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Welcome once again! This time we will be talking about Dry Shampoo, the ideal product to keep your hair hygienic even if you don't have time or conditions to wash it. It is very simple and easy to use. Not only will you be able to eliminate odours or save water.

Dry shampoo has many uses and is available in a wide variety of types, especially for every hair type. This product offers many hair care benefits. In the following article, we will show you the results of a thorough research on dry shampoo available on the market. You will find out their prices, where to buy them and most importantly, you will learn the essential characteristics of this product, so you can compare the different types and choose the ideal one.


  • Dry shampoo is a substance that is used on the head, used to extend hair washes or to cleanse hair in a situation where you don't have water or the possibility to wash your hair as you do on a regular basis. This product encapsulates the oiliness of the scalp and leaves a clean and fresh feeling.
  • All dry shampoos work in the same way, however, two types stand out. Some prefer aerosol sprays because it is easier to use, quicker and does not require massaging; others are more inclined to use a powdered product because it is more natural and less product is wasted.
  • To compare the different dry shampoos the market has to offer, we recommend doing so first according to your hair type and the results you want to achieve. Then you can consider the method of application, scent and whether your hair is damaged or undergoing treatment.

The best Dry Shampoo: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about dry shampoo

This product is very simple and you can find it without hassle. However, for people who are not so knowledgeable about it or are unsure of how to use it, we have prepared this buying guide that contains everything you need to start learning about this product and eventually make the best purchase.

It is important to apply the dry shampoo at least 30 cm away from the hair roots. (Photo: Andor Bujdoso /

What is dry shampoo and what are its advantages?

Dry shampoo is a powdered product that serves to neutralise oil and odour on the scalp in case you don't have the possibility to wash your scalp as you do on a regular basis. Although it doesn't clean like your regular shampoo, it has quick and effective results in case you need it.

This product has the advantage of helping you save water or achieve a clean look quickly when you're in a hurry and don't have time to wash your hair. It also helps to maintain colour if you have dyed hair, reduces oiliness in people who suffer from excess oil and is especially useful when travelling or after the gym.

  • Quick to apply
  • Does not damage the hair or scalp
  • Made with natural materials
  • Gives volume to the hair
  • Reduces the natural shine of the hair
  • Does not replace shampooing or traditional washing
  • If overused it could make the hair greasier

Dry shampoo spray or powder - what should you pay attention to?

One of the biggest questions when buying dry shampoo is whether to use powder or spray shampoo. The truth is that both are equally effective and it depends more on your personal taste. However, there are certain details that differentiate them and we invite you to find out what they are.

  • Spray. It is easy and quick to apply, you just have to press the button. It is used at least 30 cm away from the root, otherwise it could leave an even more oily effect. Some people find it a bit more wasteful as it is an aerosol. In any case, it stands out for being ideal for all hair types.
  • Powder. Powder is the traditional dry shampoo. It is applied directly to the roots and then massaged into the helmet so that it covers all the spaces well. This presentation is ideal for people with oily scalp, as this formula is believed to be more intense and last longer as it requires less product.
Spray Powder
Application 1-2 times per week 1-2 times per week
Format Spray powder Dry powder
Ideal for Smooth and thin hair Oily hair
Main use At home and professional use Travel and at home

Purchasing criteria

It is important that you make a well-informed choice to avoid making a bad purchase. Especially if you are not familiar with the product. Below we will show you the factors that influence the different dry shampoos that the market has to offer, so you can compare and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hair type

Dry shampoo can be an excellent ally for different hair types. Depending on this, it can help you achieve different results. We recommend that you look at the product label. It should indicate what type of hair it is for and choose according to your main need.

  • Straight hair. There are dry shampoos that give volume as this type of hair is usually brittle and untextured. You can even use them to make hairstyles, as their fixing function stands out from the rest. Generally they are oily hair so a dry shampoo is recommended to manage the oiliness.
  • Wavy. This type of hair is the simplest to treat. It usually has the right balance between oiliness and dryness. Therefore, the dry shampoo you use should be more of a neutral shampoo so as not to lose your hair's natural shine. Use it between washes to avoid annoying frizz.
  • Curly hair. This type of hair tends to be dry and voluminous, so dry shampoo should be as moisturising as possible. Prefer coconut oil, argan oil or powders made with natural products, which will help you manage frizz without sacrificing your curls, while giving you softness.


As we have already mentioned, dry shampoo is not a replacement for traditional shampoo, which is why it should be used sporadically. Its presentations are very marked and special for each occasion. Remember that even if you choose a larger dry shampoo, it should not be used more than 2-3 times a week.

  • 50 ml. This is the star presentation and size for travel or emergencies. It is very small, portable and easy to use. Mostly available in a spray version because it is easier to use. Because of its small size it is much more economical and is intended for occasional use only.
  • 150 ml. Larger sizes are available from 150 ml to 250 ml. This presentation is ideal for home/family or professional use. It is a little more expensive for its size, but it definitely lasts longer; it is a long term investment as it will help you wash your hair less times a week.

Scalp type

In order to get the most out of your dry shampoo, choose one that suits your scalp type. Because everyone has a different pH and generates different amounts of sebum, no matter what type of hair you have. We recommend using a shampoo for all hair types if you are unsure.

  • Normal. This scalp type is one of the easiest to care for because it is gentle and sebum production is balanced. In general, you can use any type of dry shampoo for all hair types and you won't have any problems.
  • Oily. For this type of scalp, dry shampoo can be one of the best allies. Because the glands produce excessive sebum the hair looks dull and shapeless, even after washing. Dry shampoo for excessive oiliness will neutralise the oil, give you volume and shine immediately.
  • Dry. A dry scalp does not produce the amount of sebum needed to retain moisture in your hair and keep it healthy. For this reason we recommend a dry shampoo with moisturising oils to add volume, softness and texture. It is important not to overuse this product as it can dry out the scalp even more.


Because dry shampoo is a leave-in product, the fragrance you choose will have to be carried throughout the day. We can't recommend a particular one as it depends on your personal taste; all fragrances have low, medium or high intensity levels and you can choose from the following fragrances:

  • Floral/fruity. Floral scents are the most popular, because in addition to delivering freshness, they leave a very natural scent on the hair. Among the most popular are the scent of coconut, roses, lemon and green tea.
  • Cleansing. For people who are not a fan of scents or are allergic to fragrances, there are "clean" scents. This fragrance is more neutral or even odourless. Sometimes it may have hints of mint to increase the feeling of freshness. Cleaning is the main function of this type of dry shampoo.

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