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Pleasant taste, creamy texture, popular choice for vegans and lactose intolerant people; these are just some of the qualities of almond milk. A healthy food drink that we will be talking about in this edition of

ReviewBox, where we will share exceptional information on every detail.
And the fact is that this liquid prized by many comes in a variety of brands and flavours to suit even the most demanding tastes. But that's not all, you can also get it enriched with vitamins and minerals. Do you know which one to choose? Don't worry, leave your doubts aside and learn how to make the best decision.


  • It is a liquid food created from almond paste or ground almonds. It is made by binding the edible seeds with water and then filtering the mixture to remove the solids. This creates a delicious nutty taste and consistency similar to regular milk.
  • The market has for you two exquisite variables. Choose between traditional milk, if you like artisanal procedures. Or, on the contrary, take advantage of the industrial presentations, a little more versatile, thinking about the common demands.
  • Components, flavours, uses and packaging are the four purchasing factors we show you in the last section of the text. Study each of them carefully. They will be of great help before you choose one or the other.

The best almond milk: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about almond milk

Read carefully this guide that we have prepared in order to give you the necessary tools before getting the almond milk you want. Learn about its origin, advantages for your daily life and the most important aspects related to its particular benefits and contributions to health in general.

Delight yourself with this refreshing drink. (Photo: Citalliance/123rf)

What is almond milk and what are its benefits?

It is a globally popular alternative to cow's milk. It is a drink based on almonds, which after a process of soaking in water, where the dried fruits are hydrated and then liquefied, the precious liquid is achieved with a creamy consistency, low in calories and ideal for coffee, oatmeal, smoothies and desserts.

Do you want to know more information? Then you should know that it is very easy to buy in online shops. There are sugar-free options with as little as 30 or 40 calories, which are preferred by vegans and sports enthusiasts. It is also rich in good-for-you fats that promote a healthy heart and make you feel full.

Since one serving provides 50% of your daily vitamin E needs, it is an important ally for your skin. As you can see, the reasons to take home a few litres of almond milk are valid, as they guarantee excellent contributions regardless of the brand or flavour you choose.

  • Easy-to-use cooking ingredient
  • Healthy substitute for whole milk
  • Widely sold commercially
  • Low in calories and fat
  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Affects thyroid levels
  • Slow absorption

Traditional or industrial almond milk - what to look out for?

Did you imagine the possibility of drinking milk extracted from nuts? Fortunately, this proposal breaks with the usual consumption standards, to benefit millions of people around the world. Now, find out what are the most outstanding characteristics between the two variables that we will present to you below.

Traditional. It is a plant-based drink, perfect for vegans and lovers of the organic trend. You can buy it in your favourite online shop or prepare it at home. In both cases, it is an interesting alternative, gluten-free and lactose-free, which has been produced for thousands of years, especially in the Mediterranean area.

It is sweetened with natural ingredients such as dates, honey or organic agave. In addition, the resulting pulp is recyclable and we suggest consuming it as an additive in the daily diet. However, its nutritional properties vary depending on the method used to prepare the almonds, so be careful which one you choose.

Industrial. Producing and marketing almond milk has benefited creators and buyers. However, during the manufacturing process, entrepreneurs add various additives to improve its qualities.

These include: artificial flavour, sugar, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
It is worth emphasising that this drink originates in an industrialised plant, with the necessary machinery to meet market demand.

Execution that is a complete departure from the artisanal recipe, prepared at home by specialists and amateurs. However, it is suitable for lactose intolerant people and can be drunk every day.

Traditional Industrial
Additives No Yes
Manufacturing Handmade Mechanical
Colour White Varied
Flavour Original Artificial
Duration Three days According to packaging

Buying criteria

In this section of our text dedicated to this vegetable drink, we will show you the most important factors that revolve around it. Taking note of each one will prevent you from feeling confused. On the contrary, we are sure that it will make the purchase much smoother and more enjoyable.


As you are likely to get a lot of industrial proposals, it is essential to be aware of those materials that are artificially or naturally integrated into the product. The latter will have a major influence on your final decision, as it could directly affect your eating habits.

Sweetener. To enhance the taste of plant-based drinks, some manufacturers add sugar. Check the nutritional information to see if it contains this artificially incorporated element, so that you avoid risks to your body, evaluating if it is a milk with a high percentage of sweeteners.

Vitamins. Do you like to enjoy the benefits of vitamins A, B, C, D and E? Then opt for fortified almond milk. To verify that it is fortified with these nutrients, just read the label specifications included with the item.

Minerals. Calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium are the main natural substances that complement your daily diet when you drink this ancient liquid. Take with you mineral-rich samples so that you can continue to support the healthy development of your body.


Nothing compares to the sensation of delighting your palate with the most exquisite flavours, even when it comes to almond-based food. Therefore, manufacturers have innovated in the field, in order to please the different tastes that characterise their distinguished customers.

Natural. Dedicated to lovers of the classic. Opt for a traditional presentation to enjoy the unique nuance that almond milk offers in its maximum expression. You can buy it in shops or online shops dedicated to the distribution of organic products.

Vanilla. In this case, it doesn't just taste like vanilla, it smells like it too. Want to enjoy a tasty and aromatic liquid? Then consider selecting vapes with this component, either individually or in boxes of two, five and twelve packs. We assure you that they will stimulate your senses.

Chocolate. We cannot leave aside this exciting substance. Thanks to its versatility, you'll find it in mild or strong varieties. Think it's only for chocolate fanatics? We're sorry to disappoint you. Chocolate almond milk will make anyone happy, so be sure to buy it.

Strawberries. Drinking strawberry flavoured milk is so much more fun. If you're a fruity tasting kind of person, you can enjoy this healthy snack at any time of the day. What's more, if you like, you could add bits of natural strawberries to your glass to enhance the flavour.


The attraction of this food is that it gives you the possibility to combine it as you like in different areas of nutrition and cooking. Learn which are the most common uses and test your inventiveness in every creation that crosses your mind.

Daily. This section covers several everyday applications in their traditional or industrial presentation. For example, add a touch of almond milk to coffee. We also recommend drinking it on its own, consuming it with cereal and fruit at breakfast, or making it your favourite mid-afternoon snack.

Baking. Expanding your qualities as a healthy baker is easy when this liquid is the main component of your recipes. Make sponge cakes, rice pudding, cakes, muffins and guava flan. In any case, replacing lactose will be very useful for your body.

Savoury recipes. Are you lactose intolerant? Cooking with powdered almond milk or milk drink will not harm you. What's more, you can now prepare creamy recipes such as béchamel sauce, vegetable pâté, leek quiche and oatmeal pancakes. Consume it and make sure your meals are well digested by your stomach.

Drink this delicious fortified drink. (Photo: Couleur/


Properly preserving the item during transport and storage will depend on the container you purchase. Not all designs guarantee the same security. So assess well which one suits your personal requirements.

Glass bottle. Usually chosen by those who make and buy traditional, homemade milk without industrial implications. It is an excellent alternative to store directly in the fridge, as carrying it from one place to another could be dangerous because the glass breaks.

Cardboard box. This is a more dynamic packaging. Transporting it will be easy because it protects the integrity of the milk, preventing it from going to waste. Before opening it, we suggest you place it in a cool, humidity-free space. Once you start drinking it, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Envelope. Specially designed for powdered milk. It comes with a magical closure capable of safely storing the material inside the package. Feel free to move around with it as you like, as long as you keep it sealed, inside a bag.


Not everyone has a preference for the same presentation of milk. What's more, each has different purposes, associated with lifestyle, tastes, and of course, everyday and gastronomic applications. Determine which of these appeals to you.

Liquid. Let's say it is the most commercial, widely sold in distribution centres. Its handling requires greater care, as it is sensitive to high temperatures and prolonged hours out of the fridge. It is the essential ingredient to accompany your morning coffee. You could also use it to create delicious recipes.

Powdered. It is usually bought in an airtight sachet and usually has a longer shelf life. It is perfect to take on your travels, because it does not need to be refrigerated as long as it stays in the package. Mix with water and serve cold for a refreshing taste.

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