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For years and years, skincare has been a part of human nature. In prehistoric times, people used animal fats to hydrate their skin. Egyptians used olive oil or sesame oil. Cleopatra is known world-wide for her beauty routines. One of her most famous techniques was using donkey milk for its hydrating properties.

Ever since television was invented in 1930, the cosmetic industry has continued to grow. 80% of American and European women claim that they use daily hydrating creams to improve their appearance.  BB creams have become one of the latest trends in the cosmetic industry. Today, we will dive into the characteristics and evolution of BB cream. Are you ready?


  • There is no other cosmetic that is more useful and that has better results than BB cream. With one application you can hydrate your skin, cover up imperfections, and protect your skin from sunburn and premature aging.
  • When you apply BB cream, the result is very natural and the light texture will give you a great look without blocking your pores or leaving dead skin cells that don't let your skin breathe. Your skin will look perfect and you will be taking care of it at the same time.
  • Since the 60s, when BB cream was invented, this item has continued to grow and change to satisfy the demand of customers that want to look good and take care of their skin with just one product. Now there are CC creams and DD creams.

The best BB Cream in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

There is a variety of different BB creams currently on the market. To cater to the needs of many different customers, companies have provided a multitude of BB creams for different skin types. The following are the best on the market according to their price and quality:

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About BB Cream

BB cream is known for its great results. Who doesn't like the idea of getting out of bed, quickly applying BB cream, and looking good in a matter of minutes? This product is made to give you and your skin what you need daily. Apart from this, there is a lot you need to know about this amazing product.

These anti-imperfection balms guarantee optimal hydration 24 hours a day.
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What does BB cream do?

These anti-imperfection balms guarantee optimal hydration 24 hours a day by regulating the water balance of your skin. Thanks to its Vitamin C input and its mineral pigments, BB cream fights to keep your skin healthy and luminous. At the same time, this cream has other ingredients that provide a specific treatment.

Anti-aging BB cream uses Pro-Xylene to activate collagen synthesis and to make your skin firm by blurring the expression lines. Using makeup usually makes these lines more dramatic and also blocks pores and reduces skin oxygenation. This mattifying treatment contains perlite and zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Did you know that BB cream silicones provide a soft touch a natural finish?

Where does BB cream come from and how has it evolved over the years?

BB cream was created in the 1960s in Germany. Various dermatologists originally used this product as a cream with solar protection to cover up the redness and scars of surgery patients. Years later, Korean cosmetic companies relaunched this product as a daily cosmetic.

CC cream (color correcting) came after BB cream. Its main use to cover up marks, blemishes, and wrinkles without removing the effects of the BB cream. Daily Defense skincare is the last step and can be sued on the face and entire body no more than three times a week to tan your skin and to smooth out stretch marks, blemishes, or scars.

Although most users prefer cream or liquid-based BB cream, they can also come in a powdered form.
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What types of BB cream are there?

BB cream or Beauty Balm can help you with more skin problems than you can even imagine. You can smooth, hydrate, and protect your skin from the sun and at the same time control excess oil, fight against blemishes, keep your skin firm and healthy. BB cream usually includes an SPF of 15, but you can buy a BB sun cream with an SPF of 50!

Although most users prefer cream or liquid-based BB cream, they can also come in a powdered form. Some brands only have two tones (light and medium), and others have 7 or more tones to choose from to match with your skin town. The following is a table of the different variants that exist on the market.

Type of BB cream Characteristics
Skin type Normal, dry, oily, mixed, o sensitive.
Texture Creamy, pasty, fluid, liquid, powder.
Finish Matte, luminous, shiny.
SPF SPF 15, 30, 50, 50+
Treatment Hydrating, mattifying, nutritive, lightening, firming, anti-wrinkle, blemish-resistant, oil control, pore control.

Does BB cream contain parabens?

Many cosmetics use preservatives, like parabens, so that they can last longer. Parabens can alter your hormonal balance. We recommend that you avoid BB creams that include parabens or propyl parabens, as it is not a good idea to put these preservatives on your face for a long period of time, especially for pregnant women.

The European Union has banned isopropyl paraben and isobutyl paraben, not methylparaben or methylparaben, which are safe, as long as you follow the product instructions. You should also not purchase a BB cream that is scented to avoid any possible allergic reactions.

How do I use my BB cream?

The most simple way to apply your BB cream is with the tips of your finger in circular motions. This is the best way to apply the cream. Then, you should wait a few minutes to see the best results. You should note that BB cream usually lightens your natural skin tone.

If you want a more professional finish you can use a Kabuki brush or a sponge. If you are trying to cover up a blemish you can use a small brush.  Since BB cream has 5% iron oxides, you will achieve a very natural look. Make sure to wash your face before you go to sleep so that your skin can breathe and regenerate as you sleep.

If you want a more professional finish you can use a Kabuki brush or a sponge.
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What are the main brands that sell BB cream?

Missha and Skin79 are, without a doubt, the oldest BB cream bands on the market. Missha has the most purchased BB cream in the world, Missha Perfect Cover. Skin79 stands out because of the variety of BB creams that it has. Other important brands in the Korean industry are Konado, Peggy Sage o Prisma Natural.

Many Western companies have taken advantage of the popularity of this item. L'Oréal is always coming out with more and more great priced and great quality bb creams. Maybelline has a BB cream for dry skin. Ponds has a cream that claims to eliminate spots on your face.

What are the pros and cons of BB cream?

As we have already mentioned previously, BB cream is effective, fast, hydrating, brightening, covers your blemishes and declaration, and is a great facial treatment. It does not have many pigments (around 5 % maximum, while most makeup has 12-20%), so BB cream lets your face breath. There are many pros, however, there are a few cons.

The biggest disadvantage that BB cream has is that it give you a very natural finish. This type of finish is great for your daily routine, but it will not give you the same affect as makeup, if you have to go to a formal event, for example. Also, the SPF found in BB cream is not usually enough to block UVA rays. These are the rays that are responsable for erythema and skin cancer. To protect your skin from these rays with BB cream, you would have to reapply the sun screen every 2 hours.

Pros Cons
Hydrates your skin, covers blemishes, protects you from the sun, and is a great skin treatment. Gives you a natural finish, unlike makeup.
You save time with only one application. It does not protect you enough from the Sun, especial from UVA raysSu protección solar es insuficiente, especialmente para la radiación UVA. You should put sunscreen on and reapply every two hours.
Its texture does not black pores and lets your skin breathe. Some BB creams can dry out your skin.
There is a variety of models to choose from based on your needs.  
Dermatologically tested.

Shopping Criteria

Due to its multi-functioning features, you can use BB cream for a variety of reasons.  Therefore, if you are looking for good facial care but are overwhelmed by the variety of models on the market, don't worry. The following are the most important criteria that you should follow to help you with your purchase.

Skin Type

Just like when you look for a face wash, you should always keep in mind your skin type, mixed, oily, or sensitive, when choosing your BB cream. Depending on your skin type, you can get a BB cream that is hydrating or a cream that has air liclium, chamomile, or aloe vera.

Just like when you look for a face wash, you should always keep in mind your skin type, mixed, oily, or sensitive, when choosing your BB cream.
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Treatment Type

If you need to fix a certain blemish on your face, thanks to BB cream's enriched formula, you will be able to fix it day by day. There are an infinite amount of options: Enzyme Q10 to keep your skin firm, zinc oxide or perlite to control open pores, hyaluronic acid to keep your face healthy and fight wrinkles, etc.


There are various options when it comes to the texture of your BB cream. You will definitely find what you are looking for. You might want fluid or liquid texture. This type of texture is quicker to put on. If you want to feel the cream melt into your face, you might want a thicker texture. There are even powder BB creams or roll-on creams.


Shiseido, Skeyndor, Clinique, Clarins, Erborian, and Decleor are the more expensive brands. They are more pricey because of the supreme quality of the raw products used in the cream and, also, because they are BB creams meant for a specific use. These products are dermatologically approved. Garnier, L'Oréal, Be+m, and Nivea have very good quality creams and are cheaper than the brands mentioned above.


Once you have found a BB cream brand that you love and that helps improve the quality of your skin, you'll never want to switch to another brand! We recommend that you find a brand the feels the best on your skin and not to worry too much about the price. For a few extra dollars, you might be able to remove spots on your face or even acne!


If you are looking to hydrate, lighten, smooth, perfect, and protect your skin, BB cream is the product for you! It will do all of this with just one application a day. You will be able to look great in the morning in just a few minutes. However, you should still do your daily skincare routine before going to bed.

As you can see, there are many different options to choose from to look great and protect your skin. A good BB cream has many advantages and you will look your best every day. If you don't have one, it's time to get one and enjoy its benefits. Are you ready?

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