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Is it your dream to stay with a perfect make-up all day long, keeping your skin hydrated and protected without having an endless skin care routine? Then you need to have at home (in your handbag, in your car) the best BB cream on the market.

This magical product arrived on the make-up artist's benches a few years ago and now it can be in your make-up case! Want to know more about the types of BB cream, its benefits, advantages and discover how it can change your day to day life? Follow along with us!


  • BB cream is a cosmetic product that unites the effects of primer, moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen, unifies the tone and prepares the skin for makeup.
  • Using the ideal BB cream for your skin type is essential to help keep your makeup flawless and your skin healthy throughout the day.
  • When buying BB cream it is important to pay attention to your skin tone and expected coverage.

The best BB Creams: Our Picks

Buying guide: all you need to know about BB cream

Buying cosmetics is almost a science. In addition to knowing your skin type, you need information about the product and its applications. That is why we have put together this section with everything you ever wanted to know about BB cream!

moça usando bb cream em frente ao espelho

BB cream is a cosmetic product that unites the effects of primer, moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen and prepares the skin for makeup. (Source: Vladimir Gjorgiev/

What is a BB cream and what is it used for?

The BB cream is a cosmetic product that encompasses several functions with the aim of bringing more practicality to the day to day, without leaving aside the skin care, especially when it comes to makeup. The name is an acronym for "beauty balm", which in Portuguese means "beauty balm". Appropriate, isn't it? The cream promises to act on the skin as a primer, moisturizer, foundation and also to even out the texture and provide sun protection filter. "With protection factor and naturalness, BB cream is a good product for the day to day"

What is the difference between the best BB cream, primer and foundation?

Counting on the best BB cream does not always exclude the use of other products, such as primer and foundation. On the contrary, they can complement each other so that your skin is flawless. The main differences between them are:

BB Cream Primer Foundation
Prepares the skin for makeup? Yes Yes No
Even skin tone? Yes No Yes
Disguises open pores? Yes Yes No

What are the functions of the best BB cream?

As we said, BB Cream promises to gather the functions of several products in one single package. But do you know which products it can replace? Below we show you the most common functions of this beauty balm!

  1. Uniform: it helps to reduce enlarged pores, disguises fine expression lines and covers small imperfections;
  2. Toilluminate: the light and natural coverage guarantees a more illuminated skin, dispensing with the use of foundation and illuminator, for example;
  3. Control oiliness: as it has a soft texture, it helps to keep oiliness under control;
  4. Moisturize: formulated with water and glycerin - which are synonymous with hydration - it can also fulfil this role;
  5. Toprotect: it has a sun protection factor against UVB rays, although to a lesser extent than a conventional sun filter;
  6. Prepare for make-up: it evenens and prepares the skin for make-up. Besides, it makes the make-up last longer.

Is BB cream good for the day to day?

Yes, especially if you want to have more practicality and still have a light and natural production throughout the day! BB cream moisturizes the face without promoting oiliness and even the texture and tone of the skin. But it is always good to keep in mind that it acts with less depth than each of the products individually. So, if you intend to get the maximum action in all the points we mentioned in the previous topic, the use of BB cream may not be the best alternative.

vidro de BB cream e pincel com produto em bancada

Using BB cream helps keep your makeup flawless and your skin healthy. (Source: olhatsiplyar/

What are the advantages of using the best BB cream?

Knowing the characteristics of a product and knowing what to expect from it are fundamental conditions for a successful purchase. For this reason, we bring here the main advantages - and some disadvantages - of using a BB cream on a daily basis:

  • Practicality, does not require the use of other products
  • Smoothes the skin tone and disguises imperfections
  • It is light and provides natural coverage
  • Hydrates the skin without leaving it oily
  • May have anti-aging compounds
  • It is usually affordable
  • It does not have such an intensive action as the isolated products

How to get the best out of BB cream for your skin?

Obtaining the best results, regardless of the product, starts by knowing about its properties and the correct way to use it. With BB cream it is no different. Besides the care when choosing and conserving the product, you will get better results with the following steps:

  1. Clean the skin - it is fundamental that it is properly cleaned to be able to receive all the benefits of the product;
  2. Use moisturizer - if your skin is dry, the moisturizing agents of the BB cream may not be enough to maintain the necessary health and nutrition;
  3. Apply sunscreen - especially if you spend a lot of time exposed to sunlight or in front of the computer. The incidence of UVA and UVB rays in these cases may be more intense than BB cream is able to block.

Buying criteria: What to take into account when choosing BB cream

With all this information, you've probably already made up your mind about the best BB cream to make your routine easier and keep your skin beautiful and healthy. But we advise you to pay attention to some points that can make a difference when choosing.

Skin tone

As we said throughout this article, BB cream is suitable for all skin types. However, as it offers tinted coverage, it is essential that you pay attention to the coloration that will be able to even out your skin tone. To find the ideal shade, it is recommended to try the product on the chin contour. This way, the whole face will be evened out. If you're buying online, look for products from brands you already use to be sure of the colour pattern.


BB cream coverage is generally very light and smooth. Still, the texture of the product can influence the final look, leaving the skin looking more loaded or aged. So, especially if you already have mature skin, consider this criterion before the final choice. The more fluid products, with liquid texture, are the most indicated for those who want lightness and naturalness in their look.

mulher escolhendo bb cream na prateleira

When buying BB cream it is important to pay attention to your skin tone. (Source: Iakov Filimonov /

Additional effects

The best BB creams on the market usually offer, in addition to this variety of functions that you already know, a combination of assets that can bring extra benefits to the skin, ideal for daily care. To protect your face from the signs of aging, for instance, invest in a cream with action to fight free radicals and antioxidants. At the same time that it prepares your skin for make-up, it will also leave you younger and healthier.


Skin products deserve extra attention when it comes to formulation. It is necessary to pay attention to this factor because many creams may contain heavy metals, for example. This can bring consequences not only to the face but to your general health. Another important caution is with regard to the presence of allergens in the BB cream formulation. If you are hypersensitive to a specific compound, read the cream's formulation carefully before using it.


Beautiful, healthy skin depends on how it is cared for. Even those who are not adept at complex skincare routines need to pay attention to basic skin needs such as hydration and protection from UV rays. BB cream makes life easier and takes care of the skin, as we show throughout this article. Here, we leave important information about the use of this product and a list with the best ones on the market for you to choose yours. We hope you have enjoyed this material. If so, please share it with your friends. Best Regards!

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