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No computer is complete without a pair of speakers, which is why there are so many models on the market. But variety can be a problem when you're looking for the right ones for you.

That's why here are the things to consider when choosing computer speakers.
Computer speakers are external audio output devices, also known as speakers or loudspeakers. They allow you to play music tracks or any type of audio from your computer and listen to it on your speakers. They are peripheral devices that have become an essential part of the computer.

Because of this, a large number of models with different functions have been developed. There are very portable wireless speakers, with high sound quality, audio control functions and designs for any style.


  • Computer speakers are peripheral output devices. This means that information is output from the computer, in this specific case audio.
  • Their use is so common and necessary that they are generally considered by users to be a vital part of the computer. This means that they are an important product in the computer market, and some models involve quite developed technologies.
  • There is a computer speaker system called home cinema. This is usually composed of 5 speakers that are distributed to generate the surround sound of a movie. More on this later.

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Sometimes the sound emitted by our computers is too low in volume. Getting computer speakers can change your whole user experience. The secret is to choose the right ones.

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What are computer speakers and what are their advantages?

Computer speakers are sound devices that play audio from your computer. They have been around for a long time, but the first electric speakers were patented with the telephone by Alexader Graham Bell in 1876. From its use in telephones it spread to other areas, including cinema and record playback.

It is fair to say that loudspeakers have come a long way from that first version to today's high-tech loudspeakers. Today's technology allows the quality of the simplest speakers to be extremely high. So the sound clarity that can be achieved with computers today is excellent.

Having speakers with optimal audio makes tasks involving sound easier and improves the user experience. There is a lot of variety on the market, differing in quality, style and features. But regardless of your needs as a user, a good sound system is almost certainly part of what you want.

  • Allows audio playback from the computer
  • Part of the entertainment system
  • Makes communication with the computer smoother
  • Most affordable ones are not of excellent quality
  • If not used properly they can be damaged

Wired or wireless speakers - what should you pay attention to?

Computer speakers are audio devices that are considered an essential part of a computer. Because they are so important, countless models have been launched with a variety of features that optimise the sound experience. But what will define the type of speakers is whether they are wired or portable.

Wired speakers. These are the ones that connect to the computer via a cable. These present the difficulty of limited movement and the inconvenience of wiring.

Portable speakers. These are the ones that connect to the computer via Bluetooth or similar systems. These usually have rechargeable batteries, and provide great independence, as you can take your music with you wherever you go.

Wired Wireless
Connectivity Cables Bluetooth, infrared or USB receiver connection
Power source Power cable Rechargeable batteries
Endurance Medium High

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of Computer Speakers

Buying computer speakers is a prudent and well-informed purchase. So when deciding between various models of speakers, consider these criteria to make your decision easier.

  • Product quality
  • Brand prestige
  • Size
  • Power

Product quality

Computer speakers are devices that you will be using on a daily basis. Constant use can damage poor quality products, so it is important that they are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

There are several things you can look for to monitor quality. One of the most obvious is the brand, which we'll talk about in a moment. But when testing them also check that the sound does not distort as you turn up the volume. This is a sign that the speakers are not designed to handle the full power they offer.

If they are wired speakers also make sure that the cables are not too thin and flimsy. Another aspect is to check that the connectors are in good condition. If they are wireless, check that the connection between the speakers and the computer has a wide range and is not interrupted by objects such as tables or chairs.

Brand prestige

The most prestigious brands are a guarantee of high quality

Considering brand prestige may seem snobbish, but it is about ensuring the purchase of a good product. Prestige brands are a guarantee of high quality, but they also represent higher costs. But there are also simpler, lesser-known brands that offer very good products at better prices.

To check the prestige of the brand, search for it in user opinion forums

To check the prestige of the brand, look for it in user opinion forums. There you can find first-hand information about the brand you are considering. If most of the opinions are negative, it is advisable to avoid the brand. If they are positive, you may be looking at an excellent product.


This is an important aspect because it will define the type of speakers you are looking for. Having little space on your computer desk will limit the shopping options you have. But not to worry, there are many compact models that will help you make the most of your space.

If you're a little tighter on space, you may want to consider a more complex sound system. There are computer speaker systems that include a bass speaker and two stereo speakers. Other systems are surround systems, which include up to 5 or 6 speakers.


The power you choose depends almost entirely on what you want. If you are looking for simple speakers to play sound at low volume then you don't need a lot of power. If you are looking for good sound for playing movies, or work in an area related to audio manipulation then you will need a lot more power.

Generally compact speakers do not have a lot of power, while the more powerful ones offer excellent sound clarity. Consider also that the higher the power, the higher the price. So it is advisable to avoid greed and look for the power you really need.

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