a different or unusual taste. The cost you can commonly find in this type of Acai is between 90 MXN and 200 MXN depending on the quantity and the brand.

Where to buy acai?

When making a purchase, one of the most important things to be clear about is where to buy the product. In the case of Acai, you can find it in different places or portals. In the case of department stores, places like "Básico" or "La Otilia" are excellent places to buy this product.

If you are one of those people who prefer to buy online, there are certain web portals where you can easily find Acai. CornerShopApp is one of them, where you will find pure Acai pulp, belonging to the Vero Amore brand, which also sells directly to the public.

In case you want other alternatives, trusted options such as Amazon Mexico and Mercado Libre Mexico are always available. Here you will not only have access to multiple presentations and quantities of this product, but also to the public's opinion and the seller's reputation, in order for you to make a safe purchase.

Purchasing criteria

As a final point, it is important that you take into account certain factors at the time of purchase, so that you can compare the different options available to you and choose the one that best suits your needs, and can meet what you want to get from this product.

  • Type of preparation
  • Colour
  • Quantity
  • Organic composition

Type of presentation

One of the first factors you will notice when you want to purchase this product is that there are many versions or presentations available directly on the market, and each one is adjusted to certain needs or, more specifically, lifestyles, so that they provide greater ease of consumption.

Pure berry: This form of Acai is the most natural you can find, as you are in contact with the berry in its common form, without any interventions or alterations. It is advisable to wash them before consumption, and the taste may not please everyone. The nutrients are used to the maximum. Perfect for the home.

Processed powder: A very easy to prepare version. No short shelf life, easy to store. Usually has a familiar taste, as they contain additives, this can be a bit contradictory, as Acai is not 100% concentrated in most cases. Excellent for sportsmen or athletes.

Drink: There are certain brands that develop Acai or Acai-based drinks, usually there is not a full concentration of Acai, but it is combined with other components, usually beneficial in branches similar to the berry. They are quick to consume, very good for people with busy lives.

A bite of Acai can be an incredible source of health benefits. (Photo: Cokemomo /


According to the colour of the Acai, it can be more or less convenient, and even its price can rise. This is due to the kind of Acai you are dealing with. There are two main colours that are commonly found on the market, and therefore, you should be aware of.

Purple/blue (dark) colour: This is the most common and well-known form of Acai, very easy to find on the market, and affordable. It is usually served in restaurants, as well as prepared at home. It is inexpensive.

Green colour: An atypical colour of the Acai, belonging only to the "White Acai" which, although its name is this, its colour is green, both in the skin and inside. It is very rare, so it is not easy to find, and it is usually expensive.


The amount of Acai you buy can determine how much of this product you will consume. Because of this, it is important to consider how often you will be including this food in your diet to avoid wastage or running out of supplies.

100 grams: This is one of the smallest presentations on the market, usually in powder form. Excellent for a first taste of this product, and to see how it fits, or if it fits, into your routine diet with ease. With this presentation you can consume it as an extra element.

250 grams: The "medium" form in terms of quantity of Acai. It is a measure that is also handled in powdered versions, and has greater capacity, so it is recommended for those who have already tried Acai before and decide to include it in their diet, but not as a main base, but secondary, or as a supplement.

500 grams or more: These are presentations of high quantities, ideal for people with large families, who consume large portions of this product, or even more, those who work with it for sale to the public, such as, for example, a restaurant.

Organic composition

Something you should keep in mind in any food, and more of completely natural origin as the Acai, is the organic composition that may have its presentation, so you should pay attention to the tables of nutritional value, to know exactly what you are actually consuming.

Natural berry: This version is the most natural of all, and 100% organic, if you are going to buy Acai in order to enjoy all the benefits without any alteration, then this is the ideal composition for you, because it is the natural one

Processed versions: Whether in juice or powder, these presentations usually have third party agents within its composition, either to achieve a more pleasant taste, or a faster preparation. These alterations may be insignificant, but they alter the organic level of the product.

It is good that you take these factors into account, to know what you are going to prioritise when making the final purchase of Acai, whether it will be the maximum expression of nutrients, as is the case of the berry, or a little less pure nature, but greater practicality and flavour.

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